SNS-Tera Mera Rishta Purana-Season 2 Part 91:MEDHA’S FIRST STEP!…

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Part 91-





MeeVi’s room

Meera and Vidya are trying to sleep but are unable due to Medha’s howling….”Di, please put a silencer on her”, Vidya complained as she held 2 pillows over her head trying to block out the sounds….The pillows provided little help as Medha’s power packed screams woke up the entire mansion…..Janko, Hetal, Urmila, Pari and Naiya came in the room and tried to pacify Medha but were unable to….Some servants and Pinks too tried but, WITHOUT LUCK!….MEDHA WANTED DHARAM AND THAT WAS THAT!…Not even a machine-washed, tumble-dried could quieten her down….Pacing from 1 end of the room to the other, only exhausted Meera as Medha’s tears continued to flow….”Papa”, she called continuously…..

Vidya: Di, please call jiju?…..
Meera: No need?!….I will pacify her….
Pari: Meera don’t be so stubborn, call Dharam jiju and fulfill her wish….
Meera: No di, there is no need to fulfill all wishes of the child?….. 

Everyone: ?

After 5 hours of pure noise, Medha retired out of tiredness; giving the mansion some much needed peace?, not to mention 2 hours, for the grown-ups to get their 40 winks of sleep…. 



Suryavanshi Hotel

Dharam’s Cabin

Parag: Dharam, I want you to sit in a very important meeting today?….
Dharam: But Dad I have no idea what’s happening in our business?….I was away on a 6 month cruise and before that; I was DEAD for a year?…. 

Parag: Dharam, even if you were away for 10 years, you did still be able to chair this meeting, I have full faith in you☺!…
Dharam: Hmm?!…

Dharam looked sadly at the gift-wrapped box on the table?, it was a new dress, he bought for his baby and wanted to give it to her first thing in the morning…..He had also packed Meera’s clothes, which she needed urgently…..

Parag: I will take it for you?!…
Dharam: Ok Dad!… 



Breakfast table

All are shown gracing the breakfast table with their sleep deprived faces, while Medha is shown sleeping in the room, WITHOUT A CARE IN THE WORLD!… 

Just then on seeing GauRag coming everyone puts on fake smiles??and greets them….

Gaura: Where is our granddaughter??….
Naiya: Actually Mom….
GauRag: ????
Parag: You should have called Dharam?!… 

Meera: Children should not be given EVERYTHING THEY ASK FOR?!…
All: ?
Urmila: But Meera, Medha is still so small, all this while, she was with BOTH her parents….Suddenly, now her Dad is not in front of her; and it’s confusing her….She is frightened that he is not around?….That’s she is crying for him?!…. 

Vidya: Right Mom?….But di thinks that if she keeps jiju away from Medha; then SHE WILL BECOME THE FAVORITE PARENT?!….
Meera: Shut up Vidya….I wouldn’t do THAT to my child?!….At 1 time Medha didn’t wanted to be around Dharamji, and now she can’t leave without him….!
Vidya: Ya, like MOTHER- like DAUGHTER!…
All: ????

Meera blushes, while Vidya smiles…. 

Parag gave Meera her bag of clothes….

Meera: Dad, that means all our stuff from Texas arrived☺?….
Parag: Of course beta, it came a month after you left for your honeymoon?!…

“Papa”, came the loud call from the bedroom….”Oh no, ROUND 2”, PaYa joked?….. 


MeeVi’s room

Parag took the child into his arms and consoled her lovingly: “Baby, your Papa is at work….He will come just now?….You must be a good girl till he comes….Can you do that?”….Medha nodded, but THAT was short-lived….Meera tried to feed her, but she refused to drink milk, saying a firm: “NO!”…..Vidya took a bowl of cereal  to her and tried to feed her with a spoon?…..”NO!”, Medha yelled and pushed Vidya’s hand, thus flinging the spoon of cereal onto Vidya’s face??….Medha laughed and clapped seeing her Maasi’s face??….Next Pinks too tried to feed her milk, but she pushed the glass and it fell down, breaking into pieces….. 

Naiya: ????

“You don’t want to eat, then I am taking you for a bath!”, Meera states….”NO!”, Medha screamed and kicked her legs into Meera’s stomach….Gaura quickly took the child when Meera held her abdomen and gasped in pain….”NO!”, Medha continued to screaming as Pari and Vidya bathed her by force….Poor Pari and Vidya were left drenched by the time the bath was over….Gaura tries to make Medha wear the dress which Dharam bought for her, but her favorite word: “NO!”, popped up again?….

Gaura: Beta, your Papa bought this dress especially for YOU….Don’t you want to wear it for him??….He will be here just now, it will make him very happy to see you wear it?…. 

Surprisingly, Medha lifted her arms; allowing them to dress her up….


Suryavanshi Hotel

Conference Room

Dharam stared at the clock, as the seconds-hand moved, VERY SLOWLY!….He was missing his family and surprisingly enough, it was Medha whom he missed more than Meera!…As soon as the consensus was reached, the meeting was adjourned and he was out of the door, not bothering with the formalities of shaking his colleagues hands…. 



