Mere Gusse Mein Toh Hai Pyar (Epi 39) season 2

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Episode 39
( suhani gets happey seeing room decoration which somu did…yuvraj says he did for suhani…. They had a liplock……aftr few min…. suhani pushes him back…saying” yuvraj, door s not closed …wat were u upto..leave me….”
Yuv”jansi rani now u wont escape from me…I know baby s with bavana in ur dad home…”
“so wat, I have other work”she said.
Yuv gets close to her, her moves her hair aside and placed his chin in her shoulder, she turns towards him…he was tracing her face with his chin…..suh makes sound ”owwwchhhhh”

“wat happened suhani……”-he asked
“ur beard pinching me yuvraj… cant u shave properly….. HDBB….. saying this she messes his hair and beard….” She runs ….yuvraj chasing her and lock her against wall….
suddenly somu comes calling suhani name…they got disturbed….)
Somu- sry sry…..i disturb u both….. thry move apart… suh- its ok , if any work somu?
Somu-haan…..sry yuvraj..but now I took ur wife with me… pankaj uncle call me to take suhani to home because there s pooja….dadi call u now shall v go…
Suh- haan I go, u come….she left..
Somu sees yuvraj and smirks, “yuvraj, if u don’t mind, shall I here for ur company?”she smiles…

Yuv- wat u mean?….. somu- u feel alone na aftr suhani left… yuv gives one anger look to somu….. somu- arreee y u look lik this…just kidding u…… she left unwillingly but happy to send suhani…
Yuv fumes….(wat happened to somu, she did all preparation for us and again came to disturb us… really she changed or again plot against us… I have to eye oh her…)
————–it was 7 month passed, somu gets close with yuvraj and suihani.. but yuvraj not trust somu some where in his heart he s doubt somu…yuvraj feels somu took advantage of suhani innocence and tries to close with him….but..he did not share with suhani anything….
————————————in office,

Yuv reads the letter again and again, which hold in his hand… he tightens his hand in anger, aftr reading that letter.. he gets suhani call….he hides the letter in his pocket…he attends call

”yuvraj, come to temple, me and somu came there….driver call me and told he had some work.. can u pls come and pick us….”-suh said.
Yuv- haan suhani, I come, don’t go anywhere…10 min I will b thr.. he cuts d call..
Yuv(pov)- it was 7 month passed, I don’t know y these are all happened with me only, cant I live my life happily with my love? Before it getting too worse , today I must teach a good lesson to soumya…. I ignore her idiotic behavior only because of suhani…if suhani knows her best frnd again cheat her and tries to get close with her husband..she will broke… I wont let suhani to suffer anymore…..

Yuvraj drives his car fast, his thougt runs back…….wat are all happened till now……..
Series Flash back of soumya planning:
Fb 1: “yuv- suhani look, I bought for u this Red colour saree…. How s it? Do u lik this…

Suh- haan yuvraj its too beautiful…..thank u my dear HDBB!!!!” yuv- suhani, I don’t want ur thanks.. I need something special… he place his finger on lips…widening his eye brows…suhani smiles and kisses his cheek… yuv- I placed my finger on lips suhani….no cheek… suh-toh….kya ? its enough for one saree yuvraj.. yuvi frans…..
they hear somu and dadi talk outside…
dadi- soumya…stay in ur limit… I wont waste my money for ur personal expenses… u waste my money… already I manage ur modeling class expenses…. Cant u realize u waste others money?

Dadi left from there, somu cries… suhani and yuvraj came out and see their argument…suhani ask wat happened…
Somu- suhani I know u did lot for me…but tomorw s my frnds bday… more and more models came there, I wish to look best in party…so I ask dadi for money to bought new dress.. she refused.. if my mom s here I wont bear this… (she sheds her tears, suhani gives her new saree, yuv gets anger on her.. suhani pacifies him…..) somu wears the saree , standing infront of mirror…

