Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 21st January 2020 Written Episode Update: Rohit hates Sonakshi

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Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 21st January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rohit saying I m sorry to trust you. He slaps himself and throws a glass in anger. Sonakshi gets shocked. Some time back, Sonakshi goes to Rohit. He cries on Veena’s words. He says I didn’t cheat her, I was just protecting her. She consoles him. He recalls Suman. He says how did your mum know about my dad. She sees Ajit outside. Ajit folds hands and cries. Sonakshi says I told mum by mistake, I didn’t feel that mum will bring this matter out, I m sorry, I made a mistake. Rohit says I hate you. Ajit looks on. Rohit says we had a trust between us, you broke it today, I hate you Sonakshi. She gets shocked. Ajit goes.

Rohan throws his phone and says why isn’t Pari answering my call. Tanya says mom is broken down, you still want to talk to Pari. He says yes, I love Pari, you had fixed the camera to show proof to everyone, I m happy with Pari. She cries and says our baby. He says this doesn’t matter to me, I don’t know about dad, he cheated mom. Tanya says you are also like him. He says dad lied as he wanted to stay with mom, I don’t want to be with you. He goes. Rohit drinks. Sonakshi comes to him. He says you came to me if I m fine. She asks him to sleep. He says we shall have a talk, you are so pretty, when I saw you for the first time, I was mesmerized seeing your beauty, just like an angel, you were unconscious, but beautiful, I thought I will love my wife a lot. She worries for him. He says wives are lovely and make sacrifices, so I thought to always support my Sona, I always supported you about your work, I fought dad, Nishi and family, I madly loved you and trusted you, what did you do, you broke my belief.

He stumbles. She tries to hold. He says I just asked you to love Veena, you ruined her existence. She says sorry. He says I m sorry to trust you. He slaps himself. She asks him to stop it. He says its my mistake to trust you, you don’t know difference between real emotions and acting, you are heartless. He throws the glass. He says what would have happened if you didn’t tell this to your mom. He holds her hands in anger. She says I m getting hurt. He says think about my mum, Veena is like my Lord, you made her cry. He steps on the glass piece and falls. Ajit comes to help. They take Rohit to room.

Ajit says sorry, I can’t see Rohit’s hatred for you, you tell Rohit that I told everything to Suman, tell about Yashwant also, I can’t see you like this. Sonakshi says I m doing what Rohit asked me to do, support his family, our relation isn’t so weak, he is much angry on me now, its fine. She does aid to Rohit’s foot. She says I will support him, he is shattered, mum could have handled this situation in a better way. Ajit goes. Sonakshi takes care of Rohit. Its morning, Rohit wakes up. Sonakshi asks him to take the tablet. He says stay away. He goes to Veena’s room. He says talk to me once. Naren comes. Rohit says I don’t think she wants to see your face. Naren says she is my wife, I don’t need to ask you, stay out of it. Veena opens the door. Naren says I made a mistake, forgive me, Pooja isn’t at fault, she is with Nishi and YK. Rohit says I just want you to be happy. Veena says you both cheated me, you were my pride. Sonakshi comes.

Veena says in fact I shall thank someone. She thanks Sonakshi for waking her up from a long sleep, there was love and faithfulness in my dream, thanks, you and your mom have awakened me. Sonakshi says please listen to Rohit once, dad also…. Veena says I don’t want to talk. She shuts the door. Pooja says I need to talk to you. Sonakshi goes with her. Nishi looks on. She says Veena didn’t talk to Rohit and Naren, she thanked Sonakshi. Yash says we have to think about Pooja, not Sonakshi. Nishi says Pooja is with Sonakshi. Yash says I will talk to Pooja. Nishi locks the door. She sees Pooja’s pic. She says illegitimate girl, go to hell, I don’t care. She throws the pic and says I m not a fool to raise my brother’s sin, Pooja is just a medium for my motive, I didn’t wish Naren’s truth to come out, if this matter doesn’t get solved, I swear I won’t leave Sonakshi.