Dharam’s car zipped through the Mumbai streets as he went full throttle on the accelerator…. 




Medha is shown happily crawling all around, even going in-between everyone’s legs….

Janko: Pari beta, Meera is resting…You please try again to feed the baby?….
Pari: Yes Dadi?!…

Pari tried to feed Medha, but she didn’t want to be fed!…The word of the day: “NO!”, was told over and over again….Everyone enjoyed her antics though…. 



Dharam rashly parked his car in the driveway, and briskly walked through the front door…. 



Dharam enters in the house, but no one noticed him coming in, but there was 1 that saw him and she was elected to have him back?….From her crawling position, Medha held onto the leg of the table and propped herself up….”Papa!”, she yelled out; alerting everyone of his presence….

Unsteadily, she took her first step towards him…Dharam looks at her proudly and kneeled down on the floor and stretched his hands towards her and urged her to walk to him….With just a step more to take, she stumbled and fell onto her bum!….

Dharam scooped her up the instant she burst into tears: “Now why are you crying?….You know what a big thing you did today….Ypu stood up on your own 2 feet and you took your first steps!….You know how proud your Papa is of you!”….

Dharam kissed both her cheeks and she immediately stopped crying?….He greets everyone….They all commented that they were so lucky to witness Medha’s first steps, but were sad too as the main person, Meera missed it….Urmila told Dharam about Medha not eating since last night and asked him to feed her….Vidya prepared a dish of mashed butternut and Dharam fed it to Medha, who ate as if she didn’t eat for weeks!….”Slowly sweetheart, you will get choked if you eat so fast”, says Dharam….But Medha gulped it….

Dharam: By the way Vidya, are YOU ALL doing all this, where are the servants??….And where is Pinks?…. 

Just then, Pinks comes from the kitchen holding a orange juice glass and drinks it….Dharam sees him and gets super angry on him: “Hey you?”…..Pinks turns around and says: “Who me??”…..”No I talking to that wall?”, Dharam angrily says…..”Then ok, I thought….?”, saying this Pinks tries to go?…..”Arey I am talking to you only IDIOT??”, Pinks gets scared hearing Dharam’s raging voice??…..

Pinks: Me??….What I did wrong now??….
Dharam: Aha don’t try to be innocent?….For what purpose you have been here with us?….
Pinks: Yaa, to take care of baby ji☺….
Dharam: Ohh, then why I am seeing you roaming here and there?….Why are you not taking care of Medha??….
Pinks: ?
Vidya: But jiju he is?….It’s just that di thought you won’t like it….So…. 

Dharam: Uff?….I don’t mind at all….
Pinks: So I can go now??….
Dharam: Go?!… 


DheEra’s room

“Ssshhh”, Dharam put his fingers on his lips, indicating to Medha that she must be quite as Meera was asleep….The baby mimicked her father by placing her finger on her lips and nodded when Dharam said: “Baby awaaz mat karna, Mamma so rahi hain?!”….As soon as Dharam neared the bed, Medha screamed out: “MAMMA”…..Dharam frowned at her and told sternly: “Didn’t I tell you to be quite?”….Meera woke up as soon as Medha burst into loud laughter….

Dharam: 1 Day, I was away, and you became so naughty!….
Medha: Papa, goo-gal☺!….
Dharam: No, not GOOD GIRL, you are “naughty girl”!….

Medha turned her mouth downwards and pretended to cry, but what she actually wanted was, for her father to apologize and pet her again; WHICH DHARAM DID!….Meera teared, hearing that she missed Medha’s first steps and prompted Medha to do a replay, but she flatly refused: “NO!”….. 

Just then, Vidya comes in the room and shows them a clip….It was a clip of Medha’s first steps….Meera gets overwhelmed seeing it and thanks Vidya…She goes from there….

“Who’s the pretty girl in the video?”, Meera shows Medha’s “act” to her….The child put her hand on her chest, giving the answer that SHE was the “pretty girl”  and both parents gushed over her proudly…. 


Early Evening


Meera and Gaura are shown having tea and snacks…. 

Meera: Mom, I was thinking that we should pay Philip his money….At least he won’t trouble us again….
Gaura: Meera, you don’t need to stress yourself in this matter….We elders will think on it?…..
Meera: But Mom….
Gaura: Just think about your baby and nothing else?…..
Meera: Ok Mom?…. 


DheEra’s room

Meera, Naiya, Pari and Vidya are shown talking….

Vidya: Let’s go for shopping???….. 

On hearing shopping Medha jumps in excitement????…..

Meera: On this she has gone on you?….
Vidya: Cool?….
Pari: But we don’t need any shopping right now….
Vidya: No Pari di, we will go for window shopping??…..
Pari: Yaa, that’s fine☺…. 

Naiya: Lovely?….You all go for it☺….

Pari: You all means?….You won’t come with us??….
Meera: Exactly!….
Naiya: Actually di…..?
All: ??

MeeRiYa sees Naiya looking outside the door with her eyes fixed on Dhawal talking on the phone and understands the matter….

