Ishkara…the pair of truth and lie ( Episode 13)

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Hi guys, this is KAvya back agin with the episode ( as promised). Thank you so much you all for your lovely words. It feels really nice to know, that you still like my story. So here goes the next episode-

Episode Thirteen-

Om came out of his thoughts and decided not to think on ths further. Because the more he thought,re the more he got tangled in Ishana. He too started preparing for the meeting. In a couple of minutes, Anika came inside his cabin.
Om- Ya, Anika bhabhi…you need something?
Anika- Ya, I need to get the bagadbilla out of you.
Om ( was confused)- matlab? ( meaning)

Anika- Matlab ye, ke tum aaj Om nahi ho. Vo Om, jo khud se pehle doosron ke dil ke bare mein sochata hai, Om jo galati se bhi kisi ko chot nahi pohcha sakta, vo aaj itna patthar-dil kaise ho gaya? Ishana se tum Itne rudely kyu behave kar rahe ho? ( Meaning that, You are not Om today. That Om who thinks of others before himself, who cannot hurt others , how did he become so stone-hearted? Why are you so rude with Ishana?)
Om- I know Anika, par shyad dadi sahi kehti hai, sach meri takad hai aur meri kamjori bhi. Ishana par maine bharosa rakha, par mera vishvas, meri dosti sab kuch jala diya ussne. Ab chah kar bhi mai dobara vo sab nahi kar paunga. MAi kisi ki nahi sun sakta? ( Dadi is right, Truth is my power and my weakness too. I trusted Ishana but she burned all that with her lies. Now I cannot do that even if I wnt to. Sorrry, but I cannot listen to anyone)
Anika- apane dil ki bhi nahi? ( not even your heart?)
Om- What do you mean?

Anika- come on Om, I am not blind, I can see that you are disappointed with yourself on behaving like this with Ishana.
Om- Yeah….i mean no… it’s nothing like that.
Anika- come on Om, The ones who don’t know how to Lie, should not try to lie. And now stop this Attitude-drama yaar. I am not forcing you because I know that you will give that job to her only. I know that you trust her still now. And belive me, this time it won’t be broken by Ishana.
Om- How can you be so sure Bhabhi?
Anika- I just know it Om. Just like you belive in your heart, I do it too. Not like your bagad-billa bhai.
Om just passed a faint smile to Anika and came out of the cabin. He had now decided that he will back off from the challenge and give Ishana the job. But he was surprised to see Ishana already waiting for him outside.

Ishana(in a glad voice) – I am prepared.
Om – WHAT?
Ishana – I am done with the reports and the presentation. Should we head out for meeting now?

Om was now hell shocked with this. The girl standing infront of him always continued to surprise him in every manner. Sometimes by her talks, sometimes by her eyes, her memerising looks and now with her talent. He saw a spark of confidence in her eyes which clearly told him that she was gonna get through that stupid challenge and WIN IT.

Om – Are you sure?
Ishana ( with a cute smile) – As sure as MS Dhoni was of hitting boundary at the end of world-cup.

Om now couldn’t help but laugh at her cute antics and innocent nature which made him fall for her even more. Seeing him smiling, Ishana felt so satisfied. His beautiful eyes were again filled with that intense gaze and the warmth which, she missed a lot in mean time. Both were again almost lost in each other’s eyes. But Rudra’s fake cough caught their attention.

Rudra ( teasingly)- Oh…Shivaay bhaiya, I think we should tell the investors to wait, a more impotant meeting already is going on here .

Om and Ishu understood the meaning of that and hurriedly looked at opposite directions. Om moved towards the meeting area, followed by Shivaay( Oberois were the sponsers of the art company, so Shivaay also attended the meeting). The girl gang and Rudy signed best of luck to Ishana. Ishana again thanked them with grateful eyes and moved to the meeting area.

