Siyappa Ishq Ka~ (10) Love And Anger

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~The person who angers a lot, is also the one who loves a lot because if red expresses anger, it expresses love too~
Meher looks on afraid of Abeer’s reaction. Abeer paces in the room with an angry expression on his face, he punches the wall. “My career is finished, uggghhhhh,” he says and punches the wall tightly which injures his fist and Meher stands up from the bed and stops him. “What are you doing? Are you mad?,” she asks holding his fist in her hands. “Let’s go to hospital, I want to know if you’re pregnant or it’s just a headache,” he says and holds her wrist and was taking her but she frees her wrist by his grip. “Not now, appointment is tomorrow,” says Meher. “Shut up!,” he shouts on her and she shivers by his voice and is shocked as Abeer never talks to her like this. “It’s all because of you that my career is finished.”

She starts crying and looks down. He holds her arms and pulls her close angrily. “It’s not confirm that I m pregnant, why are you reacting this way?,” she asks cryingly. “Because I think that my career will be spoiled because of this baby,” he says holding her arms tightly. “Leave me,” she says and pushes him away. “I left everything for you, my family, my aim to study and to do job, to build my career, didn’t I? Did you care for me once? Are you taking advantage of me not telling anyone about my problems? Why are you doing this to me? Why?,” she says losing her temper. Abeer sighs and realizes what he just did to her and looks at her crying face and puts her palms on her shoulders. “I am sorry,” he says and she looks up at him sobbingly and then again looks down. He cups her face while she was still sobbing. “I said I m sorry,” he says and kisses her forehead and she closes her eyes to feel it.

“Don’t ever cry like that again,” he says wiping her tears and hugs her. She parts away after sometime and looks at his fist. “You too don’t get angry and injure yourself, I don’t like violence,” she says and sits with him on the bed cleaning his wound while he recalls doing the same to her when she punched the mirror in frustration. He stares at her beautiful face, she was bandaging his palm and he was smiling like a fool at her concern.

She was done and was standing but he pulls her closer and holds her chin, he moves her hair strands to a side and she looks down shyingly. He moves closer and puts his hand on her back and pulls her more close, she cups his cheek and someone knocks the door. “Ignore it,” he says slowly and kisses her cheek and then her jawline and again someone knocks the door. “Don’t stand up,” he says stopping her and caresses her cheek and finally kisses her lips and she’s shocked. “Abeer,” she says between the kiss and moves away standing up to open the door.

She opens the door and it’s Madhvi. “Maa,” Meher says and smiles at her moving back to let her in. “Today is jagrata at our house at evening,I want you both to perform aarti together,” she says and smiles at them and Meher looks at Abeer with a shy expression while he smiles at her. “Sure mom,” says Abeer and stands beside Meher, she blushes as he draws circles on her back with his index finger. Madhvi leaves and he closes the door. “Please don’t kiss me again on lips,” she says and he agrees.

Later that day, at evening, Meher was ready in a blue backless Saree for jagrata, her hair were styled wavy and she was looking breathtaking. She was trying to tie the dori of her blouse when Abeer comes from back and ties it, she closes her eyes feeling his touch and smiles. “Are you trying to kill me with your hot look?,” he asks teasingly and she turns to him and smiles. “Move your hair to front,” he says and she gets shy. “Why?,” she asks. “Do it,” he says and she does so, he makes her wear a beautiful aquamarine necklace and she’s amazed. “What was the need for this?,” she asks. “Anything for you, I bought it for you on your birthday but we fought that day so I couldn’t give you, but I gave you now,” he says and she smiles faintly at him. They go downstairs for pooja and…


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  1. on 2015 show is off but when we read ff a whole journey is play in mind..

    its just wow or they left their beautiful image in our mind.

    i hope they both come together early.

    1. Salley145

      I m glad to have a new reader, thnx for reading my ff…

  2. Jasminerahul

    How could abeer blame meher for pregnancy and how she spoiled his career.good that he apologized. Saree scene and necklace scene was nice.romance in the room was too good

    1. Salley145

      Thnku…monster to human and revenge for love also updated on IF

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