Spoilers 26th August 2020

Parmeet asks Gurvinder not to blame Virat. Gurvinder tells that Virat can’t harm someone’s life. Parmeet recalls Virat’s threatening words. She has made Daljeet execute the accident to kill Heer. She acts in front of the family.

Just Parmeet and Daljeet know the truth. They act and tell that they will try to help Heer. Virat tells that he doesn’t care for Heer’s life, there is no need to find out who has knocked her down. Jharna tells Virat that she has shared her engagement news with her friends. Sant realizes Daljeet is behind the crime. He reminds that half murder is more dangerous than the murder crime. He asks Daljeet why did he leave Heer alive.

Choti Sardarni


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