Sone Sone Pal – SS By AngelAshu (Prologue)

Hello Friends.. My Dear Fans..
Welcome Back To AngelAshu Stories..
So, Today Am Gonna Start A New Story..
That is.. “Sone Sone Pal”
(Golden Moments)
As Everytime i want a good response for this story..
If u like plz comment and vote..
I want big big comments..
Small bhi chalegi..
Depends on ur response i will continue..
This is really a different story..
Hope u all like it..
Read and enjoy..


One girl sat on bench in park..
she lost in her own thoughts..!!

(Who is she..? Is she happy or sad..?)

One girl packing her some stuff hurry hurry..

(Both are one or different..? What she is packing and where she is going..?)

Flashes coming.. flashes coming.. girl rolling her eyes while closing her eyes..

(Who is she..? Any memory loss patient..? Or she is dreaming..?)

* kisi ka kehne se kuch acha ya bura nhi hota.. jo hum baar baar sochte hai wo hote hai..* – somebody said to someone..!!

(Who is somebody..? Who is someone..? Is there any problem..?)

*Socha tha ki ye poori zindagi aise hi guzaarna padta hai.. par.. ab kuch alag saa mehsoos hone lage hai..!!* – thinking one person.

(Who is that person..? is that person happy or sad..? If Happy.. why..? If sad.. why..? What is this tittle and what’s happening here..? Is tittle related to story..?)

So, Mere Pyaare Doston..!!
How is this promo..?
Confusion..? Ya Suspence..?
Happy Drama Ya Sad Drama..?
(For making it Suspence am not uploading any story related pics..
U can guess.. no no.. u can’t..
yes.. yes.. u can…..
Let’s see…)
If u want to know..
have to comment your opinion.. then i will continue..
But, whatever am thinking to write.. hope u all like as well.. Comment ASAP..
Love u..
Bye Bye..


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  1. I had read ur many stories omg u r back on TU , I m v. happy n excited to read .

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