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Hi friends your pari is back. Thanks for all your support. Guys i want to ask you something if you are liking it really na. Because nowadays only few are comenting. Guys if you want to change in story line just tell me or suggest me but please don’t stop reading. Hope i’m not boring you all with this story.

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Episode 16

Let’s start it

Swara and laksh comes back. Swara saw every one were waiting for them . Swara gets confused because the complete house was decorated. When they reached swara tries to get up. But laksh stops her.

Swara – what? I have to go inside.

Laksh – wait yaar. And then he gets up and went and opens swara’s door. Mam now you can come.

Swara – wow laksh today I’m feeling like a princess.

Laksh – no you are not a princess.

Swara – so mean laksh just tell lie na i know I’m not a princess.

Laksh – are you get angry.

Swara – are if i was princess na i should choose a cute,handsome prince for me. Why i had choose a sadu like you.

Laksh – really i’m sadu haan. You call me sadu because i told you that you are not a princess.

Swara – yah.

Laksh – are pagal i told because i thought you are a queen but i think you don’t want that.

Swara – sorry.

Laksh – it’s okay now let’s go. And he holds swara’s hand and enter inside.

Then swara got a heartly welcome from her family. After that Ap told her to go to her room to take rest. She went and sleeps for sometime.

Swara wakes up after sometime. She saw laksh was working on laptop.

Laksh – are you wake up. Go and get freshen up.

Swara – why?

Laksh – because you have to take medicine.

Swara – chi you told me to freshen up only to eat medicine.

Laksh – yah but what you thought.

Swara – I thought you will take me somewhere.

Laksh – where?

Swara – are let’s go na because i was bored of sleeping and eating medicine.

Laksh – no not now first you became fine then I’ll take you in a world tour.

Swara – really but i don’t want to come. Now let’s go somewhere na.

Laksh – no.

Swara – okay you will not take me na I’ll go with my boyfriend.

Laksh – he giggled. Boy friend who is he.

Swara – definitely a human being.

Laksh – I know that. And that was me only.
Swara – I told you that he was my boyfriend but you are my husband.

Laksh – what it’s not me. Tell me who is he?

Swara – wait I’ll call him.

Swara acted to dialed a number while laksh was full on suspicion mood to know who is that person. He thought seriously swara is calling someone.

Laksh – swara if you are seriously calling anyone.

Swara – common laksh why i’ll lie you.

Laksh – you are my wife haan .

Swara – so what Mr maheswari. wait let me call him. She puts the phone on ears. Hey its  ringing.

Laksh – what happened? he didn’t answer.

Swara – are i didn’t call him from so many days na that’s why may be he was angry. But I’m sure he’ll definitely pick my call after all he loves me so much.

Laksh- he thought oh god who is that person. If really he loves swara. And if swara will leave me for him then no no i can’t let that happen. I’ll see him today so that he’ll never eye swara again.

Swara – hi janu. … (she signs laksh that he picked the call ).Sorry na baby i was busy.
Laksh – now he can’t control more janu and baby beta tu toh aaj gaya. Then he snaches the phone from her and started talking. Hey who are you i don’t know and now even i don’t want to know. Listen to me swara is my wife and if you will call her again I’ll Kill you. Just then he heard swara is laughing. He turns to her and ask her the reason. Now why you are laughing.
Swara – nothing you continue.

Laksh – yah and you hlo hlo. .. But he didn’t get reply . Where is your boyfriend he wasn’t telling anything. He again heard swara is laughing. What is this why you are laughing and why this person wasn’t telling anything.

Swara – laksh you continue na he’ll definitely answer you.

Laksh – suddenly laksh thought something and saw the phone he saw no one is there on call. He understands that it was all swara’s plan.

Swara – if he was there give me na i want to tell him about how much i love him.

Laksh – yah you should na. Swara no one is there. You lied me.

Swara – oh god  my buddu boyfriend understand it finally.

Laksh – it means whatever you told that was a joke i thought you are serious.

Swara – laksh after falling in love with you in our collage i had never thought of anyone else. Then from where my boyfriend will come.

Laksh – okay but why you lied me.

Swara – i saw how insecure you are.

Laksh – oh hlo nothing like that haan. And you did prank with me now you are gone. And he started beating swara with pillow.

Swara – laksh you are gone then she also beat him. They played for sometime. In this time unknowingly laksh throw a cushion but swara got hurt as it hits on her stomach. She screams. Seeing her laksh became very much worried.

Laksh – he has tears in his eyes. I’m sorry swara. How can i be so stupid i’m really sorry.

Swara – no its okay.

Laksh – what  its not okay if anything will happens to you then i should be do it with care. If it is really paining. I’m really sorry.
And he hugs swara. And he was repeating only one line that I’m sorry.

Seeing his concern swara gers teary eyed. She was very much happy.

Swara – she thought laksh if you started loving me or this is your care only. But i just hope it was your love please god let my dream come true na after this I’ll never ask anything from you.

Swara – laksh i’m fine just look at me why you are feeling guilty. Are nothing will happen to me till you are here.

Laksh – he release her. He holds her face if anything happens then swara whatever be the thing i should be care ful. I can’t lose you. I can’t lose my best friend please. And he kissed her forehead.

Swara – she was very very much happy. In her happiness a tears comes from her eyes. In mind she thanked god. Laksh please stop these and let’s go. Please.

Laksh – okay then you get ready i’m just coming from maa she was going to tell me something.

Swara – yah you go I’ll get ready.

It ends with swalak happy face. .

Precap – not decided yet. ..

Guys please tell me frankly haan if you tell me then I’ll change the storyline. Please answer me. Okay guys bye and take care.

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  1. AMkideewani

    Superb my dear di❤️❤️❤️

  2. Inu

    Superb epi. Happy faces ofbswalak is what all fans are wanting. Thank u for that.

  3. Mica

    aawwww naughty Swaraaaaa….

  4. Awesomee…..just loved it..

  5. Loved it ??????

  6. Dharani


  7. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Outstanding di..Loved it.. It’s not boring at all…Plz don’t think like that???… Swara rocks, lucky shocks??.. Lakshhh, you are in love baby,plz realize it soon???.. Keep going di.. Waiting for nxt..
    Take care
    Keep smiling??

  8. Awesome

  9. Mahjabeen

    Wow awesome dear…loved it

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