SNS-Tera Mera Rishta Purana-Season 2 Part 92:ADRI’S MARRIAGE GETS FIXED!…

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Part 92-





DheEra’s room

Dharam is shown reading news on his laptop….Suddenly, his sight falls on the corner of the news site and gets shocked??….Just then, Meera comes from the bathroom and playfully sprinkles water on his face….”What happened Dharamji??”, Meera….”Who’s this?”, Dharam shows her the laptop….”Our Princess?”, Meera smiles….”Then what is she doing on this site?”, Dharam…..Meera looks clearly and gets shocked??”I….I….I don’t know Dharamji?…..Wait….I know this is from the shopping mall, we visited yesterday”….”??How many times I have told you, that if you go out with Medha take security with you….Now see what happened?”, Dharam….”I thought we are there to take care of her, so nothing would happen to her….”, Meera cries??….

”Meera, this is a new place for her, anything could have happen”, Dharam composes himself….”But Dharamji, who could be behind this??”, Meera worriedly says?….”That’s what….”, before Dharam could complete, his cell rang and he picked it….

Dharam: PHILIP???…..I WON’T LEAVE YOU?!….

Dharam cuts the call….

Meera: Dharamji, I think we should….

Just then, DheEra hears a knock on their door….Dharam opens the door and it’s Vidya, who came to tell them about Doctor Priya’s arrival….Dharam nods and goes out, while Doctor Priya enters in the room and closes the door…. 


Doctor Priya opens the door and sees Dharam and Vidya standing there….

Vidya: Is everything ok, Doctor Priya??…. 

Priya: Yes?!…

Vidya thanks Doctor Priya and goes inside the room to be with Meera….

Priya: Mr Suryavanshi, come with him….
Dharam: Yes Doctor….

Dharam: What happened, Doctor Priya?….What that Doctor told is true??….
Priya: See Mr Suryavanshi, I don’t know how that Doctor felt Meera’s pregnancy is risky….Though it’s true her baby’s position has been inverted but that doesn’t account for a high risk pregnancy….
Dharam: So are you telling what that Doctor told is…. 

Priya: No Mr Suryavanshi, I am not saying that Doctor is a fraud or is telling lies….What I meant is when she checked her, seeing her baby’s inverted position, she came to this conclusion….When I checked her and seeing her baby’s inverted position, I came to this conclusion that it can’t be accounted for a high risk pregnancy….In today’s world medical science has reached to greater heights….Nothing is impossible….It’s not new for us….But yes she shouldn’t exert herself much….Maybe, her delivery will be normal, without any worries…

Dharam: I don’t know how should I thank you Doctor Priya….You have given us a new hope now…..
Priya: Mr Suryavanshi, it’s ok….No need of thank you?….Ahh, but make sure she by any chance, doesn’t travel in a PLANE….Otherwise, it will….
Dharam: Yes, Doctor Priya I would make sure of that?!….But I need one more favor from you….
Priya: Yes, please say Mr Suryavanshi….What is it?….
Dharam: Actually Doctor Priya, I haven’t told my family about Meera’s high risk pregnancy….I don’t want them to get worried unnecessarily….So I have told them that you are coming for a normal check up of Meera….
Priya: Don’t worry, Mr Suryavanshi….I won’t tell anyone….It will be between us only?….

They walks down….

Janko, Urmila, Gaura, Jeetu and Parag are shown in the hall seated with Medha, when they sees Doctor Priya and Dharam coming down….On seeing Dharam, Medha runs to him….Dharam lifts her in his arms….

Priya: Hello, cutie pie?!…
Medha: Hey!… 

Medha cutely kissed on Doctor Priya’s cheeks….”Is everything ok, Doctor Priya??”, asked a worried Janko….”Yes Dadi, no need to worry?”, Priya states….”We are so sorry to trouble you so early, I told Dharam that nothing will be wrong with Meera, don’t know why he was so tensed”, Janko apologizes….”No Dadi, it was not a trouble at all?”, Priya….GauRag looks at Dharam, who assures them….