After an hour-
AniSOumPriRu were restless now

Rudra- Ohh god how long these meetings are. Are they all sleeping in there. Or is Om giving all of them “Hair-care-tips”.
Soumya – Come on Rudra, be a little serious. Aren’t you tensed for Ishana di? God knows how she is handling in there. She got so less time to prepare.You know according to scientist’s resesrch, Human gets more nervous because of lack of time than the actual work.
Rudra – Oh god Sumo, Do these scientists submit there results to you first?
Just then they saw Shivaay and Ishana coming.
Anika – Ohh, so what happened?

But they got no response. Ishu and Shiv were looking at them with blank faces. Ishana came forward and just hugged Anika. “ I got the job Anika di, I completed the task”, she said with tears of happiness in her eyes. Anika what shocked at this gesture of hers and hearing the word “di” from her mouth. but still she reciprocated the hug to make Ishana feel a little more comfortable.. Even she felt a special connection to Ishana, as if she is hugging her chutki.

Rudra- If the girsl-Momment is over, then can we ask what happened there?

Soumya- aur kya hoga, Ishana di ne sab ka dil jeet liya aur saath ye deal bhi, hai na bade bhaiya?

Shivaay- Ya, and not only the deal. The contract which was going to be for just one year, Om and Ishana working together made it of THREE YEARS. That’s a great news guys,Our company “Blossom” is gonna conduct the international-art-exhibition for three years. ( he saw Om was standing outside) Om, tu vaha kya kar raha hai?? Andar aa yaar.

Rudra- dragged Om inside.They all congragulated Him for this achievement. O-bros hug and smile. The girls stare at them and smile too.
After all the hugging and celebration session,

Anika- So Ishana-Om you two work great as a team yaar, ekdum Dhinchakvala Kaam.

Rudra- Haan vo to theek hai bhabhi, par main baat ye hai ki aaj Om ki ti-ti-fiss ho gayi. Right? Great work Ishana. You took down the Stubborn Long hair Creature

Ishana smiles slightly with everyone and Om gives Rudra a death-glare.

Rudra ( continues) – Koi baat nahi Om, haar ke jitnevale ko hi Baazigar kehte hai. ( don’t woory Om, winning after loosing is the work of real winner) You lost the challenge but you won the deal, so it was more profit right. We Oberois, never do deals of loss.

Om-Shiv-Ru – Dil Bole Oberoi ( with the signature step).

Now the atmosphere in there was filled with joy and positivity. Ishana was really liking their company and this didn’t go unnoticed by Om. Later, they all did lunch together from the canteen of company, which everyone enjoyed a lot. But Ishana was not present there. Om thought of calling her, but then changed his mind, reminding himself that “ they were now only professionally connected”.

After the lunch, everyone went in and saw that Ishana was working and arranging the art-section. Om was again impressed with her decorations and the designing sense ( he wished for a secomd, if his ex-girlfriend Riddhima had it too?, at least he wouldn’t have to bear those pink cushions and jackests? then) Om now really could not stop himself from praising her. After all, Ishana had given him a LOT of reasons to admire her.
Om – wow…that is really great. Sach mein, bahut khoobsurati se arrange kiya hai tumne sab kuch.

Everyone was again shocked seeing him compliment her work. But it was nothing compared to the shock Ishana was facing. She never expected that after all that fraud and con, he will ever forgive her. But no, he accepted her in his company and moreover, he was praising her work now. Even after my betrayal and today’s rude behavior, he is so fair to me. “ Omkara, you are the most beautiful person, the purest soul, I have ever seen.”, she thought in her mind.

Rudra- va Om, to finally aapne apana khadoos and angry young man avtar chod hi diya ( so finally you left your angry young man avtar)

Om realised that he again slipped his tongue. He hurriedly turned to leave to avoid their next questions.
Anika stopped him.

Anika – stop pulling his leg Rudra. And Om, always stay like this only. We already have a bagad billa, we cannot handle one more( shivaay gave her a angry look). And moreover, this calm, caring and silent Om is much needed in every kind of Situation. By the way, we all are here, won’’t you show us your art-gallery?

