Falling Head Over Heels For a Wizard Riansh FF – Shock

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Chapter 21 : Shock

Hill Top

A disguised figure us waiting at the hill top when Shivaay arrives there

The figure: Time has come for your revenge right

Shivaay chuckles

The figure: Your wait for these many years since you knew the truth is over now

Shivaay: Exactly ..my time has come my dear..people will know who I am

The figure: My all time support is for you bhai

Shivaay walks to her and  removes the disguise off her

Shivaay: Ahaana now you have to join Rai Singhania office to keep an eye on them

Ahaana: Sure ..I have already applied for the vacant post
Shivaay nods with a smile

Ahaana: Ill give my everything to help you bhai

Shivaay: I know you will definitely 

They get into a car and leave from there . The scene freezes 


The shadow is following Ridhimaa. She walks faster but suddenly feels a hand on her shoulder and turns back. The light from a distance lights up the face of the person behind her and she is shocked 

Ridhimaa: Ranveer…

Her eyes start to drip with tears

Ranveer: How are you Ridhu?

Ridhimaa: Tum…I thought Ill never see you again..that accident..you

Ranveer: That accident did not have that much power to make me a corpse forever but it did for sometime

Riddhima: How did you..?

Ranveer: Its a long story..actually I came for my check up and I saw you here thats why..

Ridhimaa: You literally scared me..come with me

She drags him with her to the room . Aryan has come back after dropping the girls home. He is shocked to see Ridhimaa coming with Ranveer . Aryan runs to him and hugs him

Ranveer: Aryan..

Aryan: Mera bhai..I thought we lost you forever

Ranveer: Im back 

Aryan cries like a child. Vansh hears the sound and comes out. He is shocked too to this showcase of emotions to someone new

( And guys as the chappy name is shock everyone is getting shocked 🤭🤭😅)

Ridhimaa sees Vansh and goes to him

Ridhimaa: Vansh this is Ranveer..the bade bhaiya of our gang.and Aryan’s cousin.he..

She tells something to Vansh which is muted (Will be revealed later)

Ranveer notices a bruised Vansh and questions them. 

Ridhimaa tells everything to Ranveer including them being wizards. 

Ranveer: If I had heard this earlier I would have laughed put loud but after my recovery and the past happenings I completely believe this. Vansh Im so happy that our Ridhu has got someone like you

Vansh smiles as an answer

Aryan: When you recovered why didn’t you contact us idiot?

Ranveer: Woh..

Ridhimaa: Exactly…that shows that you dont need us anymore right..it has been 2 years 

Ranveer holds his ears as an apology 

Ranveer: Sorry yaar..as soon as I recovered all I wanted is to search for her..but she..she is dead and that traumatised me..I did not want to live and did not come before you as I did not want you to cry for me again but then I had some strange experiences and realisations which brought me here and thats what which made me meet you

Vansh: Ridhimaa you never spoke of him

Ridhimaa: Woh..I wanted to completely forget him thats why I did not say anything Vansh..I’m sorry

Vansh: Arrey there is no need for sorry here. 

Ranveer: Okay Ill take your leave

Aryan: Where are you going now huh? Come home muma will be very happy to know about you. 

Ranveer: But..

Aryan: If you don’t love her dont come

Ranveer: Shut up After mom and dad’s demise it was Mami and Mama who brought me up like their son

Aryan: Then what come home

Ranveer: Okay fine…

Aryan: Ridhu you stay here with Vansh , Ill take this guy home

Ranveer: Take care Vansh

He bids bye and they leave. As they leave Angre and Aman come with food

Vansh tells about Ranveer and they are shocked too ( You will ask me how many shocks yaar but what to do?)

Ragini’s bedroom

Ragini is sleeping peacefully when she hears a knock on her window. She gets up and opens the window and sees a parchment on the window sill. She takes it and closes the window. She settles on her bed and opens the parchment and is shocked ( One more 😉)

Her eyes bulge as she reads something and she starts to scream in joy. The maid rushes inside

Maid: What happened madam?

Ragini: Nothing..you go..mind your work

She sends  the maid out , locks her door and dances in joy

Ragini: I never expected this. This will definitely help me overtake Ridhimaa..Vansh Rai Singhania is mine and only mine

( God can give anything to anyone but Not a Misunderstanding)

The scene shifts to the Unidentified place

Karan enters the room to find Gaurav in his study

Gaurav: How is Vansh?

Karan: Better sir

Gaurav: Good. Karan I would like to bring Roshini and Preeta here along with Chandrika 

Karan: Done sir …Ill go at once

Gaurav: Wait..wait

Karan: Yes sir..

Gaurav: Roshini has made the war potion Aeres and I guess you know it

Karan: Yes sir I know it

Gaurav: Haden too would have known it now or will know it very soon so it has to be protected with utmost care. So I would want all of you I mean you Veer Aman and Angre to go. Vansh should rest so he need not go

Karan: Okay sir..Veer has gone in search of Kabir’s body. Once he comes we will leave

Gaurav: No fetch them as soon as possible and leave. Kabir’s body is not that important 

 Take Bani with you too

Karan nods and leaves for the hospital . The scene freezes 

Meanwhile The Hospital 

Ridhimaa brings the food tray to Vansh. 

Ridhimaa: Vansh its time for dinner

He turns his face away

Ridhimaa: What happened?

Vansh: I wont eat

Ridhimaa: Why?

Vansh: I wont eat if you dont feed me

Ridhimaa starts to laugh

Vansh: Im hurt and you wont feed me?

Ridhimaa: Are you a kid?

Vansh: Im your love.

Ridhimaa sits near him and starts to feed him. Angre who accidentally steps in overhears their conversation and walks out. 

Angre: Can love change someone like this?

Aman: What happened?

Angre: Vansh who never used to think twice to use a killing or peditto curse is behaving like a kid now

Aman: Thats the power of love which that Nagesh and Haden will never know

Angre: But Shivaay loved someone and how can he join with them?

Aman: Its what which confuses me too

Thus the chapter freezes with their confusion 

I’ll meet you with

Next Chapter: She Is Mine

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