Spoilers 14th February 2020

Ishq SubhanAllah:
Kabeer helps Zara in dealing with her fears. He takes the decision that he will contest for Qazi post. Imran is glad that Kabeer has agreed to become the Qazi. He is sure that Kabeer will give a tough competition to Shahbaz and Jalali. Irfan asks Kabeer to submit an application that he is willing to contest for the position. Zara supports Kabeer. She is no more afraid of Jalali. She has big hopes that Kabeer and she can together fight the evil men. Shahbaz gets clued about Kabeer’s decision. Shahbaz wants to fail Kabeer some way.

Kahat Hanuman: Anjani gets happy seeing Maruti saving Kesari’s life. She hugs him. Maruti tells her that he will never let anything happen to his father. They get surprised knowing how he brought the tiger to the palace for the saints. Bali returns to his Rajya and thinks to kill Maruti. He says he missed Maruti very much. He comes in front of him and asks if he knows who is he? Maruti looks at him.

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