Ishqbaaz ff Chapter 1

Shivaay was talking in his phone when his dadi comanded him to go to temple and give dakshina to pandit ji and also ask him to come today for maha arti

Shivaay was driving

He arrived temple

On other side a girl was was playing with kids
She is our Anika .

Then she went to temple but there was a big queue

Anika : Why here there is a big queue

Man : Arey don’t you know a big man has come. So we have to wait

This made Anika angry

Anika (Shouting) What the hell. Arey Don’t you know orhers also want blessing . Ehat if you are big man even we are also humans

So shivaay came forward and threw bundle of notes

Shivaay : Take this and keep your mouth shut

This made anika more angry

While Shivaay was in his phone

Anika came there with bat ehich Shivaay did’nt noticed

Shivaay : Oh so you want more money..

Till then Anika broke the front glass of his car which stunned shivaay

And then she threw the money on his face

Anika : Next time don’t you dare show me this money . Otherwise I will beat you with my chameli.

And then she left

This made Shivaay Angry and he threw his phone

Actually I was seriously missing this scene So thought to  give again .

This is one of my fav story

Next part coming soon

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    Superb update


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    It is awesome

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