Socha na tha…RagSan SS (Part 3 & 4)

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I thank u all for supporting my 1st RagSan SS.

Part-3….Ragini and her friend harshini were coming back from the college.
harshini:how was 2day’s class?
Ragini:oh,boring yaar…i was not at all listening.
Sanskar with a tough face stands b4 them. Ragini is stunned to see him.
She thinks:Sanskar is he following me?
Ragini whispers 2 harshini:this is that fellow about whom I told you.The funny fellow who lives in our out house.
harshini laughs.Sanskar cud’nt stand them teasing him.
Sanskar:Ragini,i want 2 talk 2 u.plz cum 2 the park.i’ll wait 4 u.

Ragini:i’ll think about it{with headweight}..
Sanskar waits 4 Ragini at the park.she does’nt come.he gets really irritated. but after sumtime she cumes. Sanskar was angry:why did u becum late?
Ragini:i was not late..according 2 me..i cum only when i feel like..
he takes out the piece of paper Ragini had kept on his table:what’s this?
she:can’t u see?its a paper.very funny..
Sanskar:i know that.but what’s written here?
she:can’t u read english?

he:yes,thats why i asked u.
she:i’ve written that u r a fool,blo*dy fool!
Sanskar loses his control:stop the beginning itself i knew that u r naughty.A complete prankster.but i took it funny.but now u r crossing ur limit.u don’t know who i am.
Ragini:Oh really?Then tell me …who are you?
Sanskar:u know,when i was in the college,i’ve done many notorious things.
Ragini laughs:so u r adventurous and notorious.It’s a news for me.let me hear ur adventures.tell me…tell me….
Sanskar:i won’t tell u.but i’ll show you.
he keeps her tightly close 2 his chest & kisses her.Ragini is shocked.Sanskar comes back to senses and realizes what he did.He becomes guilty.
He:Oh God..what did I do?

Sanskar:I am sorry.
Ragini screams at him:u brute!how cud u do this 2 me?this is the way u hav 2 behave 2 a girl?

Sanskar becomes upset and guilty:i’m sorry..i did this 4 fun.
she:this is how u shud hav fun?i’ll tell this 2 dadi…and to everyone…
she runs away.Sanskar becomes upset & goes 2 see Swara & karthik.
he:i did a blunder.
Swara:what did u do?
Sanskar tells everything.they were shocked.
Swara gets angry:Sanskar..I never expected you to do this.How could you stoop so low?

Sanskar:I am sorry Swara.I thought she is attracted to me. that was in your mind.Why don’t you admit that you are the one who is attracted towards her?That day you are singing and dancing like crazy thinking of Ragini.Right?

Sanskar is silent.
Swara:Without knowing what she feels for you, you got intimate with her.You need beatings with a chappal.
karthik:Sanskar,this is not a silly thing.u hav insulted a girl in a public place.if she files a s*xual harassment case,u’ll be put into the jail.
Sanskar gets tensed:Now what will i do?
karthik:go there during the nite.u take all ur things & escape without their knowledge.

Sanskar,Swara and karthik go to the out house.only Sanskar gets inside.he goes 2 his room & takes all his things.suddenly he was shocked 2 see Ragini standing b4 him. Sanskar gets embarrased.
Ragini:so,u r planning 2 escape from here.

Sanskar:no,i was arranging everything.
Ragini:don’t lie.u can’t escape now.i’ve called everyone here. 2morrow they all will reach here.let them cum & giv u punishment.
Sanskar:its my request.plz don’t spoil my future.
she:this u had 2 think b4 you did that to me .
he:i did that,bcoz u made me angry.
Ragini:so when u bicum angry,u kiss others?
Sanskar:no,i have kissed only u.bcoz i thought u…
Ragini:what did u think about me?u thought i luv u?
Sanskar;leave it plz..u can giv me any punishment .but don’t insult me b4 others.Please..
she:u’re willing 2 accept any punishment that i giv u?
he:yes. she:then u extend ur right hand.
Sanskar extends his right arm closing his eyes.Ragini felt funny seeing his tensed face. she kisses his hand.

Kabhi dil ke kareeb, tumhe mere naseeb
Yun laayenge socha na tha

Sanskar opens his eyes with surprise.he cud’nt believe it. Ragini was shy.

Ek chahat ka pal, sab savalon ka haal
Yun paayenge socha na tha

Kabhi dil ke kareeb

Sanskar kisses her hand.then they hug each other romantically.

Kabhi dil ke kareeb, tumhe mere naseeb
Yun laayenge socha na tha-Socha na tha

karthik:where is this Sanskar?i doubt whether he is caught by them.Oh no…what will we do now if he is caught by them?
Swara:let me go & see what is happening there.
she goes there.she was shocked 2 see both of them hugging each other.she smiles & goes back 2 karthik.
Karthik:What happened?Did they catch him?

