Souls intertwined out of…..(KKB) Chapter 26

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Pragya didn’t want to break down in front of him and she stayed in the room for hours not knowing what to do next….Her night passed with keep on remembering the moments with him and nothing else was coming to her mind. Tears were also flowing uncontrollably until she heard someone knocking her door. She wiped her tears with duppata and stood up adjusting herself.

She opened the door expecting to see Abhi. But Ronnie was there. Ronnie asked “Pragya mam….are u ok?” Pragya clearing her throat said “Yes Ronnie…just that not feeling well…” Ronnie “Ok mam…Sir is had left by asking me to pass this letter to u….” Pragya looked shocked. Pragya “What are u saying? Where did he left?” Ronnie “Outdoor shooting….As in his shoot is at London…so he left the country for now….” Pragya “Why he never even inform me?” Ronnie shrugged his shoulder and said “I am not sure Pragya mam but he seem to be in a rush packing everything and also in leaving the house….”
Pragya “Ok Ronnie….I will talk to u later…” She said that by taking the letter from him and went back inside to her room. She unfolded the letter to read it.

Dear Leiko,
I had to leave you without informing you….All I have to say is I know u have heard whatever Sahana and I were talking yesterday night……Since u know everything about my feelings now, I hope u can respect it and it’s difficult for me to say….but still….I have to say….That is I don’t have any rights on u and u don’t have rights on me…..That means you have all the right to run away from my life….Just like me where I am running away from u for my work now….
All these days that we spent together was filled with fun and I hope u had enjoyed all this fun moments. We can always be as good friends….I know that u even want me to be your good friend and I promise u that I will be like that whenever u are around me…..
From Kiddy…..

Pragya became more emotional reading that letter. Pragya, When was I just expecting to just have fun being with him? I needed the fun that gives love being with him….The love that he shows to me whenever I look at him…I know the way he teases and annoys me were all fun but wasn’t it filled with love? Even he indirectly told me that he cared for me…sometimes even saying that he loves me….What was all that? By right, I should leave from here for what he had spoken yesterday night but he left? How can he do this?
Looking at the letter, it became even more hard for her to believe what he had done…..Just then he received a call from Dadi. She answered it but was filled with worries. Dadi in tensed tone asked “Is Abhi there?”

Pragya “No Dadi…He is flying to London…” Dadi “I expected this Pragya…he is just running away from u now….” Pragya “What do u mean Dadi?” Dadi “That day Sarlaji talked to him and asked him to leave u….He tried to make her understand that he will be always by your side….but…” Pragya in a panicking tone asked “But what Dadi?” Dadi “Sarlaji talked very harshly and blamed his family for ruining her life and everything….” Pragya “Oh god! Ma is always like that but why does he have to talk to her? And he never even talk to me about this…” Dadi “He won’t Pragya…he won’t talk anything that worries u….” Pragya “But Dadi…is that why….” Dadi “What happened there Pragya? Did he do something to u?” Pragya “No Dadi…he never do anything to me…” She explained whatever that happened yesterday night which made Dadi to be lost for words.

Dadi “He should have done it because of Sarlaji’s words….He is always like that Pragya….I don’t think he could have left London which is so far from us….” Pragya felt it was the right moment to tell about Abhi’s Uncle now too. Pragya “Dadi….I also have something to tell u…Abhi’s Uncle is still alive….” Dadi “That we already know!” Pragya in shock “What? How did u all know?” Dadi “It’s not the time to know how Abhi and me know about this….but now it’s the time to know where Abhi went!” Pragya “Ok Dadi…let me call Purab and Sahana to inform about this…” Dadi “You faster do that…I will try calling him again….This Abhi is always making sudden decisions!” Pragya ended the call. She informed Purab and Sahana about this and they were also shocked by Abhi’s actions.

Pragya, What is he even trying to act as now? If he loves me then he should always be with me right? How can he leave just like that?
Not knowing what to do she looked at the letter again and realized something on it. Pragya immediately called Sahana “Sahana…I know where he could have gone…” Sahana “Where?” Pragya in a stern voice said “I know and I am going to see him…” With that she ended the call. Sahana, Oh this two na is always making sudden decisions and are giving sudden shocks to everyone around them…..Pragya quickly packed her stuff. She told Ronnie to inform Purab and Sahana that she is going to meet Abhi sir and not to disturb her.