Somu- suhani how I am looking? Am I looking good…
Suh- haan mere somu, looking best in this saree hai na yuvraj? somu- I think yuvraj wont lik I wear ur saree… yuv- (for suhani he smiles and says) no soumya, u look too pretty in this red saree u look lik new red rose…this red s best only for u………. somu smiles seeing him in mirror…….
Yuv(signs suhani, now ok I complement soumya, now u happy? Suhani also smiles ……) fb 1 ends…
One dog was cross the road, and Yuvraj , puts break of his car sudden…. He came back from flash back and looking around road….. he start his car and again his thought around somu……

Fb 2: “suh- yuvraj leave me , I cant dance, I don’t know this couple dance, its really difficult to learn,
Yuv- acha, jansi rani know only fighting not dance, don’t make any excuse, tomorrow my frnd reception party, v have to dance, there, I promise him…I help u to learn… come hold my hand….”
Suh- yuvraj, I feel tired, dekho…..i feel sweating…… yuv- ok wait I sitch on AC, but u have to learn.. he drags her and teach dancing,
suhani was fell down while learning…yuv- suhani stop acting, getup….
somu hold suhani and makes her sit….
Somu- yuvraj, y u scold her, sach mei she got hurt…. Let her rest.. yuv- somu, u stay out of this, tomorrow v have to dance In party, if she not learn , how can I dance
alone in party?

Somu- its ur problem ok, I dance with u now.. suhani sees us dance and she learn…
Suh- haan its gud idea, don’t make sadu face. pls dance with her now… I will dance with u tomorrow nut not now….. yuv – angrily hold somu hand and dance….. suhani sees them and claps for their dance…
Somu- lost in yuvraj eyes, she was admired by his manly behavior… she lost in thoughts and says…..“I love u yuvraj… I love u so much…..” yuv- wat ???? wat u say? Somu- behaves normal… kuch nahi… I just…(.her wors shattered) suh- comes and hugs her…..somu u dance well…. Yuv-looks somu shockingly he cant understand if he heard tat true r not… “——-fb 2 ends….

Precap: yuvani struck in rain, yuvi stops his car…and they went into near hut…. Suhani and yuvraj completely wet… suh was shivering , yuv covers her with towel….. they get close…. Somu repeatedly calls yuvraj and suhani… yuvi got irrited by somu call and switch off their mobiles… suhani hugs him and pulls over her….

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  1. superb! it was fabulous as always… loved yuvani a lot.. precap very romantic..cant wait for nxt.update fast…

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      thanks abi dear…I post soon..

  2. Avanikamdar

    Really nice … i enjoyed reading it …

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      thank u avani.. tysm

  3. I wish not to come but I came 4 ur ff…. This is only 1 site I can get yuvani ff…. Anyway the epic was superb….. N precap is just amazing…..

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      thank u somi dear.. don’t care about fb v fight with other serial fans…even fb block us…. v don’t care about tat… let it b don’t cmnd on written update.. v discus here… if u r willing I wil ad u n our ssel yuvani group..n fb.
      @subha yuvani birla s my name in fb..

      1. I’m not using fb… Dats the reason I’m coming in this site…. In my home, my parents doesn’t allow to see daily soap coz of unending plot n villain…. N dis ssel I’m watching online….My small bro watches doremon, cartoon channel n kabhi kabhi tarak mehta ka ulta chasma…. Any way I’ll comment ur in ff

  4. Hi dear its very nice. Yuvani were too good. Poor suhani. She is too good to understand evil soumya plans. Hope soon yuv will simyas truth to suhani. Abd pre cap is amzing dear. Pls update nxt episode asap.

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      thanks radha… I post soon… this ff season 2, yuvani mrg life … revolves around yuvraj.. how he protects her lady love from others….

  5. episode was tooo good..
    cant wait for next plz update soon…

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      thanks anshi sharma…. yes precap must b…..wat u are all expect…!!!!! I hope u all lik tat….

  6. wooooo superb ausome mindblowing outstanding yuvaani moment yuvaani moment read karke dil khush ho gya i will wait for next update pz update soon

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      thank u ssel fans…. soumya s used here only to spice up the drama… nothing more than that.. so enjoy….

