Soul Forever? #Riansh FF..Part Aayu

Hello everyone!!

If you just missed this out to and check…
Love is in words?
Episodes start…
Vansh:-Angre track her location!!
Angre:-Bhai Location is already tracked RS mansion..
Vansh:-So what are you waiting for?
Angre:-Bhai but ..
Vansh:- No if’s and but (raising his voice..)
Angre:-okay bhai..
They went inside their car…
As soon as he closes the door… A smile crept on his face…
Vansh:-So you are here after making me so much wait..
you can take your seat.
vansh back was facing Riddhima
Riddhima:-I am really sorry..I was given time of 5:00 so..
Vansh:-OK! I don’t want to waste more time….
And then The chair turned and vansh faces Riddhima..
Vansh:-So Mis Riddhima Sharma..
Riddhima:- YOU!!
Vansh:-Yes ! okay let come to the point..I don’t have that much time that I will waste…
Riddhima:- That’s rude..(Mr. khadhoos )(murmurs..)
Vansh:- Angre !! papers..
Angre:-Yes bhai!!
he gave papers to Vansh..
Just then a gunshot was heard..
Flashback ends…..
Smile vanished…
anger was seen now….
Vansh’s pov
I will not leave the person who has done this…
Be ready!!
Scene shifts…
Ridhima sitting beside parita..
Riddhima:- Pari get up…I am missing your blabberings…
why are you taking my test…
if you will not wake then I will be upset with you and then you know it’s difficult for you to make me up..
An old lady comes from behind and said..
Lady:-Riddhu beta she will be have trust in your friendship na..she will never break that…
riddhima hugs her..
riddhima:-kaki but she is so stubborn she is not responding..
kaki:-Beta believe in God…everything will be alright…
Riddhima wipes her tears….
she went to her room…
take out a photo frame…
Riddhima:-You promised me now you can back off….
she says….
“The days we spend together..
the moments that we have lend together..
The memories that we have sew together..
The dreams that we have seen together…
now you have to come to mend my heart..
it’s paining..
it needs your healing…
you have to fulfill your promise..”
Scene shifts…
Vansh at the gate of RS mansion….
Vansh:-Angre break the door….
Do tell me how it is..
will be waiting for your feedback…
And I know I am not able to post both the FF every I am quite busy pls bear with this…
take care…
Stay safe..
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  1. Maybe parita would have been shot

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