Spoilers 21st January 2020

Bahu Begum: Azaan proposes Noor for the marriage in a sweet way. Noor accepts his proposal, like she has been waiting for it since ages. Razia is happy for Azaan and Noor settling down. She wants them to move on in life, since Shayra will never return. The unthinkable gets possible when Shayra makes a shocking entry home. Shayra calls out Azaan and is happy to connect to him. Azaan, Noor and Razia are shell shocked to see Shayra alive.

Nimki Vidhayak: Ganga appears in Nimki’s dream. Nimki wakes up and feels challenged by Ganga. She tells that she will expose the evil Ganga Devi’s truth. She goes to meet Ganga. Mahua tells Tunne that Nimki isn’t at home. Tunne informs Abhimanyu about it. Ganga is happy that she will be becoming the CM. She asks Shankar to keep an eye on Ganga. She finds Ganga at her gate. Abhimanyu stops Nimki from going in and takes her away. Ganga thinks maybe she was wrong, why would Nimki come at night. Abhimanyu asks Nimki not to do anything impulsively.


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Kahaan HKT


Kulfi KB

Kumkum Bhagya

Kundali Bhagya

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  1. Please end Kundali Bhagya and Kum Kum bhagya
    these prgrammes are full of nonsense and the villians get away with everything
    so tired of seeing Sarla fighting all the time
    fitst with Aliya and Tanu,
    now with Sherlin and Kareen and Monisha and Mahira
    seriously, how stupid does Ekta think we are
    im so over these soapies,
    if it werent for the idols and dance programmes, my indian bouquest will be stopped’

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