Sitara 27th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Viraj saves Sitara

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Sitara 27th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rajguru replies that she will only be left with this mirror image of her daughter as her daughter wont come to her ever! I will finish her! Vrinda warns Rajguru of the consequences in case her daughter is hurt. I will ruin you! He tells her that he has kept her as his captive here 30 years ago to make her realise that this is her place. He turns to go but she uses her powers to hold him back. A blue smoke surrounds him.

Sitara is counting boxes when Viraj offers to do it. She tells him he does not need to do it. He says I only wish to help my friend. We are friends right? You pop up when I need help and vice versa. We call it friendship only. What do you call it? She smiles. We also call this friendship. I don’t want my friend to do such a small task. I can do it. He orders as a Kunwar but she

tells him to order anything else. He gives in for today. You have saved father today so I can listen to this much. She calls it her duty. Maharaj is our king. Who else I would have saved if not him? He tries helping her lift the thaal but she tells him she can call a servant for help. He asks her if she does not like his company. She says who wouldn’t like your company. He asks her if she is buttering him. She says this is what I don’t know. He repeats his question again. She praises him for being so nice to everyone. You are also my friend now so you will have some of my good qualities too. People will then love you just as much as people love me. You lack behind a little in comparison to me in matters of love. They joke over the matter. Nethra looks on unhappily. This girl is stepping out of her limits! I will have to show her her real place.

Vrinda asks Rajguru if he is in pain. I felt the same pain when you had told me that my daughter is no more. Entire royal family will sit in front of me in a similar manner one day. They shall die! He uses his powers and manages to free himself of her magic. He steps out of the mystery room and locks it again. Vrinda shouts after him to spend the remaining minutes of his life. My daughter will be killing all of you very soon. She is part of the palace now. You will be ruined if you dare to even touch my daughter! He retorts that the distance between the mother and daughter will never end. You wont be able to cover it ever! Vrinda remarks that the dreams that you see with open eyes are just dreams. Rajguru decides to first strengthen his shield around the mystery room so when he tries to trap Sitara, Vrinda wont be able to do anything. He does as planned and looks relieved.

Chanda gets up. Aryan is in the corridor. I couldn’t give injection to Chanda during puja. I will do it right away. He opens the window and realises that she has gained conscious. He calls Samrat but his number is unreachable. He decides to inject her anyways. She will be unconscious afterwards and her game will be up. Chanda opens the door but Aryan pulls her back inside the room. She hits him on his chest while trying to save herself. Hearing the sound of approaching footsteps, Aryan acts all concerned. Sitara rushes to Chanda and hugs her. Samrat and Nethra come in as well. Sitara assures Chanda she wont let anything happen to her. Nethra points at the injection. Samrat lifts it using his feet and keeps it safely inside his pocket. Viraj asks Aryan what happened. Samrat says doc said she is in shock. She will keep shouting like this. Aryan nods. I was passing by when I saw her conscious. I thought to check on her and she was shouting. VIraj asks them to go. We will manage. They all leave. Viraj asks Chanda if she would like to share anything. Chanda cries holding Sitara. Sitara tells her to forget whatever happened and feeds her water. Chanda does not let Sitara go anywhere. Sitara puts her to sleep. Viraj smiles. Do you know magic? She calmed down the moment you caressed her head. Sitara says loved ones have that magic. Their touch pushes away all the pain in a second! Viraj agrees. Why are you calling me Kunwar Dost? Viraj is fine. She replies that she cannot call him by his name. Chanda is sleeping. He nods and heads outside.

Rajguru comes to his room. Vrinda’s words echo in his head. I will ave to take care of Sitara asap as she is Vrinda’s daughter after all.

Samrat asks Aryan what he was thinking. Aryan replies that he was trying to give injection to Chanda. Nethra scolds him for trying to do that while she was awake. They end up arguing but Samrat warns him not to do anything without asking him. Rani Sa asks them what Aryan was saying. Nethra covers it up and takes Rani Sa with her. Samrat heaves a sigh of relief. Aryan asks him what they should do about Sitara. Samrat agrees to fix that problem.

Sitara puts Chanda to bed and goes. Baba must be waiting for me for dinner. She is headed to the outhouse when some guys surround her out of the blue. A guy is about to hurt her when Viraj wards off his attack using his sword. He helps Sitara stand and fights with the guys. Sitara starts shouting for help seeing Viraj in problem. The guys run away. Everyone comes there. Viraj is about to chase the guys when Ratan calls out after him. Viraj goes to them. Ratan asks Viraj who attacked him. Rajguru replies before Viraj can reply. Rajguru gives a lame excuse. Ratan asks him to find out the truth. Kuldeep wonders what Rajguru is talking about. Viraj’s life is in danger yet he dint tell me anything. Rani Sa asks Viraj to rest. Ratan sends everyone to their rooms. Kuldeep also takes Sitara with him. Viraj wonders what problem someone might have with Sitara.

Precap: Rajguru looks at the photo sketched earlier by Sitara. My powers have started to show its effect. No one can save your daughter now. Sitara notices numerous scorpions approaching her. She turns but it is the same on the other side as well. Rajguru remarks that I will tie her and send her far away. You wont be able to do anything at all!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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