Spoilers 25th November 2020

Rakhi explains to Kinjal that she took the right move for her future. Kinjal feels the drama was unnecessary. She loves Shah family as her own family. Rakhi and Kinjal get into an argument. Rakhi doesn’t trust Paritosh, since he had hidden his dad’s affair. She doesn’t want Kinjal to cry when Paritosh gets into an affair. She warns Kinjal to stay away from such a wrong family. She declares that the marriage will not happen at any cost. Kinjal sheds tears. Rakhi finally settles scores with Anupama. Anupama didn’t know that Baa and Bapu ji will be hurt in this way. She knows that Vanraj has fallen in his parents and children’s sight. She fears that her family will break.

Kumkum B




Kundali B


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