Sonali Phogat after being evicted from Bigg Boss 14 says Rubina Dilaik dont even let her husband speak, forget about others

Sonali Phogat is the latest one to be evicted for the show. She says that she went into the house with a different mindset and is coming out with a different mindset altogether. She adds, it was a good experience but she also had her share of discomforting moments in the house. Talking about those moments she narrates the incident when she was accused by Rubina, Abhinav and Nicky for threatening them. I never said those words she said. She says I even asked the makers to show her the clip where she said this. In fact, she says that Nicky once told her that her people outside will take care of her, “Mere bhi bahar log hain. Woh bhi dekhlenge. Tumhare (log) kya dekhenge?”

When asked about the incident where she threw her food in the dustbin, she says that Arshi was yelling at her for making a thick paratha while she was having her food. It became impossible for her to eat her food in such ambiance and hence she threw her food in the dustbin as there were no cows or dogs inside the house who she can feed.

It seems like Sonali doesn’t have anything good to say about Rubina, she says, “perhaps the makers are supporting her because she is a popular face. She is very arrogant and doesn’t even let her husband speak, let alone others. She Pretends to be all Sanskari but is very cunning.”

When asked about Aly she says, “I like Aly. I like his personality and behavior. So I expressed my feelings about him. If people think I was faking it for the show, then it’s not my problem. I could have done a lot of things to be inside the show but I didn’t. But I am happy that Aly respected my feelings and didn’t make fun of me or humiliate me. Not just Aly. I like Rahul too. In fact, I feel that Rahul has all the winner’s qualities. People say that Rahul targets Rubina. But the fact of the matter is, it is Rubina who targets Rahul,”



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  1. Totally agree with Sonali about Rudeinas attitude. Being a popular face of tv does not mean that has the authority to rule other HMS. She has a bully n controlling nature which no one will tolerate except Abhi. Sure it’s all fixed that she will b the winner!!! The public r aware of her arrogance but they still vote for her.

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