Nishi pushes Naren down the railing. Naren gets injured. She says Naren met Sonakshi, what did she say that Naren attempted suicide. Rohit sends divorce papers for Sonakshi.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. This SONAKSHI is the greatest FOOLS of all times!!!!👿👿👿
    I really don’t understand y she is trying to play the MAHAAN BAHU PARVATI AVATAR by putting her marriage to STAKE!!!🙄🙄🙄
    Like Seriously!!! She really is doing wat Rohit asked her to??? SUPPORTING his FAMILY, REALLY????👎👎👎
    Asshole woman!!! 🤬🤬🤬 She really has gone NUTS playing Parvati 4 these many years!!!😡😡😡
    And when everything unfolds she will expect ROHIT to come and APOLOGIZE!!!😅😅😅
    WTF!!! The real person who is traumatized the most right now is ROHIT🥺🥺🥺, not his good for nothing SUPERWIFE SONA!!!🙄🙄🙄
    I really really pity ROHIT😭😭😭, he is really going through all coz of his FOOLISH MAHAAN BANNEWAALI WIFE 😢😢😢
    and now even I agree tat HER FAMILY is another grp of f**king a*sh*les who have been torturing Rohit even b4 their marriage!!!👿👿👿
    Now another MELODRAMA will start with the EXPOSURE of the EVIL SIDE OF NISHI, 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
    Seriously this serial is just too much now!!!👎👎👎

  2. Verma4

    well sona parvati, you have brought this on you. you know what they say, the straightest of the trees gets cut first.

  3. Why ??!! Why ??!! This was the only show I watched and they have ruined it . Nishi was fine the way she was why an ulterior motive for her now. I also think Rohan and Pari are going to get married. I think it’s time to let go of this show .

    1. Its better to leave this right now only. Mark my words till 1st anniversary of khkt it would have become like any other stupid serial and difficult to note any difference between Sonakshi and Parvati. Any show is good only first few months and then they start becoming horrible that viewers start begging to shut the show. The same thing will happen over here also. Only few shows can carry well till the end and mostly they are one with finite series like Ek hasina thi, Beyhadh etc.

    2. I totally agree , this was the only show with some kind of fun in it … Time to this go as well

  4. Sonakshi is a fool, Ajit himself is telling her to reveal the truth, does she not realise this is not something you just apologise for and get over it, her taking the blame is saying she disregarded Rohits wishes. He said support her family that means during the difficult times you stand with them, she can go with Ajit and support him whilst he confesses, if someone betrayed me like that they’d be receiving divorce papers as well.
    Also now they’ve turned Nishi into a vamp to make it typical and now she’s trying or has murdered her brother. Hope YKs not involved.
    Rohan if he wants Pari why’d he keep lying to Tanya and make her feel like he did should have told her the truth when she confronted him.
    I hope Rohan and Pari have a miserable life together and Tanya an amazing one

  5. Lisa i agree with you 100%…
    the makers have ruined this show completely by turning sonakshi into parvati!

  6. This show is going into murder mystery, suspense etc. I thought after Pooja’s adoption and Naren Rohan’s affair track they will focus on Ronakshi’s life and their problems like due to different profesions their time mgmt , different phases of life, difficulty to balance relations etc. some problems which almost every couple goes through but out of one track they are digging and digging. They started like normally and not serial type (which Rohit only critized earlier) prompting me to watch the show and assuring that this show won’t go off track like other stupid serials and showing Rohit like any other idiot male lead.Congrats writers of khkt finally you also have started ruining our show.

  7. What Sona is doing ryt now is called digging their own grave . She 8s herself the cause of all the problems in her lifes . Wrong should never be supported its family or strange . The truth shud be out . If the divorce happens Sona will be the only one responsible for that . I never liked Nishi but this is too much . The love and concern she used to show for Pooja was so real that I didnt doubt her even once that it was fake . I just YK is not involved with Nishi. Fingers crossed 🤞. Nishi is already so rich as she is a member of Sippy family . She must be hving sm property on her name but then also fell to such an extent just for money . How cn a person be soo selfish that even she tries to murder her bro . Poor Pooja . Earlier I used to think that at least Pooja has Nishi n YK who truly love her a lot but now she is left of nowhere. I just hope when come to know the truth she doesn’t try another suicide attempt. Sippy family was such an ideal family but now every member character is getting worse day by day . The family doesn’t look like a family. Just fed up of all this affair , adoption , etc nd just waiting for all this to end nd hv a normal days which used to be ther

  8. What the heck. What was the need to make Nishi negative. The show was fine but it started doing all those stuff which they made fun off in the beginning..Now KPK and KHKT story are all same. Mahaan Parvati mahaan Sona and plottings and all just like typical Indian show. Just to drag the story they made Nishi negative. Now only God and makers know what will happen

  9. The story has become so worse.
    I don’t want to see it any more

  10. Khkt is my best show in Starplus, hope the makers don’t spoil the show with too much negativities

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