IB & Naamkaran FF-Hatred Love-Chapter 33

Chapter 33


SidLana’s House


SidLana are shocked to know that Ishana is Omkara’s wife. RuPri tell them everything. Swetlana hugs Ishana and cries.

Swet: I’m sorry, Ishu. I was not there for you when you faced all that.

Ishu: Please don’t cry, bhabhi. What you will do?? It’s all my fate that I have to face all that.

Swet: (barges towards Siddharth) It’s all because of you!! How many times I have told you that there will be a reason for her situation?? But you never listened to me. You took that as a chance to throw her away. If you have listened to me once, Ishu must not have faced all that. She is tagged as a mistress despite being someone’s wife!! (She shouts shaking his collar.)

Ishu: Bhabhi!! (Pulls Swetlana from Siddharth.) Please, bhabhi. Don’t blame, bhaiya. What he will do??

Sid: Don’t stop her, Ishana. (Ishana looks at him in shock. Not only her but Swetlana and RuMyaPriVeer are shocked too.) She is right. It’s because of me!! (His eyes are welled with tears.)

Ishu: Bhaiya…??

Sid: I should have asked you why you were in that situation. But I just believe the news and accused you of being a mis…. (He couldn’t complete the sentence.) I never believed you.

Ranveer: Why are you lying, Mr Siddharth?? (All look at him confusingly.) If you didn’t believe her, why did you go to her office and confronted her boss?? (All turn towards Siddharth and looks at him confusingly while Siddharth is shocked with Ranveer.)

Sid: I… I…. (Stammers)

Swet: Did you go to Ishu’s office?? Why did you go there??

Sid: I went there regarding a project.

Ranveer: Why are you lying again?? I know well why did you go to her office. Her boss has told everything. (Siddharth sighs in anger.) Your ego is that much high that you can’t accept the truth, right??

Ishu: What truth, Ranveer?? Please tell clearly. I don’t understand anything.

Ranveer: Ishana, few days after he confronted you, he went to your office and met your boss.




Siddharth barges into the office and goes towards the boss who is busily working on his system. The boss looks at him confusingly.

Sid: Ishana worked here, right??

Boss: Yes. You??

Sid: Why did you send her to Mumbai??

Boss: I sent her regarding a project’s presentation. But who are you?? Why are you asking about her??

Sid: (still doesn’t answer) If she went for a project, why she is staying with the Oberois?? Why that Omkara Singh Oberoi said that she is his mistress?? What really happened??

Boss: I don’t know what really happened. Ishana only said that she has stucked with a problem. I asked her what was the problem but she doesn’t want to tell me. She asked me to stop contacting her as the Oberois are powerful and they might do anything to ruin my company. But still I tried to contact her many times but she didn’t attend any of my calls after that. (Siddharth punches the table in anger.) Why are you asking about her?? Are you related to her??

Sid: I am Siddharth Raichand. (Stops for a while.) Ishana’s brother.

Boss: Brother!!??

Sid: Yes, she is my sister Ishana Raichand.

Boss: I know she is having a brother but I didn’t expect Siddharth Raichand is her brother. In fact, she didn’t reveal her surname to me and I didn’t give importance for that too. In fact, she didn’t give your name as emergency contact too. She gave her friends number as her guardians.

Sid: Her friends knew about her??

Boss: I don’t know about that. But no one came and ask anything about her except you.

Sid: (shocked) What?? They didn’t come and ask?? (The boss shakes his head in negative.) How is that possible?? (He looks at him and hands over a card.) Let me know if you got to know anything about Ishana. And don’t tell anyone that I came and ask about her.

Boss: Why??

Sid: Just don’t tell anyone!! (He said strictly and leaves from there.)






All are looking at Siddharth shockingly and confusingly.

Ranveer: Mr Siddharth, now you tell us why did you go and ask about Ishana?? What did you care if she stayed with whom?? As I know, Ishana didn’t stay at your house most of the time. She stayed with NeilGau only. So what if she stayed with the Oberois or someone else??

