Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 14th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Rohit helps Suman

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The Episode starts with Rohit getting shocked seeing Sonakshi dancing in the party. Some time back, Sonakshi recalls Mhatre’s words and says maybe I won’t be comfortable. She gets lawyer’s call and asks him to do arrangements for Suman’s bail. She says I m ready to do this. The friends catch up in the pre valentines bash. Anil says I have got a tv actress today for the performance. They wait for Rohit. Rohit says I m not late, I have come. Anil says I got a surprise ready for you. Rohit sits and drinks. Sonakshi comes there and dances on Dilbar song. She has a veil covering her face. Rohit and his friends look on. Sonakshi removes the veil. Rohit and Sonakshi get shocked seeing each other. They recall their words.

The friend says Anil, you weren’t here for a year, but you should know that this girl whom you called is Rohit’s ex-wife. Sonakshi says I will complete my performance. Rohit says yes please, Anil you should have called a hot and young actress, you called a boring actress. Anil says sorry, I didn’t know she is your ex wife. Rohit says it doesn’t matter, actresses can do anything for money. Sonakshi says its okay, I will complete my performance. Rohit turns and says its helpless, I m there to help you, you can’t get embarrassed. Anil asks can you complete the dance, madam. Sonakshi says of course. Rohit says I can’t watch this, I m leaving. Anil says no, stay here, I will send her. Anil says sorry, I didn’t know who you are, I can’t upset Rohit, you can go. Sonakshi says but why, I will dance. He asks her to go. She sees Rohit. She goes. Rohit says you can’t break down, I won’t let this happen, never.

Its morning, Munya asks are you going to the court. Sonakshi says I don’t know what to do, I couldn’t pay the lawyer fees, will he come or not, I had good savings, everything ended in one moment, I have no money to bail out mum, I had one hope. Lawyer comes home. She says sorry. He says relax, I will fight the case, you had sent 4 lakhs to me by someone, I thought to pick you and go to the court. She asks 4 lakhs. Sumit comes and says yes, 4 lakhs. Lawyer says Sumit has sent the money. Sumit asks Sonakshi why didn’t she call him. Sonakshi asks how many times shall I ask for help. Sumit says don’t stain our friendship this way, come, we will get Suman home.

Sonakshi and Pari see the hearing. Sonakshi calms down Pari. Lawyer applies for Suman’s bail and requests the judge to accept the bail. He says she isn’t fine, she has a heart problem. Judge says seeing her medical reports, the court decides…. Rohit comes and says wait, I have evidence against Suman. Lawyer says Rohit is Suman’s ex son-in-law.

Rohit goes in the witness box. He says Suman is a greedy woman, she thinks new ideas for getting money, don’t give her bail, I was in London last month, I had a meeting with Goyal, he said he built a residential complex for rich people, he isn’t able to come to India because of this case, because of her. Sonakshi’s lawyer says wait, you said Goyal came a huge complex in London. Lawyer says Goyal is living well, Suman is bearing trouble here, its injustice, we can get Goyal expelled from London, you came here to give statement against Suman, but thanks, it helped her. Rohit gets angry and sees Sonakshi.

Judge says Suman’s bail is accepted, court is dismissed. Rohit smiles. Suman hugs Sonakshi and Pari. She says I will teach a lesson to this man. Sonakshi says no, Pari go with mum and complete bail formalities, I will see him. She goes to Rohit and says you may believe that Lord exists, Lord always supports the truth, everything is over between us, you have a problem with me, then fight with me, don’t trouble my mum. He says now you felt how it feels when mum gets hurt, Suman ruined Veena’s life, Nishi and Naren were right, you are just classless gold diggers, Suman thinks of getting money, you daughters do such things, I will never leave any way to take revenge. He sits in the car. Sonakshi says I can’t believe that we loved each other so much, we hate each other now, was it reality or a beautiful dream. She goes. He cries and drinks. He says sorry Sona, I had come just to help in Suman’s bail, I love you.
Sonakshi gets a heart balloon. The girl says that uncle gave it and said I love you. Rohit stays far. Rohit sees Pari there. He gets shocked and says Pari is pregnant.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Sona looked so helpless while performing , it’s good that Rohit helped her this time but the way he’s doing all this isn’t good . They could have talked about how nishi blackmailed her and come up with a plan . Idk why police stopped solving the case after all this proves .
    Precap is quite intense lol ? what’s Rohit gonna do now .

    It’s seems like Rohit turning up like old Sona solving problems on his own in a creepy way XD . And Sona trying hard not to be emotional anymore but can’t do that .

  2. Verma4

    What a solid episode. Very emotional

  3. SerialLover

    At least some positivity in the episode. But I don’t know how does Rohit have money now. He is not working in Sippy hospital right? And in the other hospital, he is giving free treatments. I don’t understand who is paying bills at the hospital then. May be Rohit;s savings. But how long will that last?

    We can’t know how all these are possible: How can Rohit find out Sona’s lawyer and pay him via Sumit within one night and Rohit’s one statement can prove a big evidence and bail out Suman. Whatever happened, has happened for good.
    Hope the story shows a positive track, at least from now. This Sumit has turned so sweet.

