Choti Sardarni 26th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Kulwant tries to tell Meher that Manav is alive

Choti Sardarni 26th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Aditi calls Vikram and says it’s someone anniversary here. Sarab called you at his home. Vikram says I didn’t know I will get a chance so fast. She says to bring the play’s script. Vikram says whose death anniversary is it? Aditi says I will call you later.

Harleen says I don’t know what was his trouble, but he was a good human. Sarab says why didn’t dad give them his name? Harleen says dada ji asked him not to. Daddy ji wanted to give his daughter a good life. Dada ji got them kicked out of this city. He told me while dying until they get their rights, my soul won’t be in peace. Sarab is upset.

Scene 2
Bitu and Rana bring Kulwant to the car. Kulwant says Manav is alive. Bitu says that’s good news. There would be no case of murder on us. Kulwant slaps him and says he’s here to avenge what we did. He will file a case of attempt to murder. Rana says please calm down. Kulwant says he shouldn’t get any proof. When he came there only we were there. But Meher was there too. Kulwant says call Meher.

Param says to Aditi, I won’t talk to Lalita aunty. Aditi says why? She says she broke that spray. Will you get me that again? She says of course I will but that’s a secret. Kulwant calls on Meher’s phone. Param picks. Kulwant says Manav is alive. Manav is alive. He isn’t CBI officer. He’s here to collect proof. Keep him away from your family. Param says what are you saying Manav is alive? Kulwant says where is Meher? He says mama is upstairs. Aditi hears it. Aditi says what did your nani say? Param says she said Manav is alive. Aditi is shocked. She texts Vikram.

Ram Lal (servant in Dehli) gets a call from Vikram. Vikram says tell me the news. He says as you said, that woman came from Punjab with two sons. She was asking about you. I told her, brigadier found injured and you aren’t his real son. Vikram says great. Ram lal says but you’re his real son. Why did you make me lie? Vikram says to expose the truth. You won’t get it. Ram lal says no one can get your game. Vikram says I knew she came to my house thinking I am Manav. And those two idiots came to confirm if I am Manav. So I made them think about what I wanted and I left my Dehli address deliberately. Now they got the confirmation that I am Manav. Mrs. Gill’s reaction would be interesting. Vikram looks for play’s script in Aditi’s house. He sees a picture of her childhood with her parents and meri pyari guddi (my doll) written on it.

Scene 3
Sarab says how will we find her? Harleen says I don’t know the real name but daddy ji used to call her guddi. She says Guddan has a scar on her neck. See this photo. Sarab says we will fulfill his last wish. I will find my sister at any cost and she will live with us as our sister with all the respect. Then this wealth will be divided in three parts, yours, Meher’s, and hers.

Aditi says I really miss you. I don’t have anything against you. But I will not leave Sarab and Meher. Because of them, my mom isn’t alive. Harleen tells Sarab Guddi’s mom isn’t alive. She cries. Sarab says we will make his last wish come true. Aditi says I miss you daddy ji. You were really nice but what your Daar ji said has poisoned me for life. I can never forget it. I suffocate it when I recall it or imagine Sarab and Harleen’s face. I will take revenge of my mom’s death and insult from Sarab and Harleen. I will ruin their lives. Sarab comes downstairs and says sorry Harleen had to tell us something. Aditi says it’s okay. Vikram is on his way.

Kulwant keeps calling Meher but she doesn’t pick. She calls Sarab but he doesn’t pick either. Aditi says where is Harleen? Meher says she had important work. Aditi says I hope everything is fine. Aditi says will you be able to act? Have you done acting before? Sarab says I was head of theatre society in my college. Meher says he’s a politician. I am sure he will forget the dialogue. Sarab says I have done thousands of plays. Meher says show us a sample then. Kulwant says what if Manav reached their house? Rana says it isn’t that easy. Kulwant says but he’s very clever. What if he tells Sarab I killed him? We are all in trouble. Bitu says only you will go to jail. Kulwant says I will you two with me.

Sarab says come with me Meher ji. He wears goggles. Sarab acts like Shahrukh and says small things happen in big cities Meherita. Meher says who is that? He says Sanorita’s cousin. He says don’t disturb me. Sarab laughs and says you’re looking for me there but I am waiting to you here. Sarab says now something romantic, he pulls Meher close and says your love keeps me alive. Meher says I am made from your love. I love you. Sarab and Meher look at each other.

No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Shaheera Khan

    thanks for the wu but why i am feeling since past few episodes that Sarab is going to die for me its end of the serial then .

  2. Yvonne Codner

    Well, finally, the hero and heroine have confessed their love. Why is Kulwant running here and there trying to find Manav? I guess her conscience is bothering her. But she really needs to pay for her sins which she involved her two useless sons.

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