siyappaa wali ishqbazi part 12

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Part 11

Hiii guys this is savera again with a new episode hope u guys like it and thank u for u all to comment on it this makes me very happy reading ur comment and specially ARPITA the way u comment I just loved it…….. keep commenting guys……….
Here the episode starts
Rudra gets sad seeing soumya with reyaan [actually guys reyaan is a family friend of anika and he comes in her marriage with soumya as she is his good friend ,after rudra said to her to leave his life she always supported by reyaan as a good friend overall he is a good man.
Shivom comes to rudra,
Shivaay-did u show ur charm to girls and get to know about anika room or not …..
Rudra-thinks of soumya
Om-where r u lost dumbbell u know na we want to go our dulhania
Rudra-said frequently even I want to go to my dulhania…..
Shivom what did u say…
Rudra-nothing bhaiyaa anika di room is upstairs u can go and meet her
Om-what about kanishka room?
Rudra-om she is ur dulhania or mine
Om-ofcourse mine
Rudra-then go and find about her……..
Om-rudra u r my brother ………..
Rudra-u both go to ur dulhania I will just come …….

In anika room,daal ji comes
Anika asked him did u talk to kanishka di about marriage
In mean while shivaay was just climbing to reach anika’s room window
Daal ji-no I didn’t talk to her yet but I will talk once u get married puttar
Shivaay reaches to window and hide behind the curtain slowly
Anika-daal ji u know very well that I agreed to this marriage becoz u r ready to convince di for second marriage and now u r saying that u will talk to her my marriage don’t forget daal ji the girl who can run away once can also run second tym also and this tym u will not be able to catch me and I create more siyaapaa in ur life
Daal ji-ok I will talk her now……. And leaves the room
Shivaay listens all their conversation and thinks so she don’t want to marry that langur she is doing all this for her sister and thinks yes I m very happy and in excitement he come out of the curtain and anika sees him
Anika says billu ji u here ……but shivaay didn’t react and she thinks that anika stop thinking nonsense he is not infront of and its just ur illusion so she turns back and shivaay hides behind the curtain

Anika talking to herself what happen to me I m seeing shivaay everywhere then she says why will he come he must be doing planning of his wedding night and don’t know what happened to di….. she was saying like mad that I m in love with billu ji ,then she says to herself no I m not in love with billu ji but why I m seeing him everywhere ,then she says o bête ki I m in love with billu ji becoz in bollywood movies all the things happened to someone who is in love and all these things r happening to me I m thinking about billu ji …. Seeing him everywhere then she says haye m lut gyi barbaad ho gyi billu ji get married to that universe ki dukaan and I had to marry that langur anu is bar toh dil wala solid siyapaa ho gya
If I run from marriage it is of no use becoz billu ji is already married and what will I do my lovestory become devdas ki story….
Shivaay who was listening all this hiding behind curtains want to laugh a lot but control himself and thinks so siyapaa queen is also feeling the same which I feel for her I should her but he stops and thinks not so easily shivaay lets do some siyapaa afterall she makes u siyaapaa king and baghoda dulha so I will not tell her all the thing so easily
And slightly went down through window

Om finds about kanishka room and he also climb to her room window
He enters her room carefully but daal ji enters to her room so he hides behind curtain……..
Daal ji-kaniska puttar I need to talk to u something important
Kanishka-daal ji say what do u want to talk
Daal ji-anu is going to get married and she will leave this house
Kanishka –then daal ji ask her not to do this marriage
Daal ji-I m not saying this I m just saying u also need happiness after anu leave from there u will be alone
Kanishka-daal ji what u want to say…
Daal ji-u should marry once again for ur happiness
Kanishka gets shocked listening all this and says daal ji I don’t have courage to trust someone again in my life I m happy with my life
Daal ji -puttar plz think about urself give me and u a chance this tym I will not do any mistake in finding the groom u just say yes to marriage
Kanishka-ok daal ji I agree to get marry if u stop anu’s marriage
Daal ji get shocked listening this and says what u both sister want u have to agree with out any condition u get that and leaves from there
Om listened all this and gets sad he also leaves from there with saying anything to her from window
Rudra goes to soumya
He sees reyaan and somya practicing dance for sangeet and soumya sees him so she start dancing with reyaan closely ,rudra about to go to her but he thinks she is reyaan’s wife so he lefts from there in anger
And now all obro meet together

