Her Sunshine…..Ishqbaaz (Shivika fan fiction) – Prologue

I am Mira, a ghost who travel into stories. Today, I am going to tell you one of the stories, which I have traveled.

The Oberoi Mansion was filled with guests, and media that day. They all are waiting for the main function to start – the Oberoi’s grandson’s wedding was to take place. The happy, excited, love spreading face of all the members can be seen all around, but the bride and bridegroom doesn’t seem to be that happy. Negative vibes spreads when their faces were seen that beautiful day.

Actually, the function is over, the bride and the bridegroom were taking blessings from their parents by touching their feet. Then they stand together to pose as the media keeps taking their photos. Few minutes later, the media disperses. As the guests meets and greets with the bride and bridegroom, they too disperse. Now it is just the Oberoi family and the Trivedi’s – you guessed it right, they are the bride’s family.

I was a bit late that day. I should change my behavior, always getting up late, but I never change though. I love getting up late.

As everyone is talking with each other, the bride’s mother is with the bride now. You could see a smile on her face, as she says, “Can’t believe that you are getting married fast, I have been waiting for this day.”

But the bride was in no mood to smile and replied back, “I know that you been eagerly waiting for this day, such that I will get out of the house. Anyway, be happy, now I won’t be in your life anymore.”

The mother looked at her shocked. The bride continued, “What happened to your face? When you took decisions in my life without my considerations till now, you had no problem, right? Then why does it matter to you if I am rude? I agreed to this marriage, only because my small brother needs a mother. Otherwise, I would have left you alone.”

Mother looks at her sharply and shouts, “You don’t even learn from your mistakes. Your so-called friends and stigmas has turned you like this. One day, you will come back of me crying as you learn your mistakes.”

The bride spatted out with her words, “I don’t care. Till now you have decided what I should do, now I will decide what I should do.”

The mother replies back, “You know what will happen if you cause an insult to us, right? Just remember that!”

The bride looks at her as if she doesn’t care about it. The mother goes out of the room with a sad expression. As soon as her mother moves out of the room, the bride burst into tears. Just then, a man enters the room. He goes to the bride and gets shocked seeing her in tears.

He then says, “Bhabhi, don’t cry. I know you’re strong. I know you can’t fall weak. I know you didn’t like to marry him, because you know Bhaiyya has no feelings for you, even though you have it. Everything will be alright. I know you love your mom even after she did this much to you. Just stay strong. After all, your devars cum brothers are here for you.”

The bride replies after wiping her tears, “Rudy, what should I do then? I know I can’t force him to love me. Now after this, I have caused trouble again in his life. My parents even consider me as a burden. From my childhood on wards because of my disabilities, my parents had to suffer now. Now here, also everyone has too…”

Rudra looks at her and catches her hand. He then says, “Where is the Annika Bhabhi who consoles us, when me and Om are sad? Where is the Annika Bhabhi who solves the problems between the parents of Mallika di and Sid Bhaiyya when they themselves were down? I am sure one day, Shivaay Bhaiyya will love you as you love him. In fact, that Tia is behind his money which we know and he doesn’t. If we are not there for him, then who will be there? You should be strong, Bhabhi.”

Annika replies, “You’re right, Rudy. I should be strong. Even though this marriage is not my wish, I should make sure Shivaay comes to know the truth. Now we will make sure that Tia’s face shall be opened up! Why should I fall down? That girl has made a lot of problems in my childhood. Now, I won’t allow her to destroy Shivaay’s life too.”

Rudra then says, “Bhabhi, I think we have to go now. Otherwise, everyone will be searching for you.”

They both move out of the room and move at opposite directions. Just then, a lady sees her and goes to her. She asks, “Ani, what happened to your mom? Why is she crying? Is there any other problem?”

Annika looks at her with a smile and replies, “Pinky Ma, nothing is there. Now I am staying here, right? So, she was sad. That’s it”.

Pinky then looks at her and says, “Only this much! Anyway, whenever you want you can meet her, right? You know we will never go beyond your wishes.”

The moon showered with light as it became dark. It was their so-called suhaag raat.

Annika was inside the room in her bridal dress. Shivaay comes inside and they look at each other. Some hidden emotions were passing through their eyes. Shivaay opens his cupboard and says, “You know I am forced to…”.

But she cuts him off by saying, ” I know, even I am forced.”

He replies back, “So, you understood what I meant. Anyway, you can sleep on the bed, I will sleep on the couch.”

She didn’t like him sleeping on the couch so she said, “It’s okay, I can sleep on the couch. I am used to it.”

Suddenly, I understood that the lady whom I thought was cruel, is not like that. She may have her own justifications for it, for that I should understand who she is.

Also, I feel so disgusted to come inside someone’s privacy, but it’s okay, I am a ghost. No one will see me. *winks*

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