Devanshi 24th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Kusum’s plan fails

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Devanshi 24th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pavan asking Devanshi why did she allow Kusum to stay at home. Devanshi says I want to keep an eye on her, I know she can use Vardaan’s anger in her favor, don’t know why people feel Kalki has some special power. Pavan says even I feel Kalki has something special in her, but why did Menka kidnap her. She says if Kusum behind this. Kusum sees her throne. Kalki says you know about my mum. Kusum refuses. Kalki holds her hand. Devanshi comes. Kalki says Kusum is afraid when I asked her some question. Kusum thinks Kalki knows something, I will get blast done here, Kalki will become the medium and target will be Devanshi. Devanshi and Kalki smile.

Pavan tells Devanshi about the puja he arranged. He asks her to come in puja. Kalki says its kept for me, I know you love laddoos. Devanshi asks how do you know. Kalki says I know about everyone, ask me. Kusum gets the cash in briefcase and also the bomb. She gets angry.

Devanshi makes laddoos. Pavan says I didn’t know you like these laddoos. She recalls Vardaan and gets sad. Pavan looks at her and smiles. Bolna mahi bolna……plays…..He makes a laddoo and holds ears. She smiles seeing the bad shape laddoo. He makes a perfect round laddoo and shows her. She says you have taste it if you want. Kalki comes and sees them. Pavan tastes the laddoo and likes it.

Kusum ties the bomb and stitches the bag. She says both Kalki and Devanshi will die in blast. She laughs. Kusum comes in disguise and sells the bag. Nutan refuses to buy it. Kusum fools her. Nutan says I m getting late to go temple. Kusum gives an offer. Nutan likes the offer and takes the bag. Kusum thinks its a chance to out bag in Kalki’s neck, Devanshi and Pavan are not here. Nutan calls out Kalki and asks her to choose a bag for herself. Kalki asks her is she fine, how did she love her. Kusum shows the bag and asks her to try it. Kalki smiles. Kusum makes her wear the bag and thanks them. Nutan tells Gopi that she got two bags free on one bag.

Devanshi tells Pavan that temple is away from my heart, she won’t come, we have to find who wants to harm Kalki. Kalki comes and hugs her. She shows her new bag. She asks Devanshi to come inside temple. Devanshi refuses. Kalki falls down. Pavan and Devanshi run to her. Kalki says nothing can happen to me till you are with me. Kusum says its just five mins left now. Kalki gets Devanshi inside the temple. Aarti goes on. Kusum counts down. She gets shocked hearing the bomb timer sound in the bag she has. She asks who did this, how did this bag come here. Kalki comes there and smiles.

Kalki asks Kusum why are you scared find some way to get saved. Devanshi and Pavan look for Kalki. Kalki says I m everywhere around you. Devanshi gets puzzled.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. devanshi deserves happiness..loved helly’s acting…hope end is near!


    I think that reminds me of the small Devanshi… when she used to ruin Kusum’s plans.
    If only Vardhan could see that and remember the man, the child he was, when he used to love devanshi beyond boundaries…
    And ha, Pavan… it’s like writers who where writing his character in the beginning are changed, because from the obsessed lover remains just a very kind guy, he’s almost like a guardian, an angel her for both Devanshi and Vardhan
    I feel like Mudit’s time on screen has reduced like from 100% to -50%… It’s not about Devdhan story but about the characters of the serial, Mudit is like in vacancy coming a day on three to make an appearance while the whole screen time is given to pavan… strange!
    Any ways, Helly is still rocking….
    (PS: Kusum, Kalki, bomb bag and tic tac tic tac…. reading this, only one thing comes to my mind: Tom and Jerry episodes :p)

  3. Well don’t know about others but I am surely liking pavan & devanshi’s pair…..would love to see them together in the end bcz vardaan clearly don’t deserve devanshi…now blame the writers for making his character like that but now after what all he has done he don’t deserve devanshi…..helly is as usual rocking and Piyush is also doing a great job…..