Ronnie couldn’t stop Pragya and she left the house leaving him confused.

Pragya took a bus and was travelling in thoughts of him. She felt if she catch him now then he will never let him run away from her……

Pragya hiding herself behind a newspaper and following Abhi’s actions. Abhi trying to be in the incognito mode by wearing a hoodie jacket and shades.
In another situation,
Pragya telling in a way Abhi can hear her. Pragya “What is there to say when my eyes meet with his eyes? What is there to say when everything lies in the eyes of his that I see….My everything is Love that lies in his eyes….”

Thank u everyone for reading and I just want to make it a bit different so Abhi run away from Pragya! Lol! And how she will catch him or……..will be the upcoming updates!
I am planning to end this soon too….Let’s see how it happens too…..

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  1. am bit sad bt I don’t expect in fun fiction to it should be pragya suffering for her love since in the real series nothing gud seems to happen in favour of pragya, I don’t know hw ur storyline would be bt plzzz it shouldn’t be that she should always prove her love,since in the real serial they have defamed her self respect and plzzz don’t feel offended if any of my words hurt u bcos I Neva mean to.

    1. Maya

      I know real series is something irritating but in mine it’s not that way…don’t worry pragya won’t be suffering here and in fact this separation cum closeness is just to make them even closer and make them be more open to each other. She won’t be proving her love….she is just catching her love! And Abhi have also his plan in this catching plan? as usual no worries as i am not offended with ur opinion

  2. Asmithaa

    Awesome dii… it was such a wonderful episode… love it diii… I am worried that I are going to end this soon.. love u??????

    1. Maya

      Thank u CA for reading and loving it! I am just planning to end it but still don’t know how i am going to do that lol…love u!

  3. Nithyashreeraman

    Pls don’t end it and it was really interesting and pls unite them soon

    1. Maya

      Thank u Nithya shreeraman! I am not sure I just have a thought of ending and let’s see how it goes and sure they would be united soon!

  4. i am silent reader…..
    Awesome … it was such a wonderful episode… love it … I am worried that I are going to end this soon..

    1. Maya

      Hi Priya! Glad that u are silently reading this! Thank u and don’t worry i am also not sure about the ending but just had the thoughts of ending it soon!

      1. Hai Maya
        thank you
        i love ur ff writing , i read all ur ff,
        i not have that confident to comment bcs of that i not comment until now
        i am from malaysia

      2. Maya

        That’s great Priya! Hey we are neighbours!??? I am from Singapore and i think u would have know that! Thats not an issue! You can comment whenever u wish to! Thanks for loving my writing???

  5. Awesome??? Loved it❤️❤️❤️

    1. Maya

      Thank u Aliza!!!!!

  6. Saranya24

    Always crazy thoughts my lovely crazy akka loved it a lot love u??????

    1. Maya

      Haha crazy thoughts ah? Hehe and thanks for loving it even thought its crazy!!

  7. So What should I say? ? Awesome update ??????? Everytime you come up differently! That makes me even more addicted to your writings! ?

    1. Maya

      Different ah? I don’t think so but if tats the way then its my pleasure!!!
      Thanks for reading too!!!

  8. Awesome maya dear it was very emotional and I loved it… Precap seems to be crazy…. Keep rocking dear and pls don’t end it so soon…..

    1. Maya

      Thank u Lotus!! I am still not sure just had thoughts of ending and i shared with u all! Keep reading too!!!

  9. Prathi

    Oye Hoye! What is this Abhi be Having like a kid? Can’t he explain Pragya the situation? Funny stupid guy

    1. Maya

      Haha! I don’t know maybe he is acting according to his nickname here!

  10. It’s being so good reading your updates??? ! Fantastic ???! and the precap lmao Abhi being in Incognito mode is Hilarious ??????! Rock rock keep rocking Maya ji !???

    1. Maya

      Haha ya he is in incognito mode! Keep reading too! Glad that u feel good reading the updates!!

  11. superb episode di loved it

    1. Maya

      Thank u Minu sis!

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