Priya: Now I take leave….
Janko: What’s so hurry, Doctor Priya?….Come sit with us….
Priya: No Dadi, not now….But next time surely I will?….Have to go….My husband’s flight would be coming anytime….Have to go receive him☺….
Janko: Ok then, but do remember you and your family have to come for Pari’s wedding☺….
Priya: So sorry Dadi, but Mom and Dad won’t be able to come….But don’t worry, me and my husband will come for sure?….I have already been sanction leave…. 

Janko: That’s wonderful☺….
Priya:  Yes!….But for now have to leave….(Gets a call)….See his call me☺….Bye everyone….(Call)….Yaa baby….☺…..

Doctor Priya goes from there….

Dharam and Vidya are shown seated on the sofa….Medha from her Dad’s lap reaches out to Vidya….It seemed Vidya’s large hoop earrings were attracting Medha’s attention….Her eyes were fixed on the  accessory, whilst her tiny hand tried to fit it’s way into the circumference of the ring…Despite, her hand being small, it was still quite big and could not go through the hoop….Everytime, Vidya moved her hand away, she’d give a reprimanding grunt and persisted in achieving her goal?…..”Jiju, I think you should get your daughter a pair of bangles….She is hell-bent on converting my earrings!”, Vidya….Suddenly, Medha moved off Vidya, got onto her Dad’s lap and buried her face into his chest….That could mean only 1 thing- Shravan was around!….For some UNKNOWN REASON, Medha was terrified of him….Everytime, he came in front of her, she’d go into hiding!….Each time, he went near her, she’d burst into tears….”Oi, my husband is not scary looking, that you are so frightened of him!”, Vidya pulled on Medha’s big toe….But she didn’t dare look up….Vidya takes Medha with her as Shravan and Dharam cached up….

Shravan: So what have you thought about Stanley?….Today, he crossed all his limits?….
Dharam: ?I told him clearly I won’t give him a single penny?…. 

Shravan: But what if we give him what he wants, he might stop troubling us again?….

“What is the guarantee that he will stop troubling us, after we give him what he wants?”, says Pari from behind….

”Yes exactly, he can’t be trusted”, Dharam states….”But we had already closed the work, and now the partnership doesn’t exist?”, Shravan confusingly says….

”Yes Shravan your right, we had closed the work, but the papers are still with him”, Pari….”Knowing him, it’s understandable that he can even manipulate that and I am sure he has!”, Dharam states clearly….

They continues talking…. 



All are shown seated in the hall, when the door bell rings….A servant opens the door and Janki and Adi comes inside….Everyone, greets them as they greets them back….Pari touches Janki’s feet and she blesses her….Adi and Pari shyly looks at each other?….Meera and Naiya notices that and teases Pari??….

Janko: Please come inside?….
Janki: Yaa sure?!….

They all sits on the sofa…. 


Servants are shown serving tea and snacks….AdRi are still looking at each other?….

Hetal: Panditji was saying after 6 Day’s it’s auspicious day for the wedding☺….
Janki: ☺
AdRi(In their mind): 6 Day’s☺?….

Suddenly, Pari hopefully looks at Janko, while she nods positively….

Janko: I was thinking, let’s make the wedding a grand affair and what better than a destination ☺…. 

Janki: We can have the wedding here in Mumbai itself, then why DESTINATION WEDDING?…

Janko: I know what you are thinking….But now we are family….
Urmila: Yes, only think about our children….See, how happy they will be….
Janki: Yes, your right….Maybe, I was thinking too much….Children’s happiness is my happiness☺….
Janki: So, Adi and Pari have you two thought about the place?….

AdRi looks at each other?….

Pari: Yes Nani☺!…
Jeetu: Which place?….
Pari: It’s my dream to get married grandly☺….

Hetal: But beta, you haven’t told anything about the place yet?….
Meera: Yes di, please tell the place….I am very excited?!… 

Janko: Pari, are you going to say or should I say?….
Pari: No Dadi, I will only say?….I WANT MY WEDDING TO BE IN JAIPUR☺!….
Dhawal: Wow??…. 

DheEra: So cool?!…
ViVaan:  Exciting?!…  

Naiya: ??
Adi(In his mind): JAIPUR?!…What a surprise☺!… 

Janki: ?
GauRag: Beautiful?!…
JeeMila: ??

HeRag are shown very happy…. 

AdRi looks at each other lovingly?….

