Some Love stories never meant to be completed

Hey guys its Nisa here with my Os.

Let me tell you most important thing about this os.

This is a true and this is my all know i was not active on TU like for 4 months just because you will know the reason after reading this. It is also reason why i am soo dull these days. Posting sooo much late always but please please try to understand.

it took me so much time to write it because when ever i start to pen down. All memories start disturbing me again and again. Which i hate the most.

Also i try to make it short but still its long. Read with 100% patience

And don’t stary judging in middle.I have many reason for my decision that i made. And that desicion are best for us.

And thank to my Best Friend For always there for me and in all my break downs She was there to support me

I LOVE YOU soooo much PERRA ❤


Girl’s Pov

Here i am sitting in my class room Looking on my fav. View outside the window Everyone doing there test and i am sitting Just thinking about my life because i am always first one to complete test

Many Thinks change in just one year ME, MY LIFE and EVERYTHING IN MY LIFE

Talking about life let me Tell you My Story but first my introduction

my name is Twinkle taneja,Age 16 years old. MUSLIM. i am student of 10th class

Let start with Story

Last summer vacation Life was going so well Doing fun with siblings going out with Brothers and having fun with cousins. Its time for Eid always my fav. festival cause i got new outfits,new shoes and many more things. Ofcourse Good food to eat.

On chaad raat i got my mehndi done which look absolutely goregeous. I slept late at night and wake up early. Take shower and got dressed up ?. Eid day was usual as always. That eveing everything change.

I was scrolling thorugh my whatsapp when something caught my attention. Ohh thats was status update from one of my cousin and my Ultimate Crush. KUNJ SARNA it was something about like girlfriend running away. I was just staring at my phone when something click in my mind. I gather some extra courage I text him

Me: Can i be your Gf?

i know it will be awkward but everything for love and guess what his reply was POSITIVE. i was screaming

we talked for a while but i had to go somewhere. I was too much happy. Finally got someone who love me.

Life was going Usual but beautiful more thn ever talking with him. Doing fun. My heart was overwhelmed with happiness. It has been almost 2 months i told about my relationship to my Brother’s love. To be she is such a sweet person. (let name her mahi)

one day i was at Kunj’s place. i was playing with my little cousin Emaan. She is such a cutiepie.we want some toy. i took Emaan and went in room. He was laying on bed.And toys on his side table. I make Emaan to sit on bed.And start taking toys.But my hands stop suddenly.He was Pulling my cheeks.

I passed a death glare but no use.

Twi: Stop it

kunj: No

twi: someone will come or will see us?

kunj: let them

But i did not say anything Took Emaan and come out side. He too came and start playing with Emaan. I look at him and he wink.

Ohhhh Gosh…He effect me soo much but i composed myself and pretend nothing happened. Soon i left

My Elder cousin was here after 2 freaking years. He is my fav. I was standing at doorstep watching outside because my elder cousin was Going at his Fiacee house and i was teasing him. I was just standing. From Don’t know where Kunj Came and stand in front of me.

Kunj: Take a side

Twi: No ?

and held door with my hands he again said that but i didn’t move Not even the inch. And he kiss my Hand. My mind went blank. For God sake he just kiss my hand. ?

I was melting and he was being extra sweet. Ohhh man he was driving me crazy.


I was thinking to tell about all this to my brother but i was scared. I ask Mahi to tell my brother and make him calm. She told him but my nervousness was just increasing. At night He come home i was sitting in room He came amd shout at me. I got scared to think he will tell about it to mom.

But for my suprise he start laughing. i was confused. thn he said

Uv: I knew about it from many days and i support you

Twi: How??

Uv: checked your whatsapp

Twi: Ohhhh… (Such a Dimwit)

I was relived atleast my brother is on my side and happy. My brother always tease me and i just smiled. one day he was teasing me as same.

Our mom was sitting on couch and my brother was giving me orders by blackmailing me. My mom was seeing us.

Rahul: you know what mom i got a biggest secret of her

Mom: I know

Twi: And whats that? *nervously*

Mom: You are in relationship with Kunj

twi: Who told you? *Pass a death glare to rahul*

mom: No one told me i am your Mother and i know all about Childrens

Twi: Hmmmm and went from there

Twinkle Pov

WTF was that now she will be angry on me. how will i explain to her or if she will tell dad No she will not. I have to talk to her

Pov End

Twinkle went inside it was Lunch time she was eating her lunch quietly her mom sitting in front of her

Rahul was not there Twi wanted to talk but can’t get right words

Mom: Your Dad had confirm your Marrige with our Uv

Twi: Who Uv??

Mom: Our relative Yuvraj Luthra

Twi: Hmmm *Wth*

Twinkle left the her lunch and pick her phone

Twi: I really need to talk with someone i should talk to Mahi

Twinkle text mahi and her everything

Mahi: Ok first calm down

Twi: How can i?

Mahi: Twinkle just think with cool mind

Twi: Ok thank you I will talk to you later

Mahi: Take care

Twi: You too

Twinkle Pov

I think mahi was right i ahve to be practical Uv is a good man He is well settled to and if i Agree for marriege my parents will be beyond than happy

ok i am ready but Kunj He will broken he loves me I LOVE HIM TOO but i love my parents more than i love him and fate has to play its role too.

My mom gave me birth she is world beat mom and my dad he live away from us just because he wanted to give us better life style.

They both sacrifice their life just for us. so why can’t i Scarifice my love for them. Just to give them happiness.