  4. Mudit should leave this show seriously today it hurts lot to hear song for devanshi n pavan seriously CVS u have totally ruined his character. i would like to see devanshi single or with vardaan not with that pavan

  5. Huh?? What they’re up to??…. sonali mam locked her account….the hell vd cvs…. Now I just want to bang my head…. helly “”kaha fas gaye aap””

  6. Please, let Pawan and Devanshi be together at the end! We love them a lot! Vardhan does not deserves our Devanshi!

  7. Mica

    thank you Amena mam for update..
    can i crying over this ???? i dunno why..i just soooo sad , the love feeling between Devanshi and Vardhaan….omg!!!! where is their love ????? vardhaan turned to be soo cruel, devanshi move on sooo fast ???? what is this ???? just what is this ???

    on Swaragini serial, when Swara finally (must) move on from laksh, i understand that. It’s NEW FOUND LOVE, and the condition forced her to do so, even she didn’t prepare to fall in love again as she planned to out of town and divorced Sanskar.

    but here, Vardhaan and Devanshi have that feeling from more than 15 years :'( 15 YEARS…
    can CVS understand ?????? Why that Vardhaan keep that love but cruel to her in the same time ? Why Devanshi should move on so fast coz she is feeling hurt by Vardhaan ?? is that LOVE ?

    I DO understand if Devanshi can’t accept Vardhaan back. But moving on to other guy is not a solution… what kind of love she has ? is other man always in need to make a woman happy ?
    why CVS INSULTING their love so much ?????

    Btw, is that something happen to Mudit ? seemed he hardly on screen na…
    i heard that Piyush will back to Beyhard few times ago, but then bang…he gets all time screen now.
    Well, if only CVS try to make Devanshi-Pavan as pairs, it’s kinda too late for me, Devanshi will end on September na, so, will it gain something by setting devanshi/pavan as pairs ? i don’t think so, apart of being weird ( i saw it kinda forced), CVS will hurt soo many Devdaan fans who have faithfulness on this show since beginning. 🙂

    Be Frank, in my eyes, i prefer to see Helly-Piyush than Helly-Mudit, not for chemistry ( i dunno yet about Helly-piyush’s chemistry) but mostly about posture 🙂 🙂 .
    But it doesn’t mean that i want Devanshi-Pavan as for story line, it’s kinda hard to digest.
    and it doesn’t mean i want Devanshi-Vardhaan back, remembering how cruel vardhaan..


    1. MAHIRA

      Tight hug mica… I just feel the same 🙁
      It’s the cruelest love story and it makes lose faith in romance even in drama….
      Vardhan turned bad firstly losing his believe in devanshi and it was almost acceptable but then when truth came out this anger and hate became pointless… Even angry about police it’s not a reason to become such a heartless person!!! This man became nothing but hater toward her !!
      About devanshi… What was the need of making her forgive him if she moved on the day after?
      If their point was to pair her with pavan, why they didn’t make her be like any real woman who broken so much wouldn’t forgive her unique love for insulting her and leading to her child’s kill (he was the one making the matter public to humiliate her thinking she’s pregnant from someone else)
      But they made her forgive him, declare her love to him again and put on sindoor again just for what? Nothing!
      I’m confused by their thinking… Does really a woman can move on in new love story in one day?
      In swaragini, swa-lak weren’t even married and she for me was brain washed to believe that shes

      1. Mica

        Ha Mahira di…i dunno what happen actually, just dunno what happen..

        Those day, i defended vardhaan, i tried to understand that a person in character like vardhaan somehow can lost control in the name of jealousy, and because in many serial, (except Swaragini) many hero did the worst thing to heroin, but still THEIR LOVE BECOME WINNER, or at least THE HEROIN GOODNESS. i still somehow tried to accept that.
        But, when Vardhaan denied to accept that he was wrong on mohan matter.. i just LOST HIM completely.
        And about Pavan.. you just soo right.

        If only since beginning, on broken Devanshi, they gave us scene when Pavan cared about her even on his obsession, or at least they show us the confused Devanshi who hurt to Vardhaan trully, questioning about her love feeling and a chance of being move on…it’s more acceptable.. oh God!!! this is kinda the worst story line i ever watch :'(
        I dunno, maybe it’s about our experience only as we ever watched kinda same stories about being “move on ” , OUR SWASAN.. how broken Swara got heal her wound from her enemy. Sanskar’s position in front of Swara ( he was the root problem of Swa—lak separation actually) is more bad than Pavan’s position ( he was her saver) in front of devanshi.. but still CVS gave them smooth way to make Swara move on..

