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Raghu and Dhanak have a moment. Dhanak tells him that she is marrying someone else. Raghu gets jealous and stops her to know answers. She tells Raghu that she can never be his wife. Raghu tells her that he loves her a lot. His misunderstanding clears. He learns that Dhanak isn’t marrying anyone, the NRI guy has come to see Sejal. He gets happy to know that Dhanak is just of him.


Anjor hates Chakor a lot. She goes to the lakeside and screams out her pain. She doesn’t want Chakor in her life. She wishes Chakor leaves from her life forever. Anjor cries and wants to know why did Chakor come back when she didn’t choose her ten years ago. She sheds tears. She wants to commit suicide. Sameer reaches Anjor and finds her drinking. He stops Anjor from drinking a lot. She first scolds him and then melts down her heart. She gets emotional and shares her pain with him.

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