Ok i will tell about all things to kunj i will break up with him Yeah i know i am being selfish for my parents happiness but If any girl will be on my place she would have done the same

I have to be strong, Love is not only thing to Live Parents are my first pariorities and will remain First.

Pov End

3 months passed like that Twinkle was trying hard on her feeling but she did not tell anything to kunj

You know you have to be mentally prepare and emotionally Strong before you tell someone the terrible and worst thing about life. And shee was doing same

Its was Usual day twinkle was same. But today she decided to tell everythin to kunj.

Evening twinkle was chatting with kunj

Twi: I need to talk soemthing important

Kunj: ohh. what?

twi: Ummm.. i have a proposal

kunj: WHAT??

twi: and i said yes

kunj: who is he?

twi: yuvraj

kunj: but you love me

twi: yeah but i love my parents more

kunj: no thats not right

twi: please try to understand

kunj: you understand “I LOVE YOU”

twi: Kunj please don’t make it hard for me

kunj: you are making it hard not me

twi: please *crying*

kunj: i will talk to your mom

twi: about what?

kunj: that you love me

Twi: no you can’t do this *still crying*

kunj: Why?

twi: Because..

kunj: what?

twi: because i don’t love you *pure lying*

kunj: but you said that you love me and you were the first one to confess

Twi: thats was a mistake

Kunj: Haha.. mistake? ok but i still love you

twi: but i don’t BYee

she blocked him and cried her out that was her life, FULL OF PAIN still she smile and laugh. Just because she can’t her parents and that give happiness but hurt at the same time.

that was the day her life become hell but she is strong and will remain strong

let me tell you something






Here its end.

longest article i ever write ?

love you all

Nisa ❤

  1. Your parents are really lucky guys as….they got gem of a daughter…..

    1. Lovey_kz

      Thank you thats mean alot ?

  2. Don’t mind dear but you should talk to your parents once, if they don’t agree u can marry with yuvraj. Because after marriage will u happy also matters, if you won’t it will also affect your parents. Parents love us they can’t see us sad and moreover will kunj, Yuvraj and u will be happy ?
    I am sorry I know it’s your perusal matter but I will suggest you as a teenager talk to your parents first.
    It’s Ramzan time Allah tumhe saree Jahan ki ki khoshiyaan Dede?

    1. Lovey_kz

      yeah if i will talk to them they will agree but i don’t want to

  3. I mean personal, and moreover it will affect Kunj and your life badly . Hope u get world all happiness ??

  4. Hi also the story is really painful it’s not like other stories with happy endings but rally Di I don’t like ur mom how can she do this she should at least have talked to kunj once and then if she rejects him it would be fine but without any conversation with him she can’t make u married at such a tender age I just want that u get ur love and u should stay happy I just wish that ur mom realises ur happiness as she is ur mom may God bless you with all u r happiness take care love u

    1. Lovey_kz

      look she is my Mom and she told me i f i don’t wamt this marriege i can say no but accepting this proposal was my own decision please don’t say like that to my Parents they are world best parents and i love them ?

  5. Allah mia kisi ke sath kuch galat nahi karte so have faith in him

    1. Lovey_kz

      Yes i know thank you ?

  6. I can understand you don’t want to hurt them , but atleast talk to your brother and mother because they already know about it, and they will guide you best

  7. Anaya_Ali

    As you know dear I love you ?
    And about story I am speechless?
    You are a great daughter jaani?
    May Allah solve all your problems

    Love you ?

    1. Lovey_kz

      Thank you
      may we both stay like this always
      Love you too Baby ❤

  8. Gosh it was true story ??????
    Please tell you are just 16 …
    Really your marriage was fixed ????
    But dear it was really hard for you as you mentioned both yuvi and kunj to be your cousin’s
    Talk to your mother once it will be really difficult for you if you marry yuvi
    When you are getting married ??? Is there any rule in your family sorry but I am asking with concern dear may Allah bless you ?

    1. Lovey_kz

      I am not getting married now and not till my 20’s yeah Uv is my cousin and he is a nice guy Thank you for your concern ?

  9. such a painful story…..
    U had took gud decision for ur parents. but if ur mother knows about ur relationship …then I think u should at least talk to her’s the matter of 3 life…
    it’s the matter of ur happiness’s the matter of ur future.plz at least discuss to kro…

  10. SSK

    That was amazing but sad story. I hope you get what is best for you. Always stay happy. 🙂

  11. Superb but sad story dear
    Tumne jo decision liya vo sahi h pr yrrr yha baat 3 life ke baare me h aur most imp. Tumhari khushi ke baare me h to ager tum ab bhi kunj se pyaar krti ho to. Plzzzzz aunty se ek baar baat kr lo …..?????
    Luvvvvv u dear

  12. That was awesome and amazing
    But what about Kunj?
    He will be broken right.
    Just try to talk with your parents for ooce.
    Sorry if I’m intruding your person life. It’s just a advice.
    And I really admire you for keeping your parents as your top priority which is less in these days.
    Take wise decision and may god fill your life with happiness

  13. SidMin

    I really loved the os …
    some love stories are sometimes meant to be incomplete but you never know ….
    I really appreciate your love for your parents but I hope what ever you have decided makes you happy as well 🙂
    Your decision would effect 3 lives yours Kunj’s and UV’s so I would want you to think about it wisely and I know I am not someone to interfere in your persona matters … but I hope you give it a thought

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