DSDT instrumental plays….

Just then, a couple enters and says “Surprise!”….

Pari happily walks to them…Payal tries to hug her, but she ignores her?, and walks towards Uday….She takes the baby boy from his arms and plays with him….Payal frowns?”How mean?”….”Oi, my drama queen?”, Pari hugs her….

Hetal: What a surprise Payal and Uday…Come inside….

UdYal touches elders feet as they blesses them….

Urmila: He is so cute?!….
UdYal: ☺ 

Pari: By the way, what’s his name?….
Payal: We haven’t thought yet….
Meera: Can I hold him Payal di?….
Payal: Of course Meera, you can…No need of asking?…. 

Meera takes him in her arms….

Uday: Hey, Adi and Bhabhi…Congrats, finally your wedding date got fixed?…. 

Payal: Yaa jiju, it’s such a cool place??….
Adi: Yeah Bhabhi!….
Pari: So I will book flight tickets for everyone?….
Dharam: Nooo…. 

All: Huh?….
Dharam: I mean you all go by flight…I, Meeru and Medha will come by car?….
Pari: No jiju, we all will go by car only☺….
Dharam: But Pari, that’s not needed…By car it will take long time….
Pari: No jiju, it’s absolutely ok….?
Meera: But I think we should make peace with that Stanley….So that he won’t trouble us again….

Pari: But Meera what’s the guarantee that he won’t trouble us again….Elders will take a appropriate decision regarding him…You don’t stress yourself….
Meera: Ok di!…
Parag: Ok then, we all will go by car?….
Naiya: Yeah Dad☺!…. 

AdRi looks at each other?…. 



Pari’s room

Payal is shown making her baby sleep, while Pari is shown pacing the room, with mixed emotions….She stops at a point….

Payal: Till when are you going to do like this?…. 

Pari: Don’t know Payal…But I am having mixed feelings….I am very happy as I am going to begin a new chapter in my life….I am very sad too as this is the last day for me in this house?…. 

Payal: This happens….But wait who told you this is your last day in this house??….See even jiju wants you to stay close to this house….So you can come here whenever you feel like….Now don’t think of all this and think how beautiful your life will be from tomorrow….And then the wedding night?….Adi jiju will….??(Should I say more?)….. 

Pari blushes shyly…. 

Payal: Now your getting shy?….When it will actually happen….?

Pari throws a pillow in her direction as she catches it….PaYal hugs each other…. 




Kavya’s room

Kavya throws her cell angrily on bed?….Her husband comes to her and asks “What’s wrong?”…..”Dhawal wants me to come for the wedding?….And you know where’s the wedding?”, Kavya….”No”, he says….”It’s in Jaipur?”, Kavya….”See I told you before too you should go for it”, he explains her….”No way I am gonna go there, when I can enjoy it here without going anywhere?”, Kavya evilly says….”Means?”, he asks her….”Means, I have the CCTV footage of their booked Palace and also I have my trusted sources there too, so I will all the information as well as I can enjoy too, without going anywhere?”, Kavya explains her plan….

”Wonderful?”, he smirks evilly….”But the bad news is Meera’s pregnancy isn’t too much risky?….I so wished that Medha should have been DEAD that day, then we could…..(Kavya stops seeing Kokila’s shadow)….””Please be calm, we will definitely achieve our plan?”, he evilly says…. 



Suryavanshi Hotel

Room 509

Adi comes near the window and looks at the moon….He sees Pari’s face in that and blushes?….. 



Pari’s room

Pari comes near the window and looks at the moon….She sees Adi’s face in that and blushes?….. 


Their collage faces are shown….




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  1. Riana

    Graceful episode ???????
    Lots of shades were shown today…???
    Stanley is worst how can he do such a cheap thing !!! ???
    Meera & Doc Priya’s convo was gooood…
    Nice that she is coming on the wedding with her husband but not KriPi !!! ??
    Payal & Uday’s appearance was really sweet and wow AdRi’s wedding in Jaipur wow !!!…
    Dharam, medha and vidya scene was funny ??
    Lovely scene when payal teased pari ??
    Kavya scene was ??…She is so ?
    Precap- ❤️❤️❤️
    Updt soon ?

