Spoilers 15th April 2019

Mishti doesn’t know why is Veer asking her to quit her work. Veer tells her that he wants to see her relieved from all sorts of tensions. Veer asks Mishti to tell him if he has any problem with Ruhaan’s stay in her house. Mishti lets Ruhaan stay back. Veer asks Ruhaan and Pari to manage all the wedding arrangements. Mishti tries to keep herself away from Ruhaan. Ruhaan gets upset over Veer’s decision. He doesn’t know if he should choose Veer’s friendship or love for Mishti.

Roop: Commissioner suspends Himani and declares bravery medal for Roop. Roop tells him that he wants his Papa to give him a medal. Shamsher makes him wear a medal and hugs him. Roop is happy to see Shamsher so happy. Roop wanted to make Shamsher proud some day and feels the day has finally arrived. Himani is unable to understand Roop’s fluctuating behavior at times. Kamla is happy for Roop. Ishika still can’t believe that Roop got Himani suspended and took all the credit. Shamsher feels proud of Roop.




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