Om-shivaay my lovestory spoiled before starting dara singh is asking her to get marry
Shivaay-anika is marrying becoz she wants kanishka to marry again
Rudra-ur both dulhania didn’t get married yet but my dulhania get married to that looser
Shivaay-u find married dulhania
Om-r u talking about soumya
Rudra-yaa and she is practicing dance with that looser
Om-but how soumya is here
Shivaay-and she is married to u before divorce she cant get marry again
Om-rudra still u have a chance if u want to improve ur mistake then don’t miss this opportunity
Rudra-u r right om I will not let come that looser close to my sumo……..
Shivaay-don’t worry guys u lovestory will be completed becoz shivaay singh oberio the great wall is here when I m here no need to worry so lets go
Rudra-bhaiya it’s a main door and ur mistaken again…….
Shivaay-but we r barati and barati always enter from main door
Om-shivaay r u ok what is going in ur mind
Shivaay –u just wait and watch……
Shivomru enters while doing there signature step
Shivomru goes to daal ji and touches his feet and says we r here to attend anika marriage
Daal ji thanks him for taking care of anika
Shivaay can we meet anika…..
Daal ji –ya sure he ask a girl to take him to anika room
Rudra to shivom slightly bhaiya why is he saying to that girl to take us didi room we know her room we can go ourselves
Shivom-shut up rudra
And go behind that girl
Kanishka also come to anika room for telling her what dara singh said to him
Kanishka-anu what r u doing ?
Anika-nothing di just selecting the clothes I m just confused
Anika turns back to her but she sees shivaay on the door and she thinks again it must be her illusion….. and again concentrate on selecting clothes and says di tell me what will I wear……

Omru comes from backside shivaay and says bhaiya bhabhi didn’t even react seeing u and u r thinking that she is in love with u….
Shivaay-relax omru she is just thinking I m her illusion that’s why she is not reacting
Kanishka sees shiv omru and says anu… shivaay
Anika busy in selecting dress and says di he is not here u r also seeing him everywhere ,like me
Shivaay says to anika so u r seeing me every where siyapaa queen but why? In a teasing tone
Anika gets shocked and says u.. he…here…bil..billu..ji
Shivaay-why anika why cant I be here afterall its my friend marriage and u didn’t even invite me but we come here without invitation
Anika-but what about ur marriage with universe ki dukaan
Shivaay-by the way she is tia and marriage happened smoothly
Shivaay to rudra
Rudra show pics of my marriage to anika
Omru exchanges look like what he want to do
Rudra shows pic of shitia of exchanging garland and all
Anika-sees them and thinks I thought u didn’t marry her but u get married to her billu ji …….and she becomes sad

Precap-finally the confession tym comes

Sorry guys for any mistake plz comment more and more
Thank u

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      1. Savera

        Thank u surbhi for ur comment and i also want to come on IB TU but my finals r near but i promise i will come after exams sorry

      2. Surbhi Sharma

        Di !! It’s totally fine yr . And all the best of best for ur exams . Don’t worry in exams also u will do khidkitod and u will get ghartod results also . Tension not ha . Once again all the very best .
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      Thank u arpita and i guess next part m confession ho hi jaega but don’t know because siyapaa wale idea can come in my mind but i will try Ki confession ho jaye

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    1. Savera

      Vivikhta thanks for ur comment and ya i m going to finish this ff in 1 or 2 episode and sorry i also want to come in IB telly update but my finals r coming and i don’t know how i will get pass becoz the wrost rule of medical CLG u need 50%marks to pass and if i will not get good marks then my family create siyapaa in my life as i m creating in my ff so sorry

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