siyappaa wali ishqbazi part 11


Hii guys this is savera again with a new episode sorry guys for late actually my exams datesheet is out and I m feeling like I didn’t read anything don’t know what will happen to me ,and thank u guys for ur valuable comments keep commenting like this………..
Here the episode starts
Doctor comes outside the room and said to everyone that shivaay is fine ,and members rush inside to see shivaay but shivaay is no where then pinky asked rudra where is shivaay
Rudra –choti maa bhaiya is in washroom,after sometime he will be back
Om-choti maa the time shivaay is in washroom u go and get juice for shivaay actually he is ill and he will feel better
Pinky-yaa I will go and get it for my heera beta he does work all the tym that’s why he become ill pinky leaves the room with tia only dadi left in the room
And omru tell everything to dadi and dadi gets happy that his billu finally become ishqbaaz I am able to digest the thing that billu the great shivaay singh oberio run away from his marriage
Omru-dadi u have to accept this but how will we handle choti maa
Just then pinky comes and says shivaay didn’t come outside from the washroom
Rudra-choti maa how will he come he ran away…..he said his tongue slips
Om give him a angry look and try to handle the situation
Pinky-what do u means he run away…..
Om-wo choti maa u know very well shivaay is very conscious about his business and meeting he got an urgent call and he leaves
Pinky-how can this be possible he is ill and u both agreed when he said about leaving…..
Omru-choti maa we tried our best to stop him but u know na he never listened
Pinky-let him come back I will see him he never takes care of his health o my mata takes care of him
Saying this pinky leaves from there
Omru takes permission from dadi and also leaves for batinda
In batinda
Rudra-called shivaay and ask him did he reach bhabhi’s house and where he is…
Shivaay-I m in batinda and tell him some place and said ur siyapaa queen bhabhi never told me about her house
Rudra-what? Toh u didn’t ask her about her house………..
Shivaay-ya I never think na that I will come batinda in search of her,if I know this I asked her
Rudra-bhaiya u r shivaay singh oberio use some jack…
Shivaay-ya..i forget about it that I m shivaay singh oberio……..
Rudra-bhaiya u wait for us we are also reaching there…..
Shivaay somehow get to know about anika house and omru also reached to him
So they reach anika ‘s house
Shivaay start entering from the main gate
Just then rudra holds his hand and said bhaiya why r u going from there
Shivaay-rudra I think u r forgetting that to enter any house we should use the main door
Rudra-yaa I know this but this theory don’t apply on u

Rudra-becoz lovers never enter from the the main door they always do some siyaapaa go into bhabhi room from window and all
Shivaay-rudra r u mad why will I go from window when I can use the main door
Om-shivaay is right
Rudra-bhaiya u didn’t see bollywood movies hero go from window to her heroine and if the girl’s family member saw u they will beat u and make u black and blue
Shivom-shut up rudra,they will not do like this becoz I m shivaay singh oberio….
Om-but shivaay they didn’t know na u r shivaay singh oberio
Rudra –and for them u r going to make their house daughter run away from marriage and u r thinking that they will easily let u go both of them so easily….and u foeget about dara singh so easily
Shivom-what happened to u rudra my little brotherdo u have fever r u alright
Rudra-I m fine what happened to me?
Shivaay-becoz for the first tym u r using ur brain
Om-and I m not able to digest this fact
Rudra-I always uses my brain but u both never aware of my intelligence and does logic wala sign…….
Shivaay-but how I get to know which room is of anika
Rudra-bhaiya u leave this on me ur hot and s*xy brother have charm to ask this to any girl
Shivom-ok u go and show charm to girls and we r going to search place from we can get in..

In anika room
Anika is tensed and thinking about shivaay…….
Anika talking to herself at this tym billu ji’s marriage should be over ,he didn’t even call me as everything happen nicely or not but why did he call me and why I m thinking about him
Just then kanishka comes and says becoz u love him
Anika gets shocked listening this and said di its not like that I don’t love him and now he is married and I m also going to get marry
Kanishka-this would not have happened if u don’t do this siyappaa over there ,anu still u have tym
Anika-no di this tym I will not run and I will marry daksh
Kanishka-I never understand u anu what u want…..
Anika-only ur happiness
Kanishka-and I m not happy with ur decision
Anika-but I have no other option and we r not discussing this topic again and again plz di…….
Rudra-thinks of asking someone about anika room
He went to girl who is standing and he say excuse me the girl turns back and rudra gets shocked he says what r u doing here sumo?

So the girl is soumya ,soumya also gets shocked seeing him and gets teary eyes but she control herself
Rudra-sumo u didn’t tell us where r u going and left the house,then he noticed soumya is wearing mangalsutra ……
[guys soumya is married with rudra 2 month before like in the serial and he didn’t accept her so she leave the house without telling anyone]
Rudra-sumo this mangalsutra…….
Soumya-its soumya not sumo and why r that much interested about me as u said I m no one to u so…………..
Just then reyaan comes and says somu what r doing here I was thinking that u were upstairs in anika didi room just then he noticed rudra and says rudra u here…
Soumya-reyaan I have to give this jeellary boxex to the anika didi and she was asking me about u again and again so lets go na…

Reyaan-but somu rudra…….
But somu hold reyaan ‘s hand and take him with her and rudra misunderstand that she moved on and get married to reyaan
And rudra have teary eyes

Precap-more siyaapaa

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    Savera dear its mind blowing.. I’m in love with this Shivay, can’t imagine Shivay(from serial) doing such a thing..❣️?
    I’m so happy that you have added Rudra and Somya’s track also.. Rudra jealous of Rehan..?
    I just can’t wait for more, Update asap yaar..?

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    I’m eagerly waiting for the next part.

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