Spoilers 15th February 2021

Kundali B:
Janki finds Shrishti relaxing in the living hall. She asks Shrishti to go to Preeta. She tells that she will go to Preeta’s room. Preeta and Shrishti stop Janki. Preeta tells that she wants to sleep alone. Janki asks her to share her feelings with her. Shrishti tells that Preeta got someone else to share her feelings.

Janki doesn’t understand what Shrishti means. Shrishti teases Preeta that her love story started. Preeta tells Karan that she got haldi for him. She adds that she had hidden his presence from everyone. He tells that she can tell the family that he came back for her aid, he is her husband after all. He also playfully teases Preeta’s shyness.


Kumkum B


Kundali B


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