    2. MAHIRA

      In love with him, still it took her soooo long time to accept someone else love and same was for him, laksh fought so hardly to bring her back in his life after he knew the truth and it took him so long time to move on (he didn’t accept losing her until her separation with sanskar when he saw how much she was heart broken… Yet I. Kavitha track, his brother asked him what would he do if he found his first love, his reply was heart breaking: if only, bhai’s.. If only!)
      Here devanshi a good human being, a pure hearted woman, a loving wife and passionate lover turned the page without blinking… She’s not even sad about vardhan’s hate…
      This track is so weak in sence and plot.. It’s like reading a bad ff of a debutant and suffering at every new chapter yet you want to know the end :'(

      1. Mica

        haaa.. i love CVS for showing the way laksh move on.. they put Kavvya in the middle to make it so logic and realistic ..
        And about Devanshi.. welll as i said,, i just only can crying over this..
        that LOVE feeling… even a HATE can be something na..

    3. hey,mica…pls don’t involve everything with swaragini serial…that serial is different and this is different!so y to compare?and coming to serial,are u watching episodes or reading updates?devanshi still feels bad thinking abt vardaan while pawan diverts her!devanshi is not falling for pawan in anyways…and coming to 15years love..she still gave one more chance after returning as kalki but that spineless vardaan again broke her into pieces…and for me as a normal audience(i’m neither piyush fan nor mudit hater)it will be good if devanshi moved on in life…she deserves happiness…i so wish she will be alone…but i think devanshi n pawan will end up…and i think they are not doing this for trps as trp is always less..but trying to show that devanshi should not go to vardaan for his blo*dy deeds!

      1. Mica

        hey, Veena…seemed you don’t understand my point..
        yess i was involving Swaragini serial..but in this case.. i took it as EXAMPLE..
        I talked about LOVE FEELING, no matter what serial, no matter on real life, LOVE FEELING mostly same.. THERE IS KINDA ANY DIFFERENCES BETWEEN NEW FOUND LOVE and LOVE FROM CHILDHOOD.. so nothing differences even thought i took swaragini as example or maybe other serial.
        Or maybe i should take MATSH, to compare the love feeling between Ranveer, Ishani and Chirag ? 🙂 🙂
        Here, i compared about new found love’s feeling and 15 years of LOVE’s feeling that happen between Devanshi and Vardhaan.
        YEss, I WATCHED THEM, that’s why i cried…i knew that devanshi still remember Vardhaan, but then in next minute, she fallen, catch by Pavan and SHARE EYELOCKS.
        Meanwhile, SHE IS STILL VARDHAAN’s WIFE…. no matter how reckless Vardhaan, for me, just cut the relation first, then you can do everything you want.

        Yeah,, i know SHE DESERVES HAPPINESS, but is it another man always needed ? then where is her LOVE ? as per i know, LOVE feeling can’t be erased so quickly only because our love one hurt us.. she ever keep her love for more than 14 years , We may HATE our love one to hurting us, but forget them, stop to love them and move on to other man ???? hmmm… i don’t think so, LOVE feeling is not that simple 🙂
        It’s more logic for me if only Devanshi stay single and enjoy her life.. or at least maybe she can end up with pavan after more than 5 years leap 😀 😀

      2. MAHIRA

        Veena dear, taking swaragini as example is here just because it’s the unique serial showing a love story after a love fail for both leading couples and it has been shown so smoothly… So logical when here a song for eye lock when she’s yet married is really weird.. So alien for the woman who devanshi has always been
        For me too I prefer her to finish alone even if pavan will remain as life’s real friend.. That she’s take care of her and kalki alone accepting that there’s no happiness in her destiny
        If a new love story have to start with pavan it would be good too show that there is life after divorce BUT AFTER DIVORCE!!!
        Yet I’m sure CVS will still find a way to bring vardhan as hero and kick pavan out then this romance wala will be total useless!
        Who watched shraman’s love story? There was a new sublim entry at the end… Aditia the perfect lover then all of sudden he turned devil like purely devil trying to rape the heroine just before their own marriage?? !!! Leading to break up and finish with the main principal couple :'(

  8. I think CVS gone mad that’s y sonali mam locked her account she has decided pavan devanshi as pair right? Kalki is praising pavan n she is mayya’s avatar she is surely supporting their I just want to bang their heads .its injustice to all devdaan fans.I would love to see helly piyush in new show but here I am supporting devdaan

  9. Pawan and Devanshi are awesome together. ?

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