Namak Issk Ka 25th January 2021 Written Episode Update: Rupa brings Kahani home

Namak Issk Ka 25th January 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Rupa asks Yug what happened? Yug says did you actually fall? Rupa says in heart I am not hiding something from you that you don’t know. She says in heart there’s nothing that you don’t know. Rupa says I am lucky to have a brother like you. Yug says I am lucky. I have two mothers. Maa and bhabhi maa.
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Rupa says in heart I can’t break your heart. Rupa says will you do something if I ask? He says yes. Rupa says in heart I have to be strong to say this.

Scene 2
Kahani wakes up. She says how did I come here? Rani says Yug brought you home. Kahani says you are not a bad person. Your brother is evil. Rony calls Kahani and says what have you told to Rupa? She is silent Kahani says you must be blackmailing her like me. Return my Lucky. Rony says he’s fine.

Yug comes to Kahani’s place. He packs her bag. Kahani says I am not going anywhere. I am not a toy. I won’t go anywhere with you. Yug says I spoke to you in every language. But you only understand the language of money. He shows her money, Kahani doesn’t move.

Scene 3
Yug brings Kahani to his house. Iravati says what is she doing here? Yug says I brought her. Iravati says you don’t bring dirt home. Yug says she will stay here and dance at my wedding. Iravati says she won’t stay here. Yug says she will dance here. Gunjan says she ruined our event entirely. How can you bring her here? She accused you. What’s happening? Is there anything going on between you two? Are you hiding something?

Rupa says yes he’s hiding something. He didn’t bring her, I asked him to bring her. Iravati says why? Rupa says she saved my life. She really needs money. What happened was a misunderstanding. Rupa says Gunjan I just want to help her with work. If you want Gunjan I can ask her to leave. Gunjan says if you want I have no problem.

Maid says Rupa bhabhi I got things that you asked for. Saroj says but I already got marriage stuff. Rupa says there will be two wedding tomorrow. Ronak and mine. I want our relationship to be stronger.

Scene 4
Kahani dances. She falls. Yug holds her. Yug says fate brings you on such weird places. Ronak won’t marry you now. He will marry bhabhi ma again. Don’t come between her happiness. Kahani says I will not come between your wedding. He says you are the one who was trying to steal someone’s sindiur. You belong to the market not home. You won’t get married. No one will ever fill your hairline and even if one does it will be for name only. He leaves.

Scene 5
Ronay comes to Kahani and says what’s going on in Rupa. She has created a huge confusion. Kahani ignores him. Rupa comes in and makes her waar chuunri. Kahani is confused. She makes her stand next to Ronak. She says I know women should fight for their rights. We are always told to do everything for our husband. My identity is over with this marriage. But I want to give Ronak his happiness before going. His happiness is you.

Episode ends.

Precap: Rupa talks to Kahani about rituals in marriage. Kahani tells her to stop the marriage. Rupa asks what she means? She is willingly doing the marriage, right?

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  1. Yug and kahani will marry in Yug’s marriage ……

    Waiting for this!!!!

    Why Yug never questions Kahani about lucky as he visits her again and again??

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