Vighnaharta Ganesh 27th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Kartikeya protects atyasura.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 27th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with tarkasura’s first attack with his first battalion against the gods. The first line of soldiers run, kartikeya forms a circular strategy of his entire army and each god standing in front of each direction. Indra dev uses his vajra and starts attacking the demon soldiers. Kartikeya stands with atyasura in the middle of the army.
As the first line of soldiers come, tarkasura tells babuk to show his powers. Babuk uses his spear and arrow to attack atyasura and kill him. The soldiers run and indra dev attacks them, indra dev asks vayu dev to help him out as there are too many. Vayu dev uses his powers to kill demons on ground. Babuk says good vayu dev’s concentration has been distracted from one side, from there I will attack arrows on ataysura. Babuk attacks his

many arrows and they fly into the sky. Kartikeya says what is he doing? The arrows go in the sky and come back down towards kartikeya and atyasura. Atyasura says they are coming to kill me. kartikeya attacks his arrows to destroy the arrows attacked by babuk. Kartikeya destroys some arrows, babuk suddenly attacks arrows from another side as well. Kartikeya says the arrows are coming from the other side as well, how do I tackle them? Kartikeya shoots his arrows in both sides to stop the arrows from hitting atyasura.
Babuk attacks from the back side too and sprays many arrows towards atyasura. Atyasura says I told you kartikeya ji, I cannot be saved from tarkasura so you rather kill me with your arrow, I don’t want to die from any weapon of tarkasura or his demon, I will be lucky to die from your hands. Kartikeya says don’t worry you will be protected because I have given you a promise.
Tarkasura says babuk, enough of your play now kill atyasura I don’t want to wait more. Babuk attacks more and more arrows. Kartikeya says the arrows are too many, kartikeya calls Veer bhadra ji for help. Veer bhadra comes down in his huge form, tarkasura says where did he come from? Veer bhadra uses his sword and destroys the arrows. As arrow come from back side too, kartikeya calls mata mahakali for help. Mata mahakali comes down in her huge form as well and uses her shield to push away the arrows, mahakali destroys the attack. Tarkasura says babuk, kill atyasura now!
Babuk attacks more arrow, maha kali holds the arrows and throws it on demon soldiers. The first line of gods army starts fighting the demon soldiers. The demon soldiers are killed by arrows thrown by maha kali on them. Maha kali says veer bhadra, I can smell the blood of dead demon soldiers and injured ones, I want their blood, I want to drink it. Veer bhadra says you said it and it is your order, I will bring the blood to you. Veer bhadra attacks the arrows back on demon soldiers, many soldiers are killed and then veer bhadra and mata mahakali start drinking their blood. Tarkasura says they don’t know how my 2nd attack will be!
Parvati says to mahadev, kartikeya dealt with this attack strategically and saved atyasura, now he has to get ready for the 2nd attack by tarkasura.

Precap: Tarkasura sends his 2nd attack on the gods and to kill atyasura. Kartikeya makes a strategy plan, mahadev says that is a very good strategy plan by kartikeya.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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