Spoilers 22nd November 2019

Bahu Begum:
Shayra tells Razia that Azaan dislikes Adil, the issues are because of a misunderstanding. Razia hugs Shayra. She asks Shayra to be strong. Adil wants Azaan to suspect Shayra. Azaan feels Adil is a cheap man with cheap intentions. Adil acts innocent in front of Shayra so that she supports him. He asks Shayra to be strong so that she helps Azaan. He tries to portray that Shayra is into an affair with him. He gifts roses to Shayra. He lies to Shayra that he had got the roses from the Dargah. Noor finds them into the rose moment.

Nimki Vidhayak:
Nimki tries hard to meet Mintu. Her family supports her in her motive. Dadi understands what Nimki is trying to do. Nimki gets Chachi for the treatment at the same hospital where Mintu is admitted. The doctor tells Nimki that her aunt will be treated. Dadi knows that Nimki wants to meet Mintu and apologize. Nimki meets Mintu to apologize. Mintu gains consciousness. He refuses to forgive Nimki.


Kahaan Hum



Bahu Begum

Kulfi Kb



Kundali Bhagya

Kumkum Bhagya

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