Prinku – Ya Om bhaiya, it’s a great idea. We have never visited your art gallery specially for seeing your work, plz bhaiya, take us to your work-section.

Om- I am sorry Prinku, Anika bhabhi, but I have an important statue t complete.( everyone’s face turned low) But don’t worry, ( looking at Ishana) the one who has arranged it so beautifully, I am sure that that one will show you the whole art-section in a perfect manner. ( he smiled, and left).

Ishana was again overjoyed hearing his words. Every word of Omkara was like a special gift to her. Hearing him praising her, that was right now, the best part of her life. She was feeling like the luckiest girl int he whole universe now. Her face brightend and she was mentally dancing in joy. Each and every inch of her was filled with cheerfulness. But Anika gave a break to her thoughts.

Anika- arre Ishana, where are you lost now? And what are you thinking about?

Soumya – looks like now she is lost in bade baalonvale bhaiya
Ishana(Controlling her thoughts) – No no.. its nothing like that, now come, I’ll show you the art section or else my boss aka your bade baalonvale bhaiya, will again get angry at me.

All chuckled and followed her in.
Rudra ( whispering in Shivaay’s ear) – LIkh lo bhaiya, ye Om aur Ishana ke bich na pakka Ishqbaazi honewali hai. ( mark my words bhaiya, this Om and Ishana are surely gonna do Ishqbaazi)

Shivaay- Rudra, tu Pagal hai kya? Achanak dadi vale dialogues kyu maar raha hai? Bas ye Om ke samne mat kehna vo phir se gussa ho jaye ga and for now, shut up.( are u mad Rudra? Why are u talking like dadi suddenly? Don’t say this infront of Om, he will again get angry. And now shut up)

After sometime, Om came back there. He saw that His both brothers, both sisters and bhabhi were talking with IShana. She was showing them the paintings and they were observing it keenly. Usually, when Om used to tell them about all this artistic stuff, they used to complain that his language is some “alien-Urdu-language”, and now they were listening to the same stuff with lots of interest. He loved the way Ishana has bonded with his family, in such a short time. And he was specially surprised at the bond she developed with Prinku. His sister who used to be shy always, who didn’t used to mix up with anyone was now talking with Ishana so freely. “Ishana’s magic really works on everyone”, Om thought while smiling. He then disturbed their convo and reminded them that it was evening now, time to get home. Everyone in the art- gallery had already gone at it was a little late. So they all started coming out.
Just then the guard came there and told that some guy is asking for a girl named Ishana.
Before Ishana, it was Om who was surprised. “A guy came to meet her here? On her working place? That too on the first day?, looks like he is close to her.”, Om didn’t know why he felt so bad at the thought of someone being close to Ishana. How can Ishana be with someone else?, She doesn’t looks like the girl who will have affairs and all. But he got reviled when, Ishana said that she was surprised too.

IShana- who will be here? To meet me?
Anika- maybe someone from your family.
Ishana- No, I don’t have any.It’s just me and my sister. But still, I’ll see who’s this.( she thought for a second) Oh…it must be HIM….( she rushed to the parking area)

[ Thinking about her “HIM’ Om again got restless???and Rudra was there to tempt him further]
Rudra- looks like it’s her boyfriend.

On hearing about Ishana’s boyfriend, Om felt as if someone is squeezing his heart out. He waited to see if someone crosses Rudra but no one did so.

Om- shut up Rudra. I don’t think it’s her boyfriend. It CANNOT be.

RUdra- Oh…who can u be so sure? And Om, you are her boss, not her P.A who knows every single detail about her. Ab vo itani khoobsurat hai, to Unka boyfriend to jarur hoga. ( if she is so beautiful, she must have a boyfriend)

Om- No, it’s nothing like that. JAruri nahi ki har khoobsurat ladki ka boyfriend ho.

Rudra- wow..aapko badi GK hai. NOw I am 100% sure that it must be her boyfriend. And by the way, Why are you overreacting? You just now said that she doesn’t matter to you at all and u two are just “PRofessionally connected”.

