Nazar 22nd November 2019 Written Episode Update: Ansh kills Angad

Nazar 22nd November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Chetali goes to bring stuff. She drops candles and it burns the curtain. Dilruba says Ansh open your eyes. Ansh recalls the horn was getting on his head but the bats stoped the moonlight. Ansh says Dilruba you here? Where is Singha. He takes the horn. Dilrua says yo have to go home.
Piya sees curtain burning. She stops it but the moonlight comes to Angad. He stops. His horn comes out. Everyone is dazed. Avi says Ansh was right, Ansh is Singha. Mohana says Angad.. He walks towards Mohana and shoves. Piya says this is a curse, he isn’t himself when moonlight comes to him.

Nishant calls Chetali. He says where is Mohana? Chetali sees Mohana and screams. She says she is in the air. Piya says Angad, leave Mohana. He says I am Singha, not Angad. Piya says no this is a curse. You’re Angad not Singha. This is Mohana, your love. Only 7th round is left. You will get rid of this curse. You will get your love. Singha says I don’t love anyone. I will kill Mohana and become the most powerful. Mohana says Piya did you know? Piya says I will explain. Angad shoves Piya. Piya says we have to draw curtains. Angad shoves Mohana.

Chetali comes with an arrow. She says we can stop Singha with this, Nishant told me. They all throw arrows to him. Angad defends himself. He throws his horn. It injures Avi and Shekhar. Piya shoves him. She says get aside. They hide. Singha says to Mohana it’s your time to die. Mohana says it’s me, your Mohana. You can’t do this. Singha says I don’t love anyone. The moonlight goes. Angad becomes himself. Mohana is crying. Angad says Mohana, I am so sorry. I should have told you. Piya shouts and says let’s complete the 7th round. Hurry up. Mohana says let’s do it, you will get rid of this curse. Moonlight comes back and he turns into Singha again. Singha says no one can save you now, witch.

Ansh says you won’t live Singha. Singha says no one can kill me. Ansh punches him. Singha stops him. Ansh shoves him. He throws his wings to stop moonlight. Singha becomes Angad. Ansh doesn’t see and stabs him with a horn. Mohana screams no Ansh. Angad is stopped. Chetali faints. Mohana screams Angad’s name. Angad falls down. Mohana says no, you can’t leave me alone. you said you will always be by my side. Angad says I am sorry Mohana. I should have told you. I have to go now. He dies. Mohana screams.

Everyone comes. Mohana is crying. Piya says Mohana, we didn’t want to do this. Mohana says you both killed my Angad. Mohana says after so many years I had love and you killed him Ansh. Ansh says I killed Angad not Singha. She says you killed Angad who wanted to marry me and get rid of this curse. He would be mine. Piya says he was going to kill everyone. Ansh did this to save you. Mohana says he killed Angad to save his family. Ansh says I did what was right. Singha couldn’t be killed so I had to kill Angad. He would kill you and become Singha forever. Mohana says I was going to marry him. Ansh says he was going to kill you. Mohana says who gave you right to kill Angad? If Piya didn’t come to your life you would be like Singha too. How can you steal the same chance for me? This was my chance at life like you did. I was understanding the meaning of happiness and family. There was only one round left but you took everything from me. You took my love from me. You killed your mom’s happiness. Is this how you’re a good human? Vedeshree says Singha wasn’t innocent. Mohana says but Angad was. She breaks the ground in anger. Mohana says a witch doesn’t keep her debts. I will return it to you with interest.

Precap-Mohana says you only saw a witch’s gaze, now you will see a witch’s revenge. Lights go off.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. I’m totally with MOHANA!!!!???
    Whatever she said is 100% right✌✌✌, Ansh really committed a GREAT INJUSTICE to her today!!!???
    And as Mohana said, he acted EXTREMELY SELFISH???, he never thought about her well being, but only though of his FAMILY’S SAFETY.???
    What would have gone wrong, if he just had given a chance to Angad???, he is thinking Mohana is wrong of believing that Angad would change after their marriage!!!! Who the hell is he to SAY that???????
    What he did is ABSOLUTELY A GREAT SIN!!!! ???
    Even if Piya would justify his mistake, THAT WOULD NEVER CHANGE THE FACT that HE KILLED AN INNOCENT and is a MURDERER.???
    All his family members had turned towards evil at some point of time of time Vedashree, Chaitali, Pari and Ansh himself?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️, but at that time what they did was to help the person come out of the evil.???
    So why not Angad???? Why was he killed??? ?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️
    All because they doubted he would kill Mohana, & become so powerful and harm everyone, ISN’T THAT CALLED BEING SELFISH!!!???
    I felt like slapping Vedashri today, when she supported Ansh, I can understand motherly love and affection, but that does not mean you should hide your children’s MISTAKES!!! ???
    Here, Ansh is WRONG!!!!???
    I really feel pathetic for MOHANA???,
    even though I admit REVENGE is not the only SOLUTION, and the viewers must start hating her once again, but what she went through, she is justified to take REVENGE!!!???
    I wish Angad came back!!!???