Karthik:Then why is he not coming?
Swara:don’t expect him now.he won’t cum.bcoz they r n luv.
She tells him what she saw there.
karthik i surprised.
Karthik:Naughty boy enjoying with his girl friend.I wonder how he wooed her so fast.

Swara smiles.They both leave.
Ragini runs away from Sanskar shyly..Sanskar smiles at her.

PART-4…Sanskar tells Ragini:atlast u stole my u r a thief.
Ragini giggles:what about u?u r also a heart thief.i had noticed u watching me from the beginning..
they laugh.
she:Sanskar..luv is a feeling…true luv can’t be hidden will automatically cum out.
Sanskar:You are right.That’s how our love burst out though we hid it in a mischievous way.
They smile.
Sanskar:But if ur dad opposes our marriage?
Ragini:never!he can’t stand against my wish.
Sanskar smiles.

while inderji & Swara were entering the house Sanskar was polishing inderji’s shoes and singing. Inderji was surprised 2 hear Sanskar’s sweet voice. Sanskar stops singing seeing him. he goes 2 the kitchen. Swara: told u papa,..Sanskar sings well.
inderji did’nt mind her.she becomes dull.

A song recording of Rahul ..
Ragini & harshini also cum 2 see it on the care of Swara. rahul came very late losing his professionalism.Ragini-harshini ask him 4 autograph,but he did’nt mind them.
inderji scolds him:now u r having so much of headweight.This attitude problem can harm you rahul.
rahul becomes irritated:Yes..I have attitude problem.So what?I am a big singer now.
Inder:However big you are you should be down to earth.
Rahul:I came here to sing,not to listen to your lecture.Tell me if you want me to sing or not.

Inder is silent.
Rahul:Ok..if you are not even bothered to answer me I have no time to sing for you.
he leaves the place.All are shocked.
every1 becomes sad.
Swara:Now what will we do dad?I doubt if Rahul will come back.
Inder: With this attitude I don’t want him to sing my song.Let him never return.
Swara:Then who will sing your song?
inderji was cool.He looks at Sanskar,u hav 2 sing this sing…
Sanskar ,Ragini,Swara are surprised.
Sanskar:Inderji..what did you say?
Inder smiles:You heard it right.You have to sing this song.

Sanskar did’nt get words 2 thank inderji. He is speechless.
He stammers:Inderji…
Inder:Sing my song.It is for you.
Sanskar becomes so emotional that he falls at his feet.Inder blesses him:You will do well.I am sure.
Sanskar smiles emotionally:Thank you..thank you very much.
Sanskar goes 2 sing.Everyone smiles.Ragini did some actions 2 show thumbs up to give him best of luck.Sanskar smiles.he looks at Ragini and sings the romantic song.

Hum tere bin ab reh nahin sakte
Tere bina kyaa vajood meraa

Tujh se judaa gar ho jaayenge
To khud se hi ho jaayenge judaa

Kyonki tum hi ho
Ab tum hi ho
Zindagi, ab tum hi ho
Chain bhi, meraa dard bhi
Meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho-Aashiqui2

the song becomes a big hit.

when Ragini was dreaming about Sanskar in her room during night,Sanskar comes from back .Ragini is surprised.

Sanskar:u were studying? Ragini:no…i’ll get a big zero 4 the exam.bcoz while i open my book,only ur face is seen.
Sanskar:i’ll giv u a medicine 2 study well.
he hugs her romantically.
She blushes.

Kabhi dil ke kareeb, tumhe mere naseeb

Yun laayenge socha na tha

Ragini:when u r becoming a popular singer,i’m getting tensed whether u r moving away from me..

Ek chahat ka pal, sab savalon ka haal

he:never,bcoz real luv can’t go song became nice since u were there with me.u r my inspiration 2 sing.

Yun paayenge socha na tha

Ragini smiles.

Kabhi dil ke kareeb

Ragini:i feel that those romantic lyrics were written 4 us.
Sanskar smiles.

Aankhein joh ab meri aankhon mein hain

Dhoond raha tha kayi salon se

Ragini:I will give you something.
She brings a plate of laddoo and jalebi.
Ragini:You love this.Right?That day you were eating it like crazy without even looking at me.Have this.

Sanskar:Who said i did’nt look at you?My eyes were on you.But you did’nt notice it.

Ragini is surprised:Really?
Sans:Ya..but you thought i ignored you and so you wrote I am a blo*dy fool.

Ragini is embarrassed.
Sanskar:In a way good that you did that.
He pulls her closer romantically:Because of that we are together now.
Ragini blushes.

Kitni milti hain aankhein yeh

Khwabon se mere khayalon se

They share a romantic eye lock.

Ke haqeqaat mein hum, sapno ka sanam

Yun paayenge socha na tha

Ragini:I will feed you sweets with my hand.
She feeds him sweets with her hand.He enjoys being fed by her.

Kabhi dil ke kareeb, tumhe mere naseeb-Socha na tha

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