Souls intertwined out of…..(KKB) Chapter 30

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Abhi was taken aback by the loud noise. Pragya opened her eyes and said “First open the door and see who is it!” Abhi “I am going to kill the person if it’s for room service!” Pragya seeing that chuckled. Abhi opened the door and saw one of the staff working in the hotel. He looked very tensed.

The person “Abhi sir!! You have to leave from here now! The police are after u!! The police are coming here soon to arrest u!!” Abhi was shocked hearing that and asked “What are u saying?” Pragya was now behind him and was also shocked to hear it. Abhi “Who told u this?” The person “Sir! You are here to find your uncle right? He is not as good as u are thinking….and whoever comes in search of him ends up in this situation. I even heard your wife’s name….” Abhi “I don’t believe u! My uncle is not a bad person!!” The person “This is what I can tell u sir!” By saying that he ran from there leaving Abhigya shocked.
Pragya looking tensed asked “Now what do we do?” Abhi “Wait! Let me call and check what he tell is true or not!” Pragya nodded her head in response. Abhi made a call to someone and from the way he reacted Pragya understood what the person said was true. Abhi ended the call. He looked at her and asked “Do you trust me?” Pragya “Always….” Abhi “Then come with me!” He wore his jacket and shades and grabbed some of his belongings.

Abhi held her hand and brought her not towards somewhere is not aware of. Pragya holding his hand tightly said “I didn’t know there is this path in this hotel!” Abhi “Ssssh…” Pragya listened to him and walked with him. Abhi “I think I need to carry u as u are walking very slow!” Even before she could react, he carried her walked fast towards the staircase that lead to the exit of hotel. Pragya was keep on looking at his serious face with no smile and smiled widely even though it was not the right situation to smile. Abhi somehow managed to take his car that he had parked in a distance before the police could arrive. He started to drive and Pragya was clueless of where they are heading to.

Pragya with hesitation asked “Where are we going to?” Abhi remained silent and she looked at him with worriedly. Abhi still looking straight said “No need to be worried…I am just driving to a place that I think we can be safe!” Pragya was surprised hearing that how he can even realize that she was feeling worried even without looking at her.
Abhi continued to drive and reached the outskirts of the city. They reached the place and Pragya looked weirdly at it. Abhi “Come! Let’s get down!” Pragya “What kind of place is this?” Abhi “Actually to tell the truth….I don’t know any other place other than the hotel that I stay….and when I call my friend just now he said I shouldn’t try calling anyone for help as the police can track my location….then this is the only place I came across over here….” Pragya “But how can we stay here?” Abhi “Hello Leiko! I myself going to adjust here and don’t know whose hut is this too! We just have to manage here for sometime until my friend helps us and settle this issue!” Pragya “How are we going to communicate? I don’t know Bengali!!!” Abhi “You think I know?” Pragya “Then how?” Abhi “Just watch me!”

Abhi went in front and talked to someone who was sitting near a house. Pragya from a distance was seeing him doing different actions with his hands. Pragya, What is he trying to do? I feel he is doing dancing!!!
Pragya walked to where he was and started to speak to the person in Bengali making Abhi shocked!
Pragya looked at Abhi and said “He said there is a small house here if u go straight….it’s empty and he said he also have the keys for it! But it’s very messy….are u ok to stay there?” Abhi “Wait! You said u don’t know Bengali!! Then now u spoke Bengali!!!” Pragya looking at him tried to control her smile. Abhi “Tell something!!” Pragya “I just know…suddenly it came into my mind….” Abhi “Liar leiko!!” Pragya smilingly said “Let’s go!”
Finally, they reached the house and Abhigya looking at the condition were lost for words. Pragya “Are u thinking what I am thinking?” Abhi “I think so….” Pragya tried pulling Abhi who was standing nervously at the doorstep. Abhi “I won’t come in!! This looks like some ghost’s garden!!” Pragya “What? Ghost’s garden!! Even in this time u can come up with this kind of phrases!” Abhi “You go!! I just stay here!” Pragya “Oh god! Just come kiddy! Main hoon na (I am here!)” Abhi “No!! I know u are here but what if it is also here?” Pragya “I can’t tell anything! I am going kiddy….if u want me then come in!”

