SNS-Tera Mera Rishta Purana -Season 2 Part-65 {THRILLING EPISODE}

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Part 65-


Maheshwari Mansion is shown

Giriraj is shown worriedly pacing back and forth….Rocky comes there and tells him….

Rocky:Dad sit down…I told u before too; they will find poison in the test, but they won’t know from where(exactly)it came, they will automatically assume, it’s from the mine?!!…
Giriraj:But what if….
Rocky:Dad….NONE of the people have the brains; to figure this 1 out?!!…

Giriraj goes to his room while Rocky calls Niti after going in his room….

Niti:Hi baby???….
Rocky:Hi babe☺….
Niti:U are sounding disturbed???…
Rocky:O what to say??…
Rocky:Though I told Dad to relax and not worry but I am myself worried??….If they….
Niti:Ohho baby u are taking unnecessary tension….Nothing will go wrong?….
Rocky:Hope so?….

They continues talking….

Scene shifts to a Church⛪

Meera:Are u ok??…
Roopa:I was pregnant when I was traveling by bus?with my husband and daughter to my sister’s house☺….We all were very happy?….But on the way back, our bus collided with a truck?and the driver lost control?….Our bus flew off a cliff and came to a halt in a ravine….Many were injured but my family was wiped out??….Besides me nobody survived?….I thought I lost my baby too?, but Doctor told he is a miracle baby☺….He became my reason to live….My world revolved around him….I fulfilled all his wishes….This is the reason when he told about his plans to serve the nation, I was initially worried; but later agreed as I can’t see him upset….After he gone there, I stopped buying newspapers?, and also got rid of TV?…..I didn’t wanted to know the dangers he was facing at the border?….Then 1 day….

FB starts

Roopa gets a call saying Virendra had been shot twice in Kargil….Her heart stopped beating….

Infirmary(Army Hospital)

Roopa comes there to see Virendra….Virendra(Pradeep Duhan) is shown in a jolly mood….Roopa hugged him tightly….

Virendra:Mom those bullets didn’t kill me, but u are surely gonna suffocate me?….

FB ends

Roopa:When he came back, I forbade him to go; but he convinced me otherwise?and left?….
Meera:Aunty where is Virendra ji now??…
Roopa:My son is dead??….He died a year ago?…When u saw me leave the house, I went to the river-bank; to do his one year ceremony….

Shivu too listened to their talks hiding near the bushes….

Meera:Aunty how did he die??…
Roopa:Viren and 4 soldiers were returning to their post, after completing a successful mission….They were do pleased with themselves, that they forgot that they were crossing into a mine field…1 Of the soldiers stepped on a limpit mine and it exploded?….In that explosion, 2 men died?….The force from that explosion over threw Viren and he landed very close to another mine?….On hitting the ground, Viren had triggered THAT mine to go off??….Well, as he was a MIRACLE BABY- he survived the blast….But he had many injuries?; and above that, a severely disfigured face?….I showed u the picture remember Meera??…
Roopa:His skin was so burned, I was afraid to touch it???….His voice, that was always filled with love, was so strained now??….He had sustain a fracture in his skull too??….Though doctors told me he will be fine, but I could see the pain that my child was undergoing???….I am a nurse- I KNEW WHAT WAS COMING NEXT???!!!…The doctors were interested in only one thing…That was to reconstruct his face….For me, his face didn’t matter; I just wanted his pain to go away??….But his pain was increasing day by day??….1 Day he asked me the thing- I DREADED HIM ASKING!!…He asked to END his life???….

Now Shivu came out and said…

Shivu:Don’t say that aunty….Don’t say u killed him….

Shivu burst out crying????….Roopa hugged her….Meera too could not stop her tears….In the meantime “ Virendra” too was walking towards them slowly….

Roopa:He begged me to “ Kill” him??….

FB starts


Virendra:Plz Mom, for me do it for me….It hurts so much Mom…My head is aching Mom….I can’t take the pain anymore??….Mom plz do something?….

FB ends

Roopa:I finally agreed?….I never believed in euthanasia, but now, I was about to do it myself….His last words: “ I love u so much Mom and for doing this for me- I LOVE U EVEN MORE!!…Tell Shivu- I loved her, till I died!!”….I took a empty syringe and blew air into it and injected it into his system?….Within next few minute, the air bubble reached his heart; and stopped it from beating further???….

Shivu ran off to her house and cried hugging Janki….Janki and Adi consoled her….