    1. Mansi

      Thanks a lot Riuuu????U mean to say Dharam n Doctor Priya’s convo right?Yes not KriPi only she n her husband?Yaa it’s Jaipur☺Will update very soon??

  2. Such a sweet update???UdYal got a baby boy?Loved how Janko convinced Janki for the destination wedding?Yaaay it’s Jaipur???So Meera’s pregnancy isn’t risky☺Pics???Looking forward to the next part?

    1. Mansi

      Thanks a lot dear????Yaa it’s Jaipur☺Will update very soon??

  3. AdRi admiring themselves in the moon???Payal teasing Pari???But which actor plays Priya’s husband?All will go by car?

    1. Mansi

      ☺Siddhant Karnick plays Priya’s husband Dhruv?

  4. Niyati

    Lovely one di….I loved all the scenes especially when Payal tease pari …Glad to know that Meera ‘s pregnancy isn’t much risky ….I am hell excited for precap….Update soon & lots of love ? ?

    1. Mansi

      Thanks a lot Niyu????Glad u loved all the scenes??Awww❤❤Will update very soon??Love u too sweetheart???

  5. All in one episode mansi.???????interesting update.????? Good to that Meera’s pregnancy is not at risk?????.Dharam saw Medha’s pic?????? but who done that?????. Medha ,vidya scene was funny.?????? Udyal arrival was a surprise?????. So there will be a destination wedding in Jaipur.????nice
    Precap seems exciting?????. Plz plz plz update it soon.??????& don’t forget
    Dheera’s romance ?????????

    1. Mansi

      Awww?Stanley have done that….Yaa it will be a destination wedding in Jaipur☺Will update very soon??Yep will definitely show DheEra’s romance in the wedding❤❤❤Thanks a lot Lavi????

  6. Jasminerahul

    shocking that medha’s pics have come online and its Philips after cheap of him to blackmail dharam.good that dharam refused to give him dharam pari said he can’t be trusted. hope medha will be safe.priya’s arrival was really grand.she gave good news that meera’s pregnancy is not that risky.really happy about it.guess priya has a modern look in this ff. well…drashti’s pics in doctor uniform is also available as she played doctor in dmg.if meera can’t travel by flight how will she go to Jaipur as car is dangerous during pregnancy.train is the best option for safe pregnancy.excited that adri wedding is near.destination wedding in Jaipur will be so grand.can’t wait for it.surprised about uday payal’s entry and my edit.can you please tell me who uday payal are.they have a kid was unexpected. loving the bonding of payal pari. lovely scene with nice dialogues.medha after vidya’s earrings and her reaction was funny and realistic as babies are usually seen doing it.this kavya going to view the destination wedding through cctv camera and shocking that her spies will be there.what’s she planning?hope she won’t cause probs there. why kokila is trying to over hear them?does she also have evil plans?so many attractive pics in this update.I am impressed.i wonder how you collect such wonderful pics.when i search I don’t get anything satisfying

    1. Mansi

      Thanks a lot Jazzy for such a sweet n long comment????Yes as he just wants his money….I am glad u liked Priya’s grand entry☺Yep she is modern in this FF?n as she told she has already been sanction leave she arrived in normal clothes not Doctor uniform….Yes by car☺Her advise of not letting Meera travel by Flight will have a greater impact in the story!!…Yes as not only this many more surprises are waiting in the destination wedding in Jaipur☺☺Yep ur edit?Uday is Adi’s best friend n Payal is Pari’s best friend?Yaa Kavya will see the destination wedding through CCTV n her spies are there already….Nope she won’t now?As she wants to know their hidden agenda/game plan…..Awww….Means a lot to me☺?

  7. Keep the good work up hun,by the way where is Riana?and why has she stop with her FF.You have some wonderful pictures and your storyline is interesting.Is it a continuation of former episodes? Or do you have a new one everyday every week or every month? Please let me know and I will start reading when ever I get the time hope you don’t mind my commenting.

    1. Mansi

      Thank u so much Jayashree Aunty????I am very happy by ur views on my FF☺?Of course I don’t mind it as I am very happy by ur views?Yep it’s a continuation of previous parts?About Riuuu she has not stop her FF’s but is having exams…..Soon she will update her FF?

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