Love Is In The Air Episode 34

The game proceeds for some time. Thats when the staff blow the whistle.

Staff: Its recess time. Leave the game as it is and come for the snacks

Everyone go to the garden area for the snack. Keerthi and Naira are missing 

Naksh: Kartik did you see Naira and Keerthi?

Kartik : No..woh Naira and I went in opposite ways for the clues then I did not see her

Anurag: Prerna did you see her?

Prerna nods in affirmation 

Akash: How can they just disappear? Lets search. But be in pairs. Dont get lost

Kartik and Naksh pair and search for Naira and Keerthi

Kartik: Naaaaaiiiiraaaaaaaa

The sound echoes in the woods

Thats when Kartik sees an unconscious Keerthi and runs to her. Naksh follows him

Naksh takes Keerthi in his arms 

Naksh: Keerthi…keerthi

They take her to the garden and Mishti gives her first aid. Keerthi slowly regains consciousness. Naksh hugs her

Naksh: Keerthi are you alright?

Keerthi: Naira…save Naira

Kartik: What happened to her


Keerthi and Naira are searching for the clues. They sense some movements around them and bump into each other. 

Naira: Keerthi bhabhi did you feel something strange?

Keerthi: Haan Naira…did you too?

Naira nods

Keerthi: Ab chal we are deep into woods I think we should move away to the main spot

As the turn they see a guy with the mask and black outfit. Naira holds Keerthi closer. The guy moves towards them. Naira and Keerthi move across the safety zone into the deeper woods. Naira pushes the guy and they both turn to move. The guy throws a rope around Naira’s neck and pulls her. Keerthi tries to stop him when he hits her on her head making her fall


Kartik: This is serious

Akash: Girls be here. Keerthi can you show us the spot?

Keerthi : Haan

Anurag Keerthi Naksh Kartik Abir and Kunal leave for the woods

They reach the spot

Akash: Naira must be somewhere here. We have to find Naira first

They spilt and search for Naira. Thats when Naksh sees an iron lid closing a chamber in the direction towards the resort. He doubts it and goes nearby to open it. Naksh sees a water chamber beneath it. Kartik too comes there. He sees water bubbles and jumps in. And there is Naira inside water losing her consciousness slowly

Kartik  holds her closer

Kartik: Naksh Naira is here others

Kartik removes the ropes from her neck and pulls her up but is unable to climb to the land.

Akash : Kartik tie the rope around you and give us the other end. We will pull you

Kartik follows it and finally Kartik and Naira are pulled out

Kartik carries Naira to the resort

Akash : Are you guys kidding. Someone has hurt two of us here. Are you showing us the cctv footage or not

Akash gets the footages and finds the guy with a mask and black outfit

Anurag: Who is he?

Akash: Mr.Mehta’s worker maybe. Mr.Mehta…I will not leave you now

Mishti: Do something bhaiya

Akash calls Lallu and tells him something 

Naina: Ill make steps to cancel his bail

Naira is lying in the bed and has gained consciousness. Kartik holds her hand

Kartik: Thank God you are alright 

Naira: When you are nearby how can I not be alright?

Kartik: Im sorry Naira woh

Naira: Shut up Kartik. You have no mistake in it. 

Kartik: Are you feeling alright?

Naira: Haan..woh head is paining a lot as he hurt my head while pushing me down. I remember his face well. Tomorrow

Kartik: Lets talk this tomorrow. Now you need rest.

Kartik carcasses her head and the scene freezes 

Its next morning. Kartik comes to visit Naira in her room. She is still sleeping 

Prerna: Ill wake her up Kartik

Kartik: Prerna..let her sleep

Kartik is about to go when Naira wakes up. She has a childish smile on her face

Kartik: Naira…good morning 

Naira frowns at him

Prerna: You both talk Ill get you chai

Naira in a childish tone: Mujhe dhoodh chahiye

Kartik and Prerna are shocked

Kartik: Naira dont play like this

He holds her close. Naira spats his hand

Naira: Meine kaha na mujhe dhoodh chahiye…

Prerna runs to Keerthi and Naksh. Everyone rush in. Kartik is weeping in a corner when Naira is behaving in a weird way


  1. Kavya_P

    She lost in her childhood
    Will be interesting to see kartik handle her
    Interesting precap
    Update soon

    1. Sai07

      Thank you so much Kavya ❤️❤️Sure dear

  2. Super Naira lost her memory is from Manish accident track or different track

    1. Sai07

      Its like the Manish track dear. What happened with Manish happens with Naira here

  3. Ohhhhhh…so this was the missing twist huh…nice…my sherni fought but still… feeling sad for naira…she lost her memory yaar…but it will be interesting to see how kartik will handle naira…is it Rohit behind all these yaa Mr. Mehta…. waiting eagerly to know it…upload the next one soon!! But the episode was amazing..loved it!!!

    1. Sai07

      Hey Kaira hope you liked the twist 😇. Its not just memory loss yaar she has …Ill tell in episode soon 😊Thank you so much dear

  4. Awesome Episode!!💞💞💞 Thank God Keerti is safe…. But.. omg!! Naira… Amazing twist👏👏👍 poor naira…. It will be really interesting to see Kartik handling Naira but she forgot also… So sad… excited for next one… Do update soon!!✨✨

    1. Sai07

      Hey Shreya ❤️❤️Thank you so much dear ❤️😍🥰Ill upload in an hour dear 🥰😍😍

  5. Awesome…waiting for the next episode…and please don’t separate kaira….

    1. Sai07

      Thank you so much Sapna ❤️😍😍

  6. ye last photo kis episode ka hai can u plzz tell me???

    1. Sai07

      Hey Anu Ill find it out and let you know soon

  7. Thakur Priyanka

    Amazing episode I think so Naira lost her memory but I have one doubt before going to bed she recognised Karthik well what happened suddenly in the morning then

    1. Sai07

      Hey Thakur Priyanka Naira has not only lost memory she lost her mental balance too. And yeah thats an awesome question dear…as Naira is already under trauma medication the injury did not show immediate effect but as hours passed my the injury caused neuron damage causing her condition

  8. Jasminerahul

    i am shocks that somebody tried to attack naira keerti. is he a new criminal? glad that kartik saved her.naira saying that when kartik is near her nothing will happen to her was nice.but I am shocked that naira is behaving like a stubborn kid.why?perfect pics

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