The girl he never noticed (Chapter-5)

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Hello everyone! …I am sorry for the late update
Here we go with next part
Naira’s Pov
Our lectures for the day were almost over and now we were going to attend the most boring lecture Political Science
It is hell boring at least for me …I cannot even withstand the class for even 5 mins and thank God it was the last lecture of the day
I entered the class only to find a group of students loitering around …By seeing their faces I could easily figure out that they were not at all interested in attending the class
Aryan and his friends were busy in their football …Well they are still highschool teenagers who now are in college somehow

“Naira watch out!” A familiar sound came from behind which more or less sounded like a shout I turned around to find a ball coming just to bang my head but the next moment I knew I was being dragged away and pinned to a wall
It was none other than Kartik ..again for the second time in the day he saved me
It’s strange to believe that whenever I am in problem he’s always around to save me .
I was scared a moment ago and now I felt the secure and that too to a great extent
“Naira are you okay?” He cooed in my ear sending shivers down my spine.
And then I realised our position …I was sandwiched between the wall and Greek God standing in front of me
‘Yeah he’s no less than a Greek God’ I thought and I had my arms wrapped around him and my head laid close to his heart
‘Naira get off him you are safe now..Do not show yourself weak and fragile’ spoke my mind
My heart spoke a different language at that moment which I didn’t understand and I didn’t even want to listen to it because our heart is the only one at fault in every situation
I composed myself and nodded in response and could strongly feel his gaze fixed on me. I dared to look up at him and that was it I was lost in his handsome pair of eyes
I must say his eyes spoke volumes …It felt perfect standing there with him but perfect things don’t last long atleast in my case and so did this
“I am sorry guys …Naira are you fine?” Aryan said
I just nodded and gave him a small smile and went towards the last bench

Kartik’s Pov
I dragged her away as soon as I saw a ball coming towards her head and pinned her to the wall to save her …..She wrapped her arms around me and her head laid close to my heart.
‘This is the thing I wanted for so long’ said my heart
‘Kartik be a man you just saved her and that’s what we call humanity ‘ argued my mind
‘Screw both of them can’t they agree on one point’ I thought
“Naira are you fine?” I asked in the softest possible voice while she just nodded
I looked in her beautiful eyes …they were attractive
Not just her eyes but everything she had and everything she was acted like a magnet on me and the reason for this was still dormant
She is still a baby girl who needs to be pampered to the fullest …She pretends to be hard but she’s not
But yes she’s the strongest girl I have ever come across in my life

“I am sorry guys…Naira are you okay? ” Aryan asked from behind
She just nodded and gave him a small smile and went away and sat on the last bench
‘Wait no why is she sitting there …I was supposed to sit there ‘ I thought
I went up to her and asked her
“May I ? ” she looked at me for a second but then moved aside nodding with a smile

Naira’s Pov
He came up to me and asked me for the seat
At I looked up at him like an idiot but then moved aside giving him a smile
‘Maybe he also hates that subject like me ‘ I thought
He sat down next to me and I just looked around only to find every girl eyeing me with a tint of jealousy.
‘Now what’s wrong with them?’ I thought
‘Naira do you need an answer for this?’ said my heart
I brushed away all these thoughts and looked at Kartik by my side
” Kya tumhe bhi yeh lecture boring lagta hai” I asked

” Haan kind off ” he said casually
And then finally the lecture began and so was my headache
My head was spinning right now and I had no clue about what the teacher was blabbering in front
I felt my eyes getting heavy and then I gave up and dozed off to sleep

Kartik’s Pov
I was not at all interested in what was going in front and was busy with my phone.
Well that’s the best part of sitting on a last bench
And then I felt something heavy on my arm and I turned a little to find Naira sleeping on the edge of my arm
“Naira” I said slowly

She didn’t even move an inch rather gripped my arm more tightly and slept
I gently tucked her hair behind. I must say she sleeps like a baby and looks so cute and pretty while sleeping
‘Ohh God What’s happening with me’ I thought
Sunlight fell on her face disturbing her a little and I immediately covered her face with my hand to provide some shade and she mumbled something and then again dozed off to sleep
‘Such a baby girl!’ I thought

I just kept staring her the whole time and didn’t even realise the lecture was over
Soon the bell rang bringing me back to reality

Naira’s Pov
I never had felt so relaxed and comfortable while sleeping like this before …It was so comforting
Maybe the lecture was boring to an extreme extend that I slept so well but it didn’t last long as the irritating sound of the bell barged inside my ears
It was so sudden that I was almost scared and got up
‘What an horrible end to a comforting sleep’ I thought
“Yeh bell ko bhi abhi bajna tha kya…Meri neend kharab kardi ..Idiot! ” I said as I huffed and then looked at my side to find Kartik and realised that I was holding his arm

‘Shit! I slept on his arm’ I thought
At first he was expressionless but then suddenly burst into fits of laughter
‘Does he even laugh?’ I thought
He was laughing but don’t know why I just kept admiring him the whole time …He looked so cute while laughing but he laughs rarely actually never ..It was the first time I witnessed the amusing side of the rude and ruthless Kartik
‘Wait! why is he laughing ?’ I thought

Kartik’s Pov
She is seriously a baby girl …A baby girl who’s in her twenties right now
I just couldn’t control myself and burst out laughing
“What? … Has kyu rhe ho? ” She asked pouting like a kid
‘ she’s so cute …Even babies would be jealous of her ‘
“Kuch nhi” I tried to speak while laughing she huffed

“Okay okay ” I said trying to control myself but again burst out laughing
” You know what …you are still a baby girl” I said laughing
“Oh hello! Mein koyi bachi nhi hoon samjhe” she said …That kiddish pout was still there
“Ya right …Bell ko stupid toh bade bolte hain na” I said laughing
“Haan toh theek hai na woh toh meri neend kharab ho gyi isliye meine bol dia…Mujhe pata hai bell ko stupid nhi bolte ” she said covering that up
At that moment I felt like I was talking to a 9 year old
“Stop laughing okay? ” She said
“Just look at your face ” I said
still laughing
“Tum apni dekho samjhe …mendak kaheen ke …kabse tar tar kiye jaa rhe ho …ruko mein dikhati hoon tumhe ” she said and with that she grabbed her phone and clicked my picture and showed it to me
“Wait” I said as I did the same with her
First we glanced at the screens of our phones and then at each other ..And then both of us this time burst into fits of laughter
“Mendak” she said laughing

“Baby girl” I replied laughing and then on realising that the class was empty we both got up and headed out of the class
I hope u guys enjoyed the mendak baby girl team …Well the lecture couldn’t have been this better

Sorry for a late update and keep u all waiting
I hope its worth ur wait
Do comment and share ur thoughts
Love ya !

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