Sid: Just stop!!! Don’t you dare to compare Neil and Gautham with anyone else!! NeilGau are her friends who love Ishana beyond everything!! You are right!! She stayed with them most of the time. There was no wrong in that. She was having the rights to stay with them. Their relationship is pure divine. She stayed with them as their friend who treated her with respect. Not like that family who made her live like a mis…. (Stops saying the word.) NeilGau gave her heaven but that family gave her hell. I agree that I didn’t like her but that doesn’t mean that I hate her. Yes, I was angry at her when I saw the news and blamed her that she and her mother has no difference. But somewhere in my heart, I felt that she is in some problem. That’s why I went to meet her boss. I warned him to not to tell anyone but…. (He looks at Ishana who is holding tears in her eyes.) I’m sorry, Ishana. I should have talked to you before coming to a conclusion. I simply blamed you.

Ishu: Don’t say sorry, bhaiya. It was your situation.

Sid: No, Ishu. Since small, I blamed you for everything. You never do any wrong. The one need to be blamed was our papa. He is the one betrayed both of our mothers.

Ishu: Bhaiya, what did you call me??

Sid: Ishu. I have the rights, right?? To call my sister as Ishu?? Can I?? (Ishana smiles in tears.)

Ishu: You are having all the rights, bhaiya. Do you know how much I was longing to hear this from you?? You have accepted me as your sister?? (Siddharth pulls her towards him and hugs her tightly. Others just smile seeing the siblings.)

Sid: (breaks the hug) Ishu, come with me. I will take you to the Oberois and tell them that you are my sister, Ishana Raichand. You don’t have to hesitate to tell your surname anymore, Ishu. If anyone asked your name, just say Ishana Raichand, sister of Siddharth Raichand. (Stops for a while.) No, why I should tell to the Oberois only?? I will reveal to the entire world, that you are my sister Ishana Raichand. I will call the media now. (Takes his mobile.)

Rudra: No, sir. (Siddharth turns to him.) You don’t have to reveal that she is your sister.

Sid: Why?? Are you worrying about your family reputation??

Rudra: You misunderstood me, sir. You can reveal her as your sister but don’t do it now. ‘Mistress’ tag need to remove from her name first. For that, the world needs to know that she is Ishana Oberoi, Omkara Singh Oberoi’s wife, Mrs Ishana Omkara Singh Oberoi.

Prinku: Rudra bhaiya is right. The world needs to know that bhabhi is Omkara Singh Oberoi’s wife.

Sid: You both know the truth, right?? Why don’t you go and reveal it??

Swet: No!! They should not reveal the truth. That Omkara Singh Oberoi only said that Ishu is his mistress, so he is the one should tell that Ishu is his wife.

Sid: Will that happen??

Rudra: It will happen!! I will make that to happen. That is the reason we have brought bhabhi back to Oberoi Mansion.

Sid: Ok. Fine. But the next minute after Omkara said the truth, Ishu will leave that mansion. She will break all the relationship she had with that house and return back to NeilGau. If they allow, I will bring her with me to our house. (RuMyaPri feel sad that they will separate from Ishana forever but they control themselves.)

Rudra: Ok. We agree. We will return her back to NeilGau bhaiyas after he discloses the truth.

Ranveer: Ok. We are leaving now.

Sid: One minute. Thanks to all of you for supporting and helping Ishu. You all are doing what I supposed to do. (Hugs Ishana’s shoulder.) Ishu is very lucky to have you all. (They just smile at him.) Take care, Ishu. (Hugs her and kisses her forehead. Mishti cries that time.)

Ishu: Oh!! She started again. (Lifts Mishti from Soumya.) Why are you so jealous?? My bhaiya is hugging me for the first time today. Can’t you see that too?? (Pinches her nose.)

Swet: Ishu, she is just a baby. (Caresses Mishti’s cheek.)

Ishu: Bhabhi, she doesn’t like to see anyone hugging each other. She will become jealous.

SidLana: Jealous!!?? (All nod their heads.)

Soumya: She will be fine if you carry and embrace her.

Sid: Oh!! Fine, I will carry her. (Lifts Mishti from Ishana and embraces her. Mishti smiles happily.) We didn’t know that AvNeil are having a baby.

Rudra: Sir, only we and you know that this is AvNeil’s baby. My family are not aware of this. They are thinking that this is bhabhi’s baby.

Swet: (confused) Ishu’s baby?? Means??

Soumya: We told them that this baby belongs to bhabhi and Om bhaiya.

SidLana: Why??

Rudra: This is a part of the revenge plan. AvNeil is aware of this too.

Prinku: Don’t worry. Once Omkara Singh Oberoi said the truth that bhabhi is his wife, we will disclose the truth about Mishti to them as well.

Sid: Please be careful. I don’t want Ishu to land in any trouble again.

