Ragini – SS Part 5 By Aahana

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Hi everyone. I know I am very late and many might have forgot my SS too. I am extremely sorry for that and now my exams are almost done, so I will be regular from now. Now without any delay i will give u the update.

RECAP : The story starts with Ragini committing suicide on the hill and Laksh realising his feelings for her. Sanskar too listens to her past and selfless nature and informs everyone that he is not mad when she is in hospital. After she gains conscious Laksh proposes her and she agrees. Now they are out for their engagement shopping and he took her on a date.

At Beach
Laksh : u know Ragini I always had a wish to come to beach with my better-half and see today it is fulfilled. I am very happy. She blushes and doesn’t lift her face. Laksh sees her and says u know Ragini I have one more wish too. After few years I want to come here with another beautiful girl and it is not u for sure. Don’t u want to know who is that girl?
She looks at him shocked. He laughs seeing her expressions and says with our daughter ragu and again laughs. She understands that he is teasing her and turns her face aside and starts walking away from him. He moves back of her and says ragu I am sorry, I was just teasing you. He thought she is angry but ragu is also pretending. He turns her towards his side and holds his ears and makes a puppy face. she bursts out laughing and he understands that she is also teasing him. He smiles.

Ragini suddenly bends down and he doesn’t understands why she is bending, but by the next minute he is shocked as she splashed water on him and starts running. He too runs back of her and at last catches her. And takes her into the water. Both plays in water for sometime and then sits on the sand. Laksh says Ragu I didn’t expect this from u? She thinks he is angry and says I am sorry Laksh, I just want to play and she is unable to continue. (she thinks that he felt bad as she splashed water on him). Laksh says Ragu u aremisunderstanding me, I mean to say that u were running fast and I don’t know about it.
Ragini says means u are not angry on me for splashing water on u and he nods as no. He moves closer to her and hugs her. She too hugs him. After sometime Ragu I don’t know much about u and U don’t know about me. So let us play a game now. We will say a question and for that both will answer. Like if i say favourite colour we both should say our favourite colours. She nods and both starts playing the game.
It went on for an hour and now they are much aware of their partners favourites. They have many things in common like favourite colour, flowers, icecream

Ragini says Laksh let us go home, all might be waiting for us. He agrees and both stands from there. She is about to fall but he holds her from waist. Both have and eyelock. Her hands are on his chest. Her hair strands are disturbing his view and he slowly tucks them. He comes closer to her to kiss her and she closes her eyes. But suddenly Laksh’s phone rings and they comes out of their trance. Both moves away from each other and ragini blushes. Laksh sees that the call is from Sanskar and thinks to scold his bhai for ruining his moment. He lifts the phone and about to scold him but stops as it is AP. She asks them to come fast and he agrees. He cuts the phone and says ragu chalo. She just nods and he understands that she is too shy. They enters the car and he starts driving. Both are silent. After sometime they reaches Gadodia Mansion. She is about to get down but he holds her hand. She turns towards him. He is about to say sorry but she nods as no and says today is the best day of my life Laksh and no sorry for anything. He smiles and holds her face in his palms and kisses her on her forehead. She smiles closing her eyes. He says come lets go inside. She gets down and he too. He opens the backseat and takes the bags. She tries to take him but he says its ok I will carry till door and give it to servant and will go home. (He thought that his family returned to their house). Ragini nods and then she observes cars and says Laksh all are here only, I think they are waiting for us. He too sees his brothers cars and says I guess u are right, come lets go inside. They enters and sees all are in the living room and discussing about engagement. Ladies are at a side and men are at other side. And youngsters are in the dining hall and planning a surprise for Raglak. They enters and sees all are busy. Dida sees them first and says see my grandchildren came.

All turns that side and swasan, uttara and pari, aadarsh stops their planning. Ragini goes near Ladies and Laksh to men but youngsters drags him to dining along with ragu. Elders laughs. Raglak are sitting beside each other and all are surrounding them and teasing like hell. Ragini is too shy and not at all lifting her head and Laksh is also in same condition. All laughs and ragini runs away from that place and all laughs more. Laksh glares at them angrily saying due to u all she went away without saying me bye. All laughs at him and he too chuckles.
Sujatha says arey Laksh show us what u people shopped and he shows them all the things. Dida says its too late so u people stay here only for night, u all can go tomorrow morning. DP agrees and swara then shows rooms to DP-AP and RP-Sujatha. Sanskar says let us play something today and have a fun night. All agrees. Laksh says I will come to terrace after sometime, after giving the bags to Ragu and will also get her. Sanskar says Laksh, swara also can give the bags and call her. Laksh says bhai why u are playing a role of villain in my life, in beach also u called and disturbed us and now too. By listening Laksh all bursts out laughing. He asks what and Pari says Laksh, it was not Ma who spole with u, its uttara, she spoke in Ma’s voice. He glares at her and starts running back of her and she too tries to escape from him. At last he catches her and pulls her hair.
Swara says ok Laksh, u go and call Ragu and we will arrange everything and ha please don’t be late. Laksh glares at her and goes to Ragu’s room

Precap : raglak moments and fun night

Sorry for the shortest update. I will give long update tomorrow. Please comment.

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