  7. sarita sharma

    firstly thank u ki aap ff ka 2 season likhoge ff ko end nhi kar rhe ho . second thank u itna accha yuvaani moment likhne ke liye are yaar ye somu har jagah kyu aa jaati h interesting precap pz update soon

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      thank dear Sarita sharma….. becz of ur support I wrote this season 2…. tysm dears…. sab kriyam ff occupy yuvani place…. tats really felt bad….I post soon.

    2. Haa really true… Very rare yuvani ff comes in this site…. Only ur ff u r posting in tym…. Rest yuvani writer’s r busy…. But really impressed by kriyam fan see how they r posting ff daily…. I think the only think they do… To write write n write….. But anyway I like only yuvani ff

  8. sarita sharma

    hi somi &bhargavi hum yuvaani ff par to discuss kar sakte h

    1. Haa sarita…. Aaj ka episode acha tha…. I liked it…. Yuvan is good but he is coming in baby’s word…. Hope ssel show some positive n dadi is big devil…. Even yuvani is good she was trying 2 help yuvan dat whatever he did is wrong…. But this baby is disgusting

      1. I think @bhargavi is still sad…. Bhargavi if u r reading pls then comment…. Leave it whatever they said…. N pls join us

  9. fanstatic epi. this epi show much he love suhani nd i think that soumya’s chapter going to end .its really very interesting plz update soon.

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      thank u ssel fans…. soumya s used here only to spice up the drama… nothing more than that.. so enjoy….

    2. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      thank you sri… somu ki chapter I end in ths season…. tel me guys, wat shd I do… shal I end somu character to death or left from yuvani life!

      1. Don’t make her die…. She should leave from yuvani life… This is my opinion…. Ask everyone to know….

      2. noo dont make her die.. just left her from yuvani life…

  10. OMG!! This was amazing.. “Ur beard pinching me, why don’t u shave?” This was the funniest part.. 😀 But I dont like suhani’s blind trust on soumya.. And the precap.. I can’t wait.. 😉

  11. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

    thank u Napsha di… but u know suhani blindly trust her n show also….. tats her nature… this season focus on yuvraj loves for suhani…. bcz he s my hero… ssel mei yuvi character ko acha scenes nahi milta…

  12. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

    ok anshi sharma and somi.. I make her away from yuvani life…

  13. sarita sharma

    i agree suhaniyuvraj birla use acche dialouge nhi diye jaate or jab use acche dialouge diye h usne ún scéně m jaan daal di

  14. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

    manti hi, show around suhani character.. but yuvraj character also should strong , but CVS make leads as loser always.. tats y sahil s took such a decision to left.. and now sahil also married so he make distance in romantic scenes n show… writer hedge s sahil best frnd…. so no use to expect romantic scenes from yuvani n show.

    1. Really they r making yuvraj character weak…. N suhani ko toh character karab kar diya …. Sambhav track….. I mean sambhav ka sirf YuvAni ko mile ne tak hona chahiya tha …. But ya pe humme kuch alag hi dekhne mila … @suhaniyuvrajbirla if u r rite….. Then may b sahil want to leave coz of cheap track….. But we all know sahil is married…. N searching for new projects n may b he doesn’t want romantic scene…. But y cvs r doing like this….. They must give strong yuvraj character…… Anyway I’ll surely quit this show…. Coz it is full of plotting n planning….. Just watching for sahil n rajshri….. Sometimes i think y r they working now…. It became new generation show…it’s better they leave

  15. sarita sharma

    haa yaar har serial m main lead ke baccho ko positive dikhate h lekin ssel ki baat hi alag h villian ke bacche positive ho gaye h lekin yuvaan neg nhi hoga yhi reason tha ki suhani yuvaan krishna ki marriage karana chahati thi cvs yuvaan ko beech maise neg na banaye wo positive tha or positive hi rhe or ek baat m nhi chahati kriyam or yuvaan ka love triangle ho ya to baby sahi ho jaaye ya yuvaan ke liye koi new girl aa jaaye

  16. Superb… yuvraj is a real hero… i just love yuvani…
    Keep going..

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      thank vidya dear

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