Sometimes strangers are better than known ones – ff (Episode 1)

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Episode 1
In New York
A beautiful morning with chirping sounds and beautiful scene of sky. In this beautiful morning a white lavish bungalow is seen.Bungalow was shining in rays of sun.On the right side there was name plate written “Kunj sarna ”
Let’s move inside the bungalow.

Inside the bungalow a scene of room is shown that is beautifully arranged with wooden furniture.In middle of room a big bed is shown with pink coloured flowers printed bedsheet. On the bed a girl was sitting.She had wore a orange colour shalwar qameez with duppatta wrraped properly around her shoulders. The girl’s face was pale and dull. Near the girl aged woman was sitting.she was combing the hairs of girl.while combing the girl’s hair woman spoke
W: Twinkle beta , I was thinking to go out for some fresh air. U should also come with me.
T:No I don’t want to go. U go.

W:plzz beta come na u will feel good and I also want company (finish the braid hairstyle)
T:Take someone else plzz .I don’t want to come (saying this she got up and went to washroom)
W: going out was just an excuse I want u to come out of this (saying this woman with teared eyes went outside)
In evening
Outside the bungalow a big black car stopped.Then the door of car open and man of almost 24 stepped outside the car.he was wearing black suit and was looking very hot. Then his face was shown he was……of course brother of all of u ??? none other than kunj.Behind him there was 3 to 4 bodyguard who stopped outside when kunj went in.He directly went upstairs to his room freshen up and then came downstairs. same aged woman was standing near the dinning table. He went to her and asked.
K:Daii MAA how’s she?

D:as always beta sad and silent
Kunj nodded and went to see her.
Inside twinkle’s room
She was sitting with her head bowed down.she lifted her head when kunj cal!ed her. Kunj went near her and sat at the edge of bed.kunj asked her.
K:hi twinkle. Are u fine ?
T: (nodded her head) hmm

K:how was ur day? Hope it was good?
T:( again nodded) hmm
Like this kunj asked few questions and she just nodded.
After sometime kunj went downstairs. He was upset. He had his dinner on insistence of Daii MAA. Daii MAA went to twinkle’s room and made her sleep.
In midnight at 1 am
Kunj was sitting in his room preparing for presentation he had to give in office.suddenly a loud scream is heard from twinkle’s room. She was yelling.
T: help plzz any body help. Leave me plzzzz
Kunj hurried towards her room.daii MAA also came. She went towards twinkle and jerked her. Twinkle was yelling while sleeping . Daaii MAA hugged her and consoled her.she was having tears in her eyes.she again made twinkle sleep while kunj was standing at the side of bed having tears in his eyes.

Daii MAA came to kunj and put hand on his shoulder while kunj hugged her and said
K: I don’t know Daii MAA what is haunting her. I don’t know anything except her name.its been one month till I found and she is like this. I don’t know why but I felt some connection with her.something I can’t explain.

D:I know what’s ur condition. But I think she has a dreadful past and she need time to overcome all this.
K: I am waiting for day when she will overcome all this.
Daaii MAA send him to his room and stayed with Twinkle.
Kunj went to his room and layed down. He was staring at ceiling of room and went to flashback how he found her

Author’s note: guyzz this is my first ever piece of writing. Dedicated to my Jaan Zoya who wants an OS as treat but I am gifting her an ff .hope u guys like it .and one thing few episodes will have present only past will reveal later. If u have any confusion then u can PM me and next epi will be a bit late as I am having fever .

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  1. Fenil

    Awesome Maryam.

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  2. Nishuu

    Nice one

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  3. awesome start
    do continue
    post next soon

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  4. Sana785


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    1. Thank you

  5. SidMin23

    Love it and it interesting also post soon. Want to know what twinkle past and hope kunj will help her to overcome throw her past.

    1. Thanks sidmin23 and Twinkle’s past will revealed a bit late so stay tuned ?

  6. Awesome & fabulous start dear
    Amazing episode
    Get well soon dear
    Luv u
    Post soon

    1. Thanks dear
      Love you too??
      I started writing will post soon

  7. Amazing darling
    Wanna know twi past waiting for next update post soon dear…

    1. Thanks darling ?
      For Twinkle’s past u have to wait dear and will post soon

  8. Sidmin ki sadia

    Awesome. Just love it soo much

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  9. Awesome episode n get well soon ?

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  10. hey dii..
    its awesome….
    loved it…

    post soon…
    love u

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      Love you too and will try to post soon

  11. Anusha

    fabulous start
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    loved it so much
    post soon

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  13. Awww…….di Thank youuuuuu?
    You are such a fabulous writer
    It was beautifully portrayed❤
    It was awesome❤……..fabulous❤…….Fantastic❤……..Marvellous❤
    You nailed it
    It made me dumbstruck.
    But what is twinkle past? ???
    Post soon
    I am hell busy so,if I will not be able to comment then don’t worry
    When I will get free from my exams
    I will surely comment
    Post soon
    Love u
    Keep smiling
    Take care

    1. Thanks my Jaan for such a sweetest comment
      And about Twinkle’s past I will not tell u ??
      Wait for that sweetie
      And do ur studies well and if u r busy with exams it’s ok Jaan
      Do comment when u r free
      Love u too

  14. Siddharth

    Awesome ?✊???dear loved the episode u write well ??.

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  16. Rochika

    yrr it was sooo awesome…?????
    It was really good ….????????
    U r a very gud writer.???????
    Eager to know twinkle’s past yrr….
    I loved it..???????
    Oh u have fever…take care dear…get well soon…. ????
    Love u!!?

    1. Thank you so much ??????
      And I am fine now will try to post today
      Love you a lot dear?

  17. Hi dear
    Awesome Amazing
    Superb start
    Great one
    And sid is not my bro
    Superbly written

    1. Thanks and next is also posted??
      First one to notice this
      Sid mera bhi Bhai nai hai??
      Lagta hai sb ne Bhai man liya use

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