Rudra: Don’t worry, sir. We will take care of her. (Siddharth nods his head. Ishana hugs Swetlana and kisses her cheek. Swetlana too kisses her cheek.)

Swet: Take care, jaanu.

Rudra: So sweet. Your name should be Sweetlana, not Swetlana. (Swetlana chuckles while SouPri slap his arms.)

Ishu: Bhabhi, I have a small request.

Swet: What request??

Ishu: (holds Swetlana’s hand) No matter how big a problem between you and bhaiya, please don’t scold him in front of others. That’s not good. It’s like disgracing your husband’s respect. If you want to scold him, you can do it when you both are alone. But not in front of the third person. Parents and siblings are also included as the third person if it comes about husband and wife. Will you fulfil this request of mine??

Swet: (nods her head and turns to Siddharth.) I’m sorry. I should not have shouted at you just now. (Holding her ears. Siddharth shakes his head and takes her hands from her ears.)

Sid: (pulls her closer) I love you!!

Swet: I love you too!! (Ishana smiles happily.)

Ranveer: Ishana, you should say the same to your bhaiya too. Husband also can’t scold his wife in front of others.

Ishu: (shakes her head.) I won’t. Because my bhaiya never has done like that and will never do like that to my bhabhi. He respects her as much as he loves her. (Swetlana nods agreeing with her. They leave from there.)





Soumya’s Room


IshRuMyaPriVeer have returned after meeting SidLana.

Ishu: Thank you very much for making me meet my bhaiya and bhabhi. I’m very happy. (Hugs RuMyaPri.)

Rudra: We did nothing, bhabhi. It was Ranveer’s plan.

Ishu: Thanks, Ranveer.

Ranveer: Not mine. It was NeilGau’s plan actually. They only ask me to take you to meet your bhabhi. I told these three about it and they only suggested to surprise you.

Ishu: (excitingly) I just love the surprise!!

Rudra: But the biggest surprise was your brother has accepted you as his sister.

Ishu: Yes!! I didn’t expect that. I thought he will never accept me as his sister till forever. But he accepted me. Today is the happiest day of my life. (Smiles happily. Mishti started to cry.) Ok. I think she is sleepy. I will go and make her sleep. (They nod while Ishana lifts Mishti and leaves from Soumya’s room.)

Prinku: Ranveer, how did you know that Siddharth bhaiya went to bhabhi’s office??

Ranveer: The boss called Neil and told him that Siddharth went to meet him after learning about Ishana stayed here as Omkara’s mistress.

Soumya: But why the boss didn’t tell them before this??

Ranveer: He did try to inform them but they were stucked with their assignment in Bangalore. After AvJa went to meet him, he remembered Siddharth came and meeting him. That’s why he called Neil and told him. Siddharth really cared for her but his ego doesn’t let him show it. The thought of Ishana’s mother has snatched his father from his mother made him dislike Ishana as well.

Rudra: What kid will do if adults make the mistake??

Ranveer: He understood it but as I said his ego doesn’t let him show it. Do you know something?? He is the one has recommended most of the projects to Ishana’s office. (RuMyaPri look at him shockingly.)

Prinku: He loves his sister a lot but he doesn’t show it.

Soumya: Not only his sister. He understands and respects her friendship with NeilGau bhaiyas too.

Prinku: How I wish to have friends like them too!!?? They are too adorable.

Rudra: And they are having the loveliest wives who understand their friendship.

Soumya: True. It’s not easy to get understanding life partners as AvJa didis. Their friendship remains strong because of them only. (Ranveer smiles hearing them. His mobile rings. He excuses himself and leaves to answer the call.)



Omkara’s Room


Ishana is about to place a sleeping Mishti in the cradle when Omkara enters the room. He goes towards her.

Om: Don’t make her lie inside the cradle all the time. Her body will feel pain and she won’t feel comfortable.

Ishu: Then, where I should place her?? (Omkara spread a small mattress on the floor.)

Om: Make her lie here. She can move her hands and legs freely. (Ishana doesn’t say anything.) I said what I felt. I won’t force you. (He is about to go.)

Ishu: Thanks. (Omkara looks at her.) I was thinking to buy a mattress too for her but I forgot. So, thank you. (Smiles making him surprised.)

Om: This smile looks good on you. Continue smiling like this. (Ishana smiles again. Omkara too smiles and leaves when his mobile rings.)