Meera:Aunty how did Dharamji came to lead his life???…
Roopa:Viren died in the night and the next morning I had him cremated at a lavish funeral given by the Indian army…I dropped his ashes into the river and was turning to come back, when I heard someone whimper in pain….It was Dharam, but at that time I didn’t knew who he was?….I immediately went to assist him…The moment he spoke to me, I was reminded of Viren??…I took advantage of him, when I found that he remembered nothing from his previous life….When I took him to the hospital, he was the one chosen; to donate blood to u, Meera….Still at that time I didn’t know his connection to u…It was after couple of months, that I came to know his real identity; but by then he was very comfortable as Virendra….I was very selfish there, I knew there was a mother, father, a sister and a wife that was grieving for him??….But u all had each other to lean on, I had NOBODY?!!…So I kept that secret and hoped that he never gets his memory back?….It was only today that I discovered that he had a daughter…I wouldn’t have wanted that child to grow up without a father?….

Virendra came in time to hear….

Roopa:I must accept it now, my son is dead…MY SON VIRENDRA IS DEAD???!!!…
Virendra:Then who the hell am I???…

He goes from there angrily….

Roopa:Go to him Meera…Tell him the truth…

Meera ran? after him….Virendra goes to a garage and got into a car?….Meera too jumped in the car….

Virendra:GET OUT?!!!…
Meera:No I am not going anywhere?….

One of the mechanic got tense as the car had faulty brakes??….


Virendra:She liked to me?….

He is driving in high speed….

Meera:Slow down Virendra ji, we can talk about this calmly?….

But Virendra didn’t listened to her and kept driving in high speed….

Meera:Stop the car, then we’ll talk…I will tell u who u are and why aunty lied….
Virendra:DON’T TAKE HER NAME MEERA JI?….She has always lied to me…
Meera:I know Virendra ji but there is an explanation?…

Virendra continued driving like a maniac….Meera’s pleas went to deaf ears….Virendra tried slowing down, but the car refused to slow down, let alone STOP!!…He pumped the brake pedal, but NOTHING??!!…

Virendra:Ohh no….There is no brakes?….
Virendra:There is no brakes Meera ji, I can’t stop the car???….

Suddenly Virendra got some flashes from that night….Being in a car; that’s going at top speed and had no brakes….He held his aching head, while Meera quickly took hold of the steering wheel….

Meera:Are u alright, Virendra ji???…
Virendra:I have been in this position before?….

Meera knew exactly what he was talking about…

Meera:Ab hum kya karenge????…
Virendra:I think we’ll need to jump!!…

Just then, they saw a truck?coming towards them…As Virendra couldn’t keep the car steady in his lane, he veered into an open field…

He was still getting the flashes…He was talking to someone on the cell?….He discovered the car had no brakes…Suddenly the doors began to lock on it’s own…He struggled to open the doors, but they won’t budge…He kicked out the widescreen(THAT WAS THE SOUND OF GLASS SHATTERING)….He jumped out through that, and the car exploded….All went blank after that….

Meera:Virendra ji….Viren ji…

Virendra came out of the flashback…

Virendra:Meera ji we are nearing a cliff…U have to jump…
Meera:And u??
Virendra:Don’t worry about me…U jump….
Meera:No NOT WITHOUT U?!!…
Virendra:Tum itni ziddi kyun ho???…
Meera:We will jump together!!..
Virendra:Just open the door and get out….
Meera:No Viren…
Virendra:MEERA JI, PLZ….
Meera:I said NO?!!…
Virendra:Jump now?…
Meera:No way?!!…

The cliff was nearing…

Meera:We will jump together…U from ur side and I from my side?….
Virendra:Meera ji u jump first and I will follow…
Meera:No Viren ji?….NOT HAPPENING!!!…
Virendra:Plz Meera ji….
Meera:No Viren!!!…

Simultaneously both jumped out from their respective sides and the car flew down the eembankment….Meera looked all around her, but she could not see Dharam…


Dharam appeared suddenly and she ran? and hugged him….Dharam got a bit hurt, when he ended up jumping in the thorny bush….A small amount of blood oozed from the wound on his shoulder….When Meera hugged him, the blood from his cuts smeared onto her forehead, thus marking her empty maang….

Tere Dil ka mere Dil se
Rishta purana hain

Meera:I thought I lost u, Dharamji???….

In ankho se har aansu
Mujhko churana hain
Mujhko churana hain

Dharam:Not in this lifetime, Meeru?!!…

Tere Dil ka mere Dil se
Rishta purana hain


A family reunites????!!!…

Sooo was this thrilling????Share ur views on it below in the comment section????