    1. Totally agree with u Lisa..

      I too felt same.. this ansh did very very bad with mohana..

      All the Rathore family get the second chance bcoz they are blood relation..

      Poor mohana, atleast he should think of mohana feelings once..

      Ansh totally change her fate into drastic pain..

      No one can able to digest beloved death , that to infront of her eyes by his family members only..

      Now i support mohana, Rathore family should realise her pain

    2. @lisa agree with you completly. Really felt bad for Mohana I was hoping to see the good side of her. Her actions are totally justified and what ansh did was totally wrong

  2. ??? poor moh I complete agree with her how can they kill angad her only love and hope to live
    Ansh you did wrong and you have to pay for it I don’t support you this time round

  3. Ansh was definitely wrong in here. But I feel that this is Mohana’s punishment for all the wrongs she did. She’s finally paying for her sins and the countless times she tried killing her own son. Now MohNa will know what the rest if the family felt when she constantly destroyed their happiness. AnmAngad should not have has died but I feel that Mohana should finally realise her mistakes

    1. @Phyarra
      She had already realised her mistakes and also did penance for that !!!??? And the people who don’t forgive the penintent and do injustice to them are the worst CRIMINALS,???
      So do you you think Mohana’s revenge is good for ANSH???, coz right now he is the WORST CRIMINAL,???
      Showing the sufferings of Mohana as the outcome of her wrongdoings will not prove that ANSH wasn’t wrong, and wat he did was the greatest injustice of ALL!!!???
      Coz from the 1st he was against ANGAD, Piya trusted Angad tat is y she did not attack him even when he had singha during marriage, but Ansh just thought of his family and acted SELFISH???
      If only he had trusted an innocent Angad and believed that Mohana had really changed, then all this wouldn’t have never happened,???
      So acc to you now ANSH should also repay for the INJUSTICE he has commited.???

    2. Ansh is such an idiot .why can’t he spare Angad. Like Piya gave him a chance he should have gave him a chance too.But nooo , he had to kill him. Now MOH is gonna take REVENGE ???.Then they will suffer.
      I feel so bad for MOH????

  4. What penance did Mohana do? I accept that Ansh is very much here. He should be punished. But we can’t deny that Mohana is paying for her sins. For all the times, she destroyed other’s happiness, now she in in the same situation. About Mohana changing, this isn’t the first time she was given a chance. Yet she continues to betray the family.

    1. @Phyrra
      Penance is feeling bad for one’s own sins and trying to change oneself for the better ?? ?, not committing them once again, and Mohana very well did that .???
      And even if she is paying for her sins, what wrong did Angad do to die,??? if Ansh had become a singha by chance, and someone killed him, then would these Rathods say the same words they’re saying to Mohana???????
      Absolutely Not, at that time they would blame the whole world ?? ?
      And giving a chance to Mohana, Ansh had never given a chance to her this time when she was genuine???, why all other he was conveniently falling into her trap like an a*sh*le!!!???
      So don’t just blame everything on Mohana’s faults tat she is suffering, in that way Ansh should also pay as much like her.???

  5. Agree with pretty much everyone here.

    Yes, I was heartbroken when Angad died without any fault of his own and Mo was crying over his dead body, reminiscing his vows.

    But from a logical point of view, Ansh isn’t wrong to suspect Mo or her choice. He has given Mo ample chances but the lady just kept on betraying her. The reason I have always found VedAnsh to be stupid for trusting their greatest enemy.

    As a girl myself, I loved it when Piya came forward to support Mo and told that there is no age for love and she wanted to take a chance – to see whether Mo truly changes after having love in her life. But considering her past with Mo, it’s impossible that someone like Piya would ever give Mo such lease. She killed her mother (for the first time) after kidnapping her, tried to kill her and her unborn baby (when Piya was pregnant with Adi) and endangered Adi and Pari’s lived multiple times. Yes, Piya as a Daivik has strong intuition which is why she could understand Dev’s ploy and this time Mo’s genuine attempt to turn over a new leaf. But even after all these, Piya supporting Mo is like the 8th wonder.

    However Piya trusting Angad, considering he is an innocent, was justified.

    And finally coming back to Mo, she has 250+ years of bad karma behind her. You can’t start a new life just like that.

    Ansh was justified in protecting his family but completely wrong in being an ass***e to Angad from the beginning. He could settle his scores with Mo or anything but there was no reason to kill her love. Specially when there was another option and he chose to ignore it because he couldn’t believe a mortal can love a Dayan when Piya despite being a Daivik, loved him and protected him.

    Mo deserved the pain for harming countless innocents and in the same way, now Ansh should suffer because he murdered an innocent man in cold blood. His years of good works actually doesn’t mean anything now because he has committed a great sin.

    The only irony is – in between everything, poor Angad lost his life who only wanted to marry his love and settle somewhere else so that none gets hurt. How I wish, they could resurrect him.

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