His Solace.. His Angel (ragsan) part 20

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“Ragini beta please don’t do this. Sanskar will be so angry on me if he came to know about this.” Pleaded Ramu Kaka terrified imagining Sanskar’s reaction.
“Off ho! Don’t worry Ramu Kaka. I’m here na.” Reassured Ragini. “Now please tell me what to do next?”
“You know na beta, Sanskar never let you even step a foot in kitchen and you are cooking.” Said Ramu Kaka afraid as he eyed the burnt hand of the girl before him.

Sanskar is overloaded with work to the point he doesnt even have time to eat. So to ease out some of his tension Ragini thought to make his favourite food herself.
“How funny!” She thought to herself. “I don’t even know how to make a coffee and here I am making lunch.” She sighed.
As expected it was going pretty bad but after 5th try Ragini was finally able to prepare lasagna for him but she burnt the back of her hand pretty bad due to her zero experience in handling microwave oven. Ramu Kaka tried to help her but she politely declined. She refused to get it bandaged knowing well that lunch time is about to start and she can’t waste time. The pain is so horrible that tears yet haven’t stopped falling from her eyes. She has never done such a thing for anyone else. “But it’s all worth it if it makes my Cupy happy” She thought smiling to herself.
“Yay! I finally made it. See Ramu kaka.” Ragini excitedly clapped her hands happy she was able to cook Sanskar’s favorite dish.
“Yes beta. Now go before the lunch break is over.”
Ragini’s cell phone rang indicating an incoming call. She looked at the phone and the name ‘My handsome Cupy’ flashed on the screen. She smiled slightly remembering how Sanskar saved his no. in her phone with that name.
“Are you hurt?” A worried Voice sounded as soon as she picked up the call. She knew she can’t lie because she sucks at it. She bite her lip thinking of an excuse. He will go on ‘mama bear mode’ as she likes to call it when Sanskar get hell worried over her.
‘Think Ragu think’ She tapped her chin in thought as an idea struck her mind.
‘Ragu what will you say to Cupy when he ask, ‘Angel do you want to drink the ‘yucky’ soup?’
“You are telling me truth right?” He asked still a bit unsure.
“Stop worrying. I’m busy right now I’ll call you later. Bye.” With that she hang up without waiting for reply.
“Phew!” She heaved a sigh of relief. “Got saved for now.”
“Sanskar is really very lucky to get such an innocent girl in his life.” Ramu Kaka looked at Ragini who was eagerly packing lunch box.

“I brought lunch for you.” Said Ragini happily as she entered his cabin. Sanskar who was eating the food he ordered looked up at her.
“But you’re already eating”. She said pouting sadly.
“”I can still eat the food you brought me Angel. I’ve not eaten completely yet.” Sanskar tried to lift up her mood.
Just then his p.a. barged into the room.
“Sorry to bother sir but Mr. Malhotra is here. He is demanding your presence claiming there are major loop holes in the blueprint. It’s urgent Sir.”
Ragini assured him through eyes that it’s fine.
“I’ll wait here for you. Come fast.”
Sanskar nodded and headed for the meeting room.

“How dare he? That ba****d” Bellowed an aggravated Sanskar Maheshwari, on verge of losing his temper.
“He think he can mess with me. My business. He messed with a wrong person. I’ll show him the consequences of betraying me.”
Cursing under his breath he angrily pushed the glass table of his office room as all the things tumbled down along with the lunch box spilling all it’s content on the tiled floor but he was far gone in his rage to notice.
A tear skipped her eyes as she saw all her hard work went to vain but she wiped it quickly not wanting him to feel guilty. ‘It was not his fault. Cupy didn’t know that I made it for him. So it’s okay.’
She reassured her inner self.
His tensed muscles immediately calmed down when he felt his Angel’s hand on his shoulder. Taking his calloused hand in her smaller ones she rubbed soothing circle on the back of his hand smiling softly at him. It always calms him down.
“No need to be an angry young man Mister.” She reprimanded sternly, her hands on her waist. “Cool down your anger and think calmly.” He couldn’t help but smile slightly at the Angel before him. People are afraid to be in same room as him when he lose his cool and here she is scolding him.
“I’m going now. Bye and don’t take long. I’ll wait for you at dinner.” She kissed his cheek and left blushing leaving behind a love sick Sanskar.
‘God! I’m whipped as hell.” He exasperatedly said, leaning back on the chair closing his eyes for a moment.

“Princess.” He called coming back to his mansion after a hard working day.
Not getting back any response he again called but to no avail. This had him worried.
Hearing his shouts Ramu Kaka came out from the servant quarter.
“Sanskar beta you came early today.” Ramu Kaka said surprised. “but where is Ragini bitiya?
“She didn’t came back in afternoon?” Asked Sanskar worry written all over his face.
“No. After preparing lunch for you she directly headed to your office and didn’t return after. I thought she would be with you.”
“She cooked for me?” He was shocked.
“Umm, yeah. I tried to stop her but she said she wanted to surprise you since you were stressed from past few days. Poor girl also burnt her hand.” Ramu Kaka answered feeling guilty.

His anger knew no bound after this. Her sad face when she saw him eating already, her teary eyes when he kicked the table, all glazed over his mind and he hardly punched the wall beside him. The previous white colored wall was now supprting a dent as he retracted back his hand. Blood seeped out from his knuckles but his mind was only focused on one person.
“Where is she if she is not here.” The question danced over and over in his mind.
He called her family, her friends but no one was aware of her whereabouts.
His mind pulled him back to the last time when he was not able to reach to her.
An image of her lying on bed with several machines attached to her frail body flashed in his mind and he closed his eyes.
“Not again.”

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