Ishu: (smiles) I think my smile is not going to stop today. (Thinks her meeting with SidLana. She takes her mobile and looks at the wallpaper.) Miss you NeilGau and AvJa. If you are in front of me now, I will hug you all as tight as I can. (Kisses the screen. Her mobile falls from her hand but she manages to catch it before it hits the floor. She hugs it to her chest and breathes heavily.) Why I have a feeling that something is wrong?? (Rudra comes that time.)

Rudra: Bhabhi!! (Ishana composes herself and turns to Rudra.) What happened, bhabhi??

Ishu: Nothing. Do you want to say something??

Rudra: Yes. Just now I heard that OSO speaking to his client about his paintings.

Ishu: OSO??

Rudra: Short form for Omkara Singh Oberoi. Woh… His name is very long. That’s why.

Ishu: Oh!! What you heard about his paintings??

Rudra: Bhabhi, he needs to deliver his paintings to a client tomorrow. He already completed the paintings and keeping them in his art room here.

Ishu: So, what should I do??

Rudra: Bhabhi, you don’t understand what I’m trying to say?? (Ishana shakes her head.) Fine. You go to the room and ruin his paintings.

Ishu: (shocked) What?? No no!! How I can do that?? I won’t do.

Rudra: Bhabhi, I just ask you to ruin his paintings. He has ruined your life. Remember that!! Paintings are nothing. He can do the paintings again. Ok?? (Ishana nods her head hesitatingly.) Good. That’s my bhabhi. (He leaves from there.)





Ishana gets up from the place feeling thirsty. She sees Omkara is not on the bed and thinks where he has gone. She drinks water and thinks whatever Rudra said to her that evening. She looks at Mishti who is sleeping peacefully. She adjusts the pillow at her both sides to make sure she doesn’t move from her place. She leaves the room.


She opens a door and enters inside the room. She looks around the room and mesmerized seeing the paintings there. She smiles seeing the beautiful paintings but stops when Rudra’s words came into her mind.

Ishu: I need to spoil these beautiful paintings. (She looks at the shelf which is having few paints container. She takes a container of paint and a brush. She dips the brush inside the paint and about to apply it on one of the painting but stops herself.) What are you going to do, Ishu?? How could you think of doing like this?? No, I can’t do it. It’s wrong. How I can think of ruining someone’s hard work?? Is this how I have been brought up?? No, I have never been taught like this. They never brought me up like this. (Recalls NeilGau’s faces.)




During teenage time


Ishana was drawing something on a sheet while NeilGau are running here and there playing among themselves. Suddenly, Neil’s leg hits a glass which having water inside it and the water spills on her drawing. NeilGau stop playing and looks at the drawing shockingly. Neil kneels beside Ishana.

Neil: I’m sorry, Ishu.

Ishu: It’s ok, Neil. You didn’t do it intentionally. Never mind, I can do a new one.

Neil: (takes the wet sheet) You were drawing for hours and I have ruined it. How much you must have struggled to draw this?? I have ruined your hard work.

Ishu: Neil, I’m saying, right?? It’s ok. Why are you worrying like this??

Gau: No, Ishu. Neil is right. A person’s hard work is really important. We don’t have any rights to ruin someone’s hard work. I am one of the reason for this too. So, I and Neil will mend our mistake for spoiling your drawing. We will redo your drawing. (He takes another sheet and sits beside Ishana. Neil too sits beside him and they started to draw.)




Ishana wipes her tears recalling that moment.

Ishu: If my NeilGau got to know that I wanted to ruin someone’s hard work, they must feel embarrassed with me. No, I won’t let that to happen. My NeilGau must always be proud of me. They should believe that my upbringing can’t be wrong at any cost. I won’t let anyone blame my upbringing. (She is about to turn and doesn’t realise that she is still holding the brush. She accidentally brushes the painting. She is shocked seeing the colour on the painting.)

Voice: It’s ok. Don’t worry. (Ishana turns to the voice and shocked to see Omkara.)

Ishu: You??

Om: Yes. I came to redo my paintings after you ruin it. But you are looking worried after brushing a little bit of paint on the painting. This is not a way to ruin it, Ishana. The brush is not needed here. You can simply throw the paint on the paintings. It will save a lot of time you know?? See, I already placed a paint container beside the painting but you didn’t see it and have taken another paint. I will show you one sample. (He takes the container and about to throw the paint on the painting but Ishana stops him by holding his hand.)

Ishu: What are you doing?? Are you going to ruin your paintings which you have worked hard??

