Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose 25th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Subhash Is Bullied

Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose 25th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Prabha asks Panditji to find a good girl for her son Sarath. Panditji asks if his alliance was already fixed. She says that alliance is canceled and she needs a well-cultured girl for Sarath. Primal asks her to calm down and rethink again and asks Taiji to explain maa. Taiji says family likes Vibha and she is a good girl, so Prabha should reconsider her decision. Prabha says she doesn’t consider Vibha as a perfect match for Sarath and when Vibha’s parents don’t bother, why should she. Sarath passes by and hearing their conversation walks away sadly. Taiji says Sarath looks sad. Prabha says she has to be tough and not let anyone do whatever they like. On the other side, Vibha’s mother says she fixed her alliance with Manmath as he is a well-cultured boy, Barrister and has a mansion in Manchester; she can live freely and visit them whenever she likes. Vibha starts crying. Mother says Manmath and his mother Lalitha are going to Puri for lord Jagannath’s darshan and she wants us to accompany them. Vibha continues weeping. Ajith walks in. Vibha pleads him to stop this alliance. Ajith says its too late as Sarath sent a letter that his mother’s wish is order for him. Mother returns and says Manmath sent a cake for Vibha and feeds her. Vibha asks her to get ready for Puri. Mother gets happy and goes to inform Akshay. Ajith asks her not to take any haste decision in anger. Vibha says she doesn’t want to think much.

Janaki asks Prabha to tell if Sarath likes Vibha. Pramila informs him that Ajith used to take Satish and Sarath to his home daily and Sarath likes Vibha a lot. Janaki asks why didn’t she stop them before. She says since their alliance was fixed, she wanted them to know each other well, so she didn’t oppose. Janaki says Vibha is a calm and intelligent girl and a perfect bahu for this house, this house needs her. Lalitha comes to meet Vibha and asks if she agrees to marry Manmath. Vibha says her wish doesn’t matter and in their country, their parent’s wish is more important. Lalitha likes Vibha’s replies and agrees for Manmath and Vibha’s alliance. Akshay writes a letter to Janaki. Janaki reads it and calling Satish and Sarath says they are going to Puri tomorrow morning and asks to inform their mother. They both inform same to Prabha. Other children hearing that insist to accompany them to Puri. Prabha scolds them. Subhi walks in. Prabha asks if he also wants to go to Puri. He says he needs dhoti kurta. She asks reason. He walks away.

Subhi walks to his sibling’s room and picks their dhoti kurta. Siblings complain Prabha that someone crimpled their clothes. Subhi walks out wearing dhoti kurta and holding his school bag. They laugh and one of them asks why is he wearing his dhoti kurta. Subhi says his classmates wear dhoti kurta, so he is maintaining same dress code. He reaches school where students look at him amazed and a bad boy bullies him.

Precap: Subhi returns home from school. Janaki gets angry seeing him wearing Dhoti kurta and asks what is he wearing. Subhi says everyone wear same dress in school and if he cannot be like his friend and countrymen, what is the use of being in this nation.

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