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  1. it was a thrilling episode mansi . great job ,awesome update. Finally Meera found her Dharam. very happy. Dharam gets his memorable back , super happy for this . precap is nice . family reunion. plz don’t end this FF so early. it has become a special one for me . and we all DHEera shippers are missing u in our AT. come soon . & u promised me that u will show an episode similar to that part 45 of season 1 . so remember that one. and one rain romance too. although I loved the update………… and plz update as soon as possible………. love uuuuuuuuu.

    1. Mansi

      Thanks a lot Lavi???this FF is not ending?Awww????Me too missing u all a lotttttttt????will come soon?Love u toooooo??????Glad u loved the update???

    2. Mansi

      Yeah I remember my promise of showing an episode similar to the part 45 of season 1??but it’s hard to recreate that part?will show rain romance very soon???

    3. Mansi

      Stay Tuned??!!

  2. Jasminerahul

    hope Rocky giriraj get exposed. is niti negative or supporting them without knowing their ugly secret?roopa telling about the real virendra touched my heart.he requested and roopa did mercy killing.very painful.his last dialogues were so emotional. wonder how will shivu react other than roopa made others believe that after surgery viren’s face changed.right?dharam came to know the truth and is so frustrated.angry with roopa too.loved meera following him to console him and trying to not let him hate brake. did this happen?did anyone do it?jumping into the river together and meera hugging him after finding him..dharam’s blood filling her maang after a long time and the last dialogues of dheera were lovely

    1. Svetlana Kapoor

      Good to know di u are not angry with me?n u accepted the truth too?but then why u didn’t replied to my hi??

      1. Jasminerahul

        I had replied in your last comment

    2. Mansi

      Thanks a lot Jazzy???they will be exposed soon?Niti loves Rocky n doing this for him….Yaa she knows about it….Yes Roopa made everyone believe that after surgery Virendra’s face got changed….Glad u loved MEERA consoling him???

    3. Mansi

      No one tampered with the car….As it’s brakes were not working, the owner brought it in the garage for repair which Virendra didn’t knew about n so he took that car with him?

  3. Riana

    I very much loved it manuuuu ?????????…. this episode was the best in season 2….??????….Viren’s death story was filled with sorrow…?????….But finally roopa cleared all.doubts n now everything is cleared to meera….Ohhh no viEra met with an accident n suddenly vrien recalled this memory that is DHARAM !…?????….That scene was my favourite…DHEERA is backkkk finally…Precap is familu reunion superb !…????….updt soon….???

    1. Mansi

      Thanks a lot Riuuuuu????Glad u loved it very much????Awww????it means a lot to me????Glad to know Virendra recalling his memory that he is Dharam was ur fav scene????Yeah Dheera is back???

    2. Mansi

      Stay Tuned??!!

  4. Riana

    Dheera is on fire now ?????….And it was a thrilling…shocking n special episode for me too…???????

    1. Svetlana Kapoor

      Agree with u on that R di?????????????

    2. Mansi


  5. Such an emotional episode Mansi.. i have no words.. it’s just fantabulous..

    1. Mansi

      Thanks a lot Faby???

  6. Svetlana Kapoor

    What a thrilling episode diiiiii????????????????????????

    It’s very emotional too?????felt bad for Roopa?????

    Never knew she had suffered so much???????

    Good choice of actor for Virendra’s role??

    NiCky are so irritating??????

    This car incident reminded Dharam of the previous car incident???

    Both Dharam n Meera are stubborn?????They jumped together from the car at last ?????

    Blood from Dharam’s shoulder got on Meera’s empty maang????as she hugged him❤❤❤❤

    Loved the last dialogue of Dharam” Not in this lifetime, Meeru?”❤❤❤❤❤with tera mera rishta as BG??????

    After how long u showed this BG❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    Precap is lovely???????????

    Update soon??

    1. Mansi

      Thanks a lot Svetu???Glad u loved the last dialogue of Dharam with tera mera rishta as BG???

    2. Mansi

      Stay Tuned??!!

  7. Svetlana Kapoor

    But di when will u show AdRi’s wedding???

    1. Mansi

      AdRi’s wedding will be shown soon????but before that a surprise awaits u all????????

  8. Svetlana Kapoor

    When will Dhawal’s parents Trupti and Umang will come??missing them????

    1. Mansi

      They will come in AdRi’s wedding?

  9. waiting for ur update mansi.

    1. Mansi

      Very soon will update Lavi??

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