Om: You were going to do the same, right?? I am just helping you.

Ishu: I agree. I was about to do the same but I didn’t do it. I can’t ruin someone’s hard work and I don’t have the rights to do it too. And that paint, I didn’t do it intentionally. I swear.

Om: You don’t have to. I trust you. (Ishana looks at him shockingly.)

Ishu: You trust me??

Om: (nods) I trust you more than myself. But don’t ask why I didn’t trust you earlier?? I don’t have the answer for that. And don’t ask why I am trusting you now?? I don’t have an answer for that too.

Ishu: How do you know that I am going to ruin your paintings??

Om: I heard Rudra’s talk with you this evening.

Ishu: So you are already here before I come??

Om: I was outside waiting for you to leave. So that, I can enter and redo the paintings but you didn’t come. That’s why I thought to see what are you doing. I understood that you didn’t want to ruin the paintings by seeing your hesitation. (Ishana looks down.) Let’s go to our room. The baby must be alone.

Ishu: Mishti. (Omkara looks at her confusingly.) Her name is Mishti.

Om: (smiles) Ok. Let’s go. (He keeps back the paint tin on the shelf and they leave from there.)



IshKara are on the way to the room when they see RuMyaPri at the living room. They go towards them. RuMyaPri are shocked to see Omkara with Ishana.

Ishu: Rudra, Priyanka, Soumya why you both haven’t sleep yet??

Prinku: Bhabhi, Ranveer is not here yet.

Ishu: (confused) Ranveer went out??

Rudra: Bhabhi, remember just now he got a call?? (Ishana nods.) After that, he just went out without telling anyone. The security only told me. We thought he will be back but till now he has not returned. (Ishana looks at the time which is showing 3 a.m)

Om: Did you try to call him??

Soumya: We did but he didn’t answer. (Rudra tries to call Ranveer again but he doesn’t answer. Ishana’s face turns worried.)

Ishu: Rudra, my heart doesn’t feel good. I feel something is wrong.

Om: Nothing, Ishana. He will be back in a while. Maybe he has held up with some works. Please don’t worry. Come and sleep first. (RuPri are shocked seeing Omkara’s concern for her. They hear a car’s sound. Priyanka goes and opens the door. She sighs in relief seeing Ranveer.)

Prinku: Ranveer, where have you been?? (She could feel his face is exhausted and hiding something.)

Ranveer: (sees Ishana who is looking at him in worried.) Woh… Nothing. I went regarding my work. You all didn’t sleep yet??

Rudra: You went out this evening without telling anyone. That’s why we are worried.

Ranveer: I’m fine. Just feeling a little tired. Go and sleep. (Leaves to his room before anyone could say something. IshKara too leave to their room.)

Prinku: I feel something is wrong. Ranveer’s face is not looking good.

Rudra: I am feeling the same too, Prinku. I don’t want bhabhi to worry. That’s why I didn’t ask anything just now.

Soumya: Let’s go and ask him. (They leave.)



Ranveer’s Room


RuMyaPri open the door and shocked to see Ranveer is crying badly. They close the door and run towards him.

Prinku: Ranveer, what happened?? Why are you crying?? (Soumya signals Rudra to calm Ranveer. Rudra agrees and hugs Ranveer’s shoulder.)

Rudra: Ranveer, is everything alright?? (Ranveer shakes his head and just hugs him. RuMyaPri feel bad to see him in this state. This is the first time Priyanka seeing him broken like this. The Ranveer whom she knows is very strong mentally. She can’t believe that he is crying now. RuMyaPri don’t stop him and they just let him cry as much as he wants. Ranveer calms after a while.)

Ranveer: (sobs) After we came back here from Siddharth’s house, I received a call, right?? (RuMyaPri nod.) The call was from Gautham. He asked me to come to City Hospital. (RuMyaPri look at each other confusingly.)

Rudra: Come to City Hospital?? But he is in Delhi, right?? (Ranveer shakes his head.)

Ranveer: No, he is not in Delhi. He is here in Mumbai. Not only him but AvNeil and Pooja are here too.

RuMyaPri: What?? They are in Mumbai!!??

Rudra: Ok. But why he asked you to come to City Hospital??

Ranveer: Because Neil and Pooja got hospitalised.

Voice: What?? Neil and Pooja are hospitalised?? (They turn and shocked to see Ishana at the door who are holding tears in her eyes.)



To be continued….


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