    Exciting to see what Rohit is gona do about Pari’s pregnancy. He definitely knows it is Rohan’s. Hope he doesnt’ hurt Sonakshi again because of this. Just read that Rohan is upto do harm her. Hope Ronakshi save her. Also read that Naren is going to team up with Sonakshi to expose Nishi. Wasn’t it simple for Rohit to just steal Nishi’s phone?

    1. Also if Nishi can hire a hacker to hack pacemaker then why can’t Rohit higher a hacker to remove that setting from Nishi’s phone Or atleast inform police about blackmailing secretly. But dragging for trp.

    2. Verma4

      wouldn’t that be too logical and easy ??

    3. The news that you told us about Sona’s cooperation with Nreen made me happy, the news is new to me, but it is no wonder, in fact, I was sure that Nareen would be in great class with Sona and would respect her more and love her and support her more,

  4. This is total rubbish

    1. SerialLover

      Is this a robot? I’m seeing the exact same comment since past 3 days.

  5. What a horrible body double they got for sonakshi. the way the duplicate was walking into the police station was so funny. it was obvious that it was not the actress but somebody else. and the last scene were sonakshi signed agreement and went out and the assistant calls from back. that was also a duplicate…was so clear. producers could have atleast given the chain with pendant to the duplicate too… so silly

  6. in yesterday’s episode

  7. The appearance of Rohit in the court hall is disguesting. No judge will allow such entry in reality.Such entry and his behaviour in the court will be treated as a contempt of court. Did he has a secret pact with lawyer so that his statement against Suman will turn into positive and save Suman? There are a few knowing that Rohit is pretending to generate hatred and why they are silent? Why Ravi or Nurse or Ajit not taking to Sonakshi? Completely the storyline has turned illogical and irritating. What happened to writers ? Are they influneced by Ekta ‘s serials?

    1. SerialLover

      May be influenced by the Padmashri awarded to Ekta Kapoor.

  8. Can’t sonakshi take money from divyanka and vivek?????

  9. Can’t sonakshi take money from divyanka and vivek????

  10. There is no need for Sonakshi dancing, they could have made her refuse and then ask for Sumit’s help.
    I was feeling disgusted by the way they made Sonakshi insistent on dancing. I could not see the scene, Sona sacrificing her principles and morals for money.
    Rohit’s way of talking to Sona, and his words are wrong, he hurt her a lot, there was no reason to talk to her in that way and insult her, especially after the court, he could shut up and go about it, and it was better to ignore her

  11. The episode was fine. And my favorite part was when Rohit said that Suman is paying for her deeds she hurted his mother and father so here she is. But there are many things which are so confusing
    1. How did Suman reached jail?
    2. Why Sonakshi left KPK?
    3. Why Rohit is not doing anything now when Naren is out of Life support?
    4. Even if she left KPK then why she wasn’t able to get work anywhere else.
    5. Why Netra is so rude to Sonakshi, Sonakshi was not only Parvati for her she was even one of her best friend.
    6. How can Paris feel baby’s kick at the 4th month of her pregnancy? In case Tanya it can be possible like she maybe 2 months pregnant before leap but Pari just discovered that she is pregnant before leap.

    1. SerialLover

      I have answers for some of them:
      2, 4 & 5. One controversy for an actress, the show trp will go down and everyone will unuderstand the obvious reason. So she will be thrown out will all due respect an they will start season 2 of the same show, with a new actress. And nobody knows what happened to the old top star. The producer will be friends with the actor only when she has work from her. That’s how the world is.

      1. Even I don’t inderstand, why did she, as a model invest money in the project. Models get money, right? Hopefully this point will be reasoned, as the plot is still going on. If they don’t do, then this show is completely illogical, inspite of realistic plots.

    2. Watch yesterday’s and before that epi many of your doubts will get cleared

    3. SerialLover

      Would you care to elaborate? I didn’t get why and how model invests money for a project.

    4. Maybe Sona was offered a whole manson just like Rohit has and she needed to invest some money for same so that plot can get booked. But things doesn’t work accordingly.

    5. Actually what I think so is there was no need to invest money but hvnt u seen that Suman is seriously a very greedy woman and is never satisfied . She always used to say Netra ji to increase Sonakshi’s fees.she was finding another opportunity to get more and more money as she never finds anything sufficient. Sona was also not in her senses at that time as she was blindly agreeing to Suman and wanted to ahead of Rohit . And in the greed of getting money lost everything and a blunder occurred

    6. SerialLover

      Suman was greedy, but your reply doesn’t explain where and why she invested money.
      Thanks for clearing.

    7. It was an investment opportunity, Suman put all their like savings into it as she was sure it will increase their wealth but the person ran off to London with all investors money and they lost everything. Right at the time Sona lost KPK so also no income coming in. Sumans greed destroyed them, you don’t put all your eggs in one basket

  12. I don’t like Sonakshi becoming desperate on money. After that it has become a typical TV serial were man/husband/boy friend help the women secretly. Why can’t CV put Sonakshi to higher pedestal than a desperate to a such a state .

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