Abhi, How can she just go in like this? Ofcourse I want her!! But what if there is something here that wants me!!!
By then Pragya had stepped inside the house and was looking around. As for Abhi, he was keep on looking nervous and stepped inside not able to stay in the doorstep. When he entered, the doors closed due to the strong wind. Seeing that he ran while yelling “Leiko!!! Leiko!! Pragya!! Pragya!!!” Hearing that Pragya came out from a room and looked at him running towards another room.

Pragya, Just like a kid!! Now why is he shouting like that!

She walked to the room where he was and saw him still shouting and was crying like a baby.
Upon seeing Pragya entering, he ran towards her and hugged her tightly. Abhi “Where did u go? I was scared!! You can’t leave me like that!!!” Pragya patting his back said “Ok…I won’t…now look at me…” Abhi “I was so scared!!!” Pragya “I know….” Abhi “You know? But u never come and see me immediately?” Pragya “Sorry baba….i was just thinking….” Abhi “Thinking what?” Pragya with a slight chuckle said “Thinking that u are really a kid!!” Abhi was annoyed hearing that and break away from the hug. He turned back so that he was not looking at her.

Pragya “Are u angry?” Abhi remained silent. Pragya went in front of him and he again turned away. Pragya “Ok then I will leave….” Abhi in a low tone said “Wait….” Pragya “Why?” Abhi “I want to be with u….” Pragya “Why?” Abhi “I want u!” Pragya “Why?” Abhi “Because I love u!” Pragya “Why?” Abhi broke into laughter and looked at her. Pragya “This is why I love u!” Abhi hugged her in return.

Pragya “We just stay here….this room is better than others…” Abhi “Okay Leiko!!” Pragya walked in front of him and saw some stools there where she went to take out to sit.
Abhi saw her wiping it with some cloth over there as the stools were dusty. She ended up sneezing continuously due to dust!
Pragya sat down and was keep on sneezing. Abhi sat beside her and was continuously laughing looking at her!
Pragya “You are so bad!!” Abhi in between his laughter said “I know….but I can’t control! Your sneezing sound is very funny! Like mouse making sound!! Squeaking!!” Pragya turned to look at him and sneezed on his face!!

Abhi wiping his face with hand said “Now u are bad!!” Pragya “U deserve it for making fun of me!!” Abhi “You look cute when u are angry!!” Pragya got annoyed as her continuous sneezing made her irritated. Pragya “All because of u!! That’s why we end up in this situation!!!” Abhi “Why only me?? It’s also because of u!!!” Pragya was annoyed and about to stand up. Abhi pulled her towards him and made her sit on his lap. Pragya was still angry. Abhi with a smirk said “Do u know something?” Pragya asked in a frustrated tone “What???” Abhi “Only with u there is chases like this…last time we were chased by goons and now by police!” Pragya remained silent and became worried hearing that. Abhi “Hey Leiko! I was just kidding….nothing serious!” Pragya “I know but the last time is because of me….” Abhi tried to divert the topic by saying “You see now your sneezing had stopped!” Pragya “It had stopped but my thoughts about my mistakes can’t be stopped…” She tried to stand up but he was still holding onto her and not making her move from him.
Abhi “Leiko….whatever u had done or I had done is all mistakes! If u made goons to chase me then I also made u chase me by hugging Sahana!” Pragya still not looking at him said “ That’s different…” Abhi “So u are upset now! Come on Leiko! I am sorry for what I had told u!” Pragya “It’s not your fault….” Abhi “If u are upset like this then I will also……” Pragya still in worry remained silent.

Abhi now keep on acted to be sneezing making Pragya shake with him. Pragya unable to stand his shaking said “Stop it!!” Abhi still sneezing said “Then….Aaachoo! Smile!!” Pragya laughed in response and looked at him. Pragya “You are really….” Abhi stopped sneezing and said with excitement“Like a kid!! Like a kiddy!!” Pragya pleasantly said “Like my kiddy…” By saying that she went closer to him to kiss. Just then Abhi lose his balance and fall onto the ground together with Pragya!
Abhigya both realizing their fall laughed at each other.

Abhigya’s adventures in the house ends up in a confusion to them!

Thank u for reading!

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