Porus 6th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Puru Befriends Masked Warrior

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Porus 6th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Puru escapes with Laachi and hides in jungle. Pourav soldiers search him. Anusuya meets him and asks what they will do, Pourav soldiers are searching them. Puru hides with them behind tree and throws his knife. It hits masked warrior and he falls down. Puru catches him and sees his face, says he tried to kill him before, who is he. He says if he reveals his identity, he will not believe. Puru points knife at him and warns to reveal his identity, else he will kill him. Warrior says he is the one whose kingdom was looted by Bamni and he is Pourav rastra’s biggest enemy, he is Takshashila’s prince and Ambhi’s son. Anusya gets emotional hearing he is her nephew and says she saw him when he was a child, how is her brother Ambhi. He says Ambhi hates Pouravs and he was sent to kill Puru, but he stopped when he saw Puru is Pourav rastra’s traitor now. Puru says enemy’s enemy is friend, let us go to Takshashila now and plan to take revenge from Pourav rastra. Warrior says he will find out way out while Puru can wait there. Anusuya reminisces Ambhi’s hatred towards Bamni and how he cheated Anusya, etc.

Mauses informs Darius that Puru is found no where. Bamni hears that and fumes that he will catch Puru at any cost.
Darius brainwashes him that Puru is backed by someone and cannot be caught easily, says he did not see Anusuya after Puru escaped, where is she.

Anusuya asks Puru not to go to Takshalshila as Ambhi hates him a lot. Puru asks her not to worry, he is going to fulfil his dream of one Bharath and this is his first step towards it. Anusuya emotoinally wishes him good lucky, pampers Laachi and then Ambhi kumar and waves them good bye.

Anusuya returns back to palace and asks Bamni if he called her. He asks how can she be so calm after a traitor escaped and where was she when Puru escaped. Darius interferes. Anusuya warns him not to interfere in her family issues.

Alexander drags Oracle to punishment area and asks what did she brainwash her mother. Oracle says she told truth. He asks if she thinks he will die if he goes to Bharath. She says she did not say that, nobody can defeat him, but he will not return back to Macedonia. He says he did not start the journey to stop and she should be punished for her mistake. She pleads to spare her. He slits her throat and kills her. He then tells Olympia that he has taken a path and will never back off.

Precap: Anusya challenges if someone thinks she helped Puru escape, they should prove it, else keep their mouth shut. Puru reaches Takshashila and sees Ambi wrestling and defeating opponents.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Wow. Very interesting episode. I was thinking that Anusuya’s brother is dead but I am so impressed with Ambi’s son. I hope that he will be good one. Many antagonist in this show.

  2. Not sure if right decisions were made today. Puru going to Takshila and Alexander’s actions.
    But loved Anusiya today. HATED Darius and HATED Dumbini and his stupidity.

  3. So Puru is on his way to build one India… And I know he will succeed because he has given the word to his mother… All the people like Bamani, Kanishka, Hasti and Darius ofcourse will know who is Purushottam… And that he never leaves any work incomplete.

  4. nana ayesherh

    woah! I’m very impressed

  5. Rajasekar Deeraj Prasath

    I think anusuya’s dream is difficult to achieve and she is too arrogant towards darius after she regained status of a queen. She does not realize how powerful faras are. Anyway, bamini is never going to agree with anusuya and will never support her against her fights against faras. Let’s see how puru is going to succeed. Anyway typing like this is of no use. The serial is totally fictional. There is no historical evidence about king porus. This serial is suitable only for entertainment and not any knowledge gathering.

    1. U r wrong my friend , there is historical evidence of king porus but not in any indian historical books. He is depicted as a brave , courageous & patriotic king in Greek historical books of Alexander’s era. In fact those books say that Alexander was greatly impressed by the patriotism of porus so that he left the fight with porus & also extended hand of friendship to porus. Porus is actually the one & only Indian king who is being named in Greek historical books.

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