Mayavi Maling 13th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Angad marries Pranali

Mayavi Maling 13th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pranali and Angad sitting in mandap and smiling. Adhivan sees Eshwarya and Chegu. Maharaj gives Pranali’s hand to Angad, and does Kanyadaan. Chegu smiles seeing Eshwarya. Maharaj gets emotionak and cries. Trishanku comes there. Chegu, Antara and everyone get shocked. Trishanku says I have come back in totally recovered state, did I shock everyone. Arak runs and hugs him. Adhivan asks Arak to calm down. He blesses Trishanku’s blessings. Maharaj says see my daughter is lucky. Vaidehi and everyone get glad. Angad takes his blessings. Trishanku says I m lucky to get so much love, we shall let the wedding ritual complete. Pranali and Angad exchange garlands. Everyone showers flowers. They take the wedding rounds. Adhivan sees Chegu and Eshwarya having an eye stare.

Everyone compliments Pranali and Angad’s jodi. Rajmata blesses Angad. Maharaj hugs Pranali. He says Trishanku’s health got fine, no one will cry in this ceremony. Trishanku says you said the right thing. Maharaj says Angad, your dad got much better, what herb did he use. Trishanku hugs Angad. Angad says I missed you a lot. The girls tease Pranali for her wedding night. Garima gets clueless. The girl asks Pranali to feed Kesar milk to Angad. Arak dances with the girls. Trishanku gets a drink.

Angad says you aren’t fine, you shouldn’t drink wine. Maharaj asks him to give the class. Angad takes the glass. Trishanku reminds Angad about his marriage and asks him to go to his wife, do a husband’s duty. Maharaj and Angad laugh. Angad takes Trishanku. He asks what was the reason to drink wine, your body was decomposing, if anyone sees you, it will be a problem. Trishanku says don’t try to teach me, don’t forget I m your mum. Angad says don’t declare this, have some patience. Adhivan asks Angad to go to his friends. Angad says I will make dad sleep and come. Angad makes Trishanku sleep and leaves. His friends give him tips.

Mandhari signs Angad. He goes to her. He tells him something. Adhivan asks Angad to go to Pranali. The girls tease Pranali. They also give tips to Pranali. They laugh. Angad comes. Everyone leaves. Angad’s friends push him inside the room and leave. Angad gets angry and thinks not to get angry. He goes to Pranali and holds her hand. He drinks the milk. He asks did you go to meet Haran before marriage. She gets tensed.

Angad angrily ruins the room. Pranali says I went to prison to free Haran. He scolds her. She cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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