Spoilers 24th May 2019

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:
Kartik and Naira meet Mihir’s girlfriend Mitali. Mitali will be bringing a new storm in Kartik and Naira’s lives. Mitali makes Kartik suspect Naira and Mihir again. Mitali isn’t a positive person like Mihir. Gayu had gone missing. Naira goes to find her. Mitali tells Kartik that Mihir and Naira’s relation is fishy, they aren’t just professional. She is jealous of Naira and fills Kartik’s ears against her. Gayu is upset with Dadi’s words. Suwarna doesn’t want Manish or Samarth to know about Gayu’s leaving.

Yeh Rishte: Kunal doesn’t hear Abir’s love confession for Mishti. He asks Abir whom does he love. Abir and Nanu hide the matter from Kunal and lie to him that Abir loves his mother Meenakshi a lot. Abir tells them that even Kunal can do anything for Meenakshi. Kunal apologizes to be rude to Abir. Abir asks him not to think much. Abir and Nanu return home. Kunal asks Mishti to give her consent for the surgery.

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