OM- stop your nonsense talks Rudra. And ya I am not AT ALL overreacting

Shivaay- stop it you two, let’s go and see by ourself.

Everyone else followed Ishu. Ishana went near the guy, and he just turned back and hugged her. Seeing him Ishana was happy too. And the oberois were shocked to see that it was none other than ACP RANVEER SINGH RANDHAVA. They went near them.. Om’s mind was now totally blank, first he was furious to see them so close but now, he could not believe his eyes that the guy was ACP Randhava. ” what is Ishana doing with him?”, a question stated troubling him like anything. Everyone else in the family was shocked too.

Rudra- Ohh…he is the ACP. Oh my god… he here to arrest IShana?????
Anika- Kuch bhi Rudra, arrest karne aaya hota to gale thodi na lagata. And Ishana is not a con-girl anymore. I think that thry too already know eachother.

Om was now loosing his senses. Why Ishana had to be friends with the guy “he was not really fan of”……ACP ranveersingh Randhava, already shared a bitter history with him and now, seeing him hugging Ishana, just burned Om even more. Shivika and Rumya noticed his uneasiness and started to tease him, that ” Why is he gettting red in anger?”.

While discussing all that, noone noticed that Prinku was a bit jealous too.
Ishveer broke the hug

Ranveer- Oh god Ishu, where were you? You promised that today you were gonna help me but when I was calling you and you were not picking up. I thought u are in some problem. Finally Mona gave me this address saying that you are here. Even she had no idea about what are you doing here. I was so worried. WHy are you so careless?

Ishana – Don’t worry,I am okay Ranveer. Actually I forgot my mobile at home and then i got so busy in all this, that forgot i was gonna help you with your case.Why do you get so tensed? How will it work if the Dashing ACP of Mumbai gets tensed. Who will deal with the criminals haan?

Ranveer- Ishu the funny businesses later. First tell me, What are you doing here? …..

Precap- relation between Ishveer- Jealousy continued- girls vs boys

And let me know if you liked the epi or not. Waiting for your response..☺

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  1. Kehkasha

    Hey dear no idea….about how they r related…….but they might be friends….i mean ishana may not be a con girl before……she might be any undercover cop………well that’s my weird imagination…

    Anyways wonderful update… the next soon….

  2. Jaya

    I was like dancing of joy while reading this epi. Wow……finally bagad bille wali aatma nikalgayi om k body se 🙂 . Loved anika today…she actually behaved like bhabi 🙂 . Even you are surprising me with shivay’s calm and composed. Ha ha om becoming jko now. You are making it more intresting epi by epi. I guess…ishveer are friends…as u mentioned in prev part …ishana helped finding anika when she was kidnapped by daksh…as we all knew ishu is brilliant in techno(hacking,tracing,blocking etc.) that’s why RV use to take her help. In this way…they became friends (just a guess 😉 ) . Usually i Don’t like to make writter hurry up because to write this much amazing they also need time. But…today i’m requesting you…whenever u get time update it ok! 🙂 . Eagerly waiting … For next part 🙂

  3. Yashu

    Wow it was so nyc n cute eagerly waiting for nxt episode…..

  4. Awsome kavya……ompri jealous ohoooo so cute to think…….waiting 4 your another Dhinchakvala Kaam.

  5. Awesome… Fabulous… loved it to the core…. zulfi singh now jealous singh ??… Eagerly waiting for the next episode… plz post asap…

  6. Chandini

    Loved anika in this part….om jealous..ooooo??awesome part dear…I want to comment more but this time???it’s running too fast…Okay dear lov you tata ???

  7. Mrunal

    ohhh ho JSO.. that too our om….
    are I’m wondering kahi shivom ki atma to exchange nahi na ho gayi… om shivaay jaise behave kar raha hai aur shivaay om jaise…
    and about ishveer then i remember u showed them sharing friendship.. am i not wrong then ishu was that techno person who helped shivaay to find anni..

    just loved this epi…

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