Souls intertwined out of…..(KKB) Chapter 25

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Days passed and Abhi was unpredictable as almost every time he would help Pragya in something. Even though, she liked it but what was most confusing was Abhi’s anger that suddenly comes out of nowhere. It made Pragya scared at times and she had to ask Sahana’s help and she came that day to their house.
Pragya “Just help me ask him whether is he ok? I mean I can ask him but you know na…we are still not that close even as friends….” Sahana “No worries Pragya…I will ask him everything and u just try to watch us secretly from outside….” Sahana went inside Abhi’s room and made sure the door is slightly opened so that Pragya can see what is happening inside.

Pragya managed to stand in a position that he is not aware that she is not outside.
She was hiding and hearing Abhi saying something to Sahana but it was inaudible to Pragya. Pragya, Why I can’t hear what is he tellling? She looked at Sahana who gave an expression that was very difficult to be interpreted . Then in a while, Abhi’s voice became louder…. Abhi “I am searching something from her Sahana…Do you know why I am always after her but before that I am maintaining a distance with her?” Sahana “Why? Is it because u owe her for what your Uncle was responsible for her family’s plight?” Abhi “No!” Sahana “Then is it because u love her?” Abhi “No!” Sahana “Then for what are u doing all this?”
Abhi “For you Sahana!” Sahana hearing that was shocked. Abhi “Because I think I love you!” Sahana “What are u blabbering? Is this a prank Abhi?” Abhi held her hands and looked deeply into her eyes.

Abhi “No Sahana…I know I did a prank before in our college days….I proposed u on a April fool’s day but now I feel it’s real!” Sahana “It was meant to be a prank! Are u trying to be a fool acting this way?” Abhi “Haan I am a fool in front of your love Sahana….You made me a fool….” Sahana in a very angry tone said “This is the limit Abhi! For god’s sake do u even remember that u are married?” Abhi “I know but love don’t have limits….It can happen at any situation….” Sahana “I think you are just acting!” Abhi “No Sahana! I am not acting! Believe me! I love you…You too love me right?” Sahana in stern voice said “No! When did I say so?” Abhi “Certain things no need to be told….Your concern for me and always enquiring how am I through Purab that tells it how much u love me….”

Sahana “Shut up Abhi! That is friendship! I care for u as a friend!” Abhi hugged Sahana tightly and made her struggle in his hug. He said “That’s also love Sahana….I know u love me….” Sahana “Leave me! What are u even trying to do?” He moved back and said “Pragya is just a passing cloud in my life…after all she married me to just get back her house…Within few months the case will be over and she will leave me too…There is no love between us Sahana!” Sahana “Are u even sure of what u are saying?” Abhi “I am very sure Sahana…all the while I was confused with her but with u I am very clear….Even now if she listen to all this then she will pack her bags and leave….That’s what we share with each other! It’s just tolerating each other’s presence!”

Pragya was shell shocked hearing all this…..She was unable to stay in that place anymore and she quickly ran into her room and locked herself up. Pragya looked at the empty box that he once took and kept. Pragya, Just like this empty box my life is also empty now…He said there is no love between us….I am saying there is no life present now after hearing whatever he said….She cried her heart out and remembered the moments he was close to her. All were filled with love and passion for her but now he is saying he loves Sahana…..Is this even real? Is this why I dreamt of him running away from me when I came closer to wipe his face?
The more she thought of Abhi hugging Sahana, the more she felt her heart was feeling heavy with sadness and loss of her love….the loss of her only love…..
She wiped her tears and went back to the place where Abhi and Sahana were. Sahana had already left and Abhi was reading a magazine as if nothing happened. Pragya hesitantly asked “May I come in?” Abhi “Come in!” Pragya trying to control her tears said “I am sorry for everything….”

Abhi questioned “Sorry for what? ” She immediately turned behind as her tears were unstoppable, when she faced him more….Abhi “Why sorry?” Pragya couldn’t stand even his words anymore and rushed to her room back.
Pragya, How can he even act with me all this while? What is this Lieko for when I am not even his loved one? Why did I even call him Kiddy? I feel frustrated for meeting him and always having the desire to only meet him even when he annoyed me! Everything is shattered into pieces not only my past but also my present! Is this why I love him? To get shattered into pieces….What’s the use Pragya…u are already shattered in life and now the shattered pieces are just scattered everywhere that is unable to be joined together anymore……

Now what will happen in Abhigya’s life? Why Abhi is doing like this?

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  1. oh dear u made me feel pitty for pragya and is this going to be their departure infact I would be happy if pragya could leave him, I know it might be some of abhis prank but its a limit how can he speak sooo much trash about pragya hmmmm for my suggestion I think pragya should leave him so that he would know her value so that next time he might not think of something stupid about my heroine and made her weep lovvvvvvve uuuuu bt plzzzz don’t get offended if any of my comment didn’t go well.and plzz u should update fast lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve uuuuuu

    1. Maya

      Thank u Lopez for your feelings abt this update! Don’t worry they won’t be separated as i have thought something different for Abhigya and i am not offended by your comment so no worries! I will try to update soon! Love u too

  2. Nithyashreeraman

    Oh no!I feel very sad pls update the next episode soon and pls unite them as soon as possible.

    1. Maya

      Thank u Nithya shreeraman! Don’t worry they won’t be separated very long as something else will happen in the nxt update!

  3. Sema twist yaar….its unpredictable…nice

    1. Maya

      Thank u Varsha…ya life is also unpredicatable!

  4. Asmithaa

    Oh!!! My poor fuggy!!! I think Abhi is deliberately doing this… I know Abhi can’t love anyone except his Leiko!! Love u dii?????

    1. Maya

      You will know the reason soon CA and very true of your feelings…let’s see what happens in the nxt update!

  5. Omg ithu enna new twist maya…..

    1. Maya

      Twist is necessary to bring twist and turns in Abhigya’s life

  6. Emotional update sissy??????? feeling pity 4 pragya?????? but i think it s abhi’s plan lovely update???❤❤❤ just loved it completely???❤❤❤ keep rocking???? eagerly waiting for ur nxt update sissy?????????????❤❤❤

    1. Maya

      Thank u Mokshi sis! You will know the reason behind his actions and as usual thanks for your wait sissy!

  7. Unexpected one! I think this is again one of abhi’s stupid plan or prank???? waiting for the next update!

    1. Maya

      Thank u Aliza! Wait for the nxt one to know the reason!

  8. Saranya24

    Ohh god wat a twist i hope irs abhi prank but loved it love u loads??????

    1. Maya

      Let’s see what it will be Saranya sis! Love u too!

  9. Unexpected one ? Again , a best one

    1. Maya

      Thank u Somiya! I don’t think is the best one though!

  10. Prathi

    I hate Abhi… Poor Pragya…

    1. Maya

      Next update maybe u will like him! I don’t know haha

  11. unexpected twist di congrats for 25th episode di

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