Pari: Oh ho….Thats why you don’t want to come??…..
Naiya: ?I have only few days with him….Then he will be gone?…. 

MeeVi: We understand that?….
Pari: Enjoy?!…
Naiya: ? 




Pari is shown driving the car, while meets is seating in front seat and Vidya in back seat with Medha….

Vidya: Pari di let’s go to see your new house in Mumbai?….
Pari: Yeah sure☺!…
Meera: Yaa, even I want to see your new house di?….
Pari: So let’s go there first and after that we will go for window shopping☺….
MeeVi: ?? 


Rathod Mansion (RM)

Pari: This is where we will stay after our marriage with Nani, Roopa Aunty, Shivu and Shakti jiju?☺….
Vidya: Wow Pari di it’s beautiful??…. 

Meera: ??Yaa Shivani was saying they are going to shift to Mumbai after the marriage….
Vidya: I am so happy that you will be in Mumbai only after your marriage?….
Pari: Actually he wants me continue my work after the marriage and also stay close to my parents so he decided to shift here in Mumbai only….He will make his business here?….So we bought a house close to my own house☺…. 

Meera: Awww that’s so sweet of jiju??…..
Vidya: Adi jiju is such a sweetheart?….Now Meera di I want to see your house☺….
Meera: Yeah sure☺….Even I haven’t seen it since long time…. 

Pari: Then let’s go☺….
MeeVi: Yaa☺!… 


Dharam Niwas

Meera gets overwhelmed seeing it….

Vidya: Wow??….
Pari: I think some construction work is going on here….
Meera: OMG?!….When did….I think Dharamji did all this….See there Viraat’s room is getting constructed☺….. 

Vidya: So cool?….
Pari: Yaa?!…. 


City Mall

MeeRiYa arrives there….A man wearing a hoodie follows them….Vidya feels someone’s presence right behind their back and turns around but finds no one….The man is shown hiding behind a wall….

Pari: What happened Vidya??….
Vidya: Nothing Pari di….I thought someone is following us?….
Meera: What??….Vidya it’s a mall, definitely people must be following us….What’s the new thing in that?….
Vidya: Maybe ur right Meera di….
Pari: Ab Chalo….

They continues walking, while the man comes from his hiding and again follows them….Vidya again feels someone’s presence right behind her, but ignores it….She covers Medha’s face with her scarf and turns her face in the front…. 


Food Plaza

MeeRiYa after enjoying in their window shopping comes there to eat something….The man following them comes there too and hides himself in a safe place….

Meera: What happened Vidya??….
Vidya: I think something is wrong….Someone is indeed following us….
Meera: You and your story?….
Vidya: ?
Meera: I want to eat something spicy?….But where’s di?….
Vidya: Pari di has gone to cake section☺….

Vidya makes Medha have water from her water bottle but by mistakenly Medha drops it down….Vidya bends to take it and in the process the scarf gets removed from Medha’s face….The man seizing the opportunity clicks Medha’s few pictures and goes from there….Vidya again covers her face with the scarf but his purpose is fulfilled….

Meera: Then let’s go there….

Just then, Pari comes there eating her cake?….. 

Pari: Sorry guy’s I just can’t control myself seeing it?….It’s too yum?….
Vidya: But what about Adi jiju di?….If you keep on eating like this then do you really think he will marry you??….
Pari: It doesn’t matter to him….Plus he knows my love for cakes☺….Most importantly he loves me not my….
Vidya: Anokha pyar☺….But I will go for juice?….
Meera: Umm?….

They continues enjoying there…. 




MeeRiYa comes home and as soon as Medha sees Naiya she happily crawls in her arms…. 

GauRag informs Dharam what all happened with Meera and also says that he shouldn’t wait anymore and tell about the PREGNANCY AS FAST AS POSSIBLE!…He agreed…. 


DheEra’s room

Dharam comes in the room and Meera looks at him….

Meera: Dharamji, you seem worried!…Anything wrong??…. 

Dharam: Ya Meeru, there is something I have to tell you….It’s about YOU, VIRAAT and THIS PREGNANCY!…
Meera: Then are you saying 1 of us could die!….But you said everything was fine….Then what went wrong?….I don’t know about me but I don’t want to lose Viraat?….There must be something we could do, to put it all right again, right Dharamji?…. 

Dharam: No Meeru, Viraat’s position in your stomach has inverted….Don’t know how it happened but when he is born; he will be coming out, FEET FIRST!…We have to be extremely careful….I don’t want to lose either of you….
Meera: I don’t believe all this….I want second opinion regarding it….
Dharam: Meeru…. 

Meera: That’s my final decision, Dharamji….
Dharam: Then Meeru, I will call our family Doctor….Doctor Priya will come tomorrow to check you?….
Meera: ?

They sleeps peacefully…. 



Hetal: Panditji was saying after 6 Day’s it’s auspicious day for the wedding☺…. 

Pari hopefully looks at Janko, while she nods positively…. 

Janki: We can have the wedding here in Mumbai itself, then why DESTINATION WEDDING?… 


A couple enters and says: “Surprise!”…. 

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