Sisters Forever (Episode 9) (sangini moments)

recap: ragini’s unique proposal ragsan/ sangini official now. lucky’s insist on meeting swara. sanlak sneak out of mm.
will they get caught???
plot : mathur mansion,
sanlak are at the gate
sanky : brother mine what were u thinking of we sneaked out of our house but here do you think they’ll keep the kitchen winows open for us??
lucky : well i didn’t thought of that (making a face)well this time i give you chance !
sanky makes a for what face??
lucky suddenly gets down holding sanky’s leg : bhai please !!
sanky : okkk okk wait!1

he remembers something. fb :
it’s night and sanky is at mathur mansion he tries calling rags but she cuts it constantly!
sanky goes down her roon and throws a stone it touches balcony and bounces back to his head!
sanky rubbing his forehead : ouch !! these girlfriends god only knows how many more antics will i have to do !!
well sanskar maheshwari pyaar kiya hai toh yeh sab toh karna hi padega (fallen in love then you’ll have to do these stuff)
he starts thinking what to do then he sees two pipes side of the balcony(plumbing pipes)
sanky makes a face : well sanskar maheshwari you can do this !
he goes near the pipes and starts climbing it goes a little and thinks : god y !! y did you give so many moods to these girls!
see now we boys have to suffer
he climbs again gets hurt a bit : ouch !! how do people climb mount everests? when i can’t even climb up to my jhansi ki rani’s
room ! well may be ragini’s right “u’re a phattu sanskar u can’t even climb to my balcony??”
ohh god i know i’m remembering you too much today but see i heard peopl hearing their gf’s voice in dreams butluk at me i’m speaking in
her voice is this…
ragini : oye mr.phattu it’s me only here luk up here (sanky luks up and smiles rags waves her hand and he does same but god little does he know…
dhadam he’s down!!! )

lucky : bhai !!
sanky is out of his trance he brushes his hair with his hands and smiles
lucky keeps hands on his shoulders : are you okk???
sanky : yess yess come
lucky were??
sanky goes and lucky follows the same place down rags room balcony
lucky : bhai ragini’s balcony if she’ll see us at this time she’l scream like hell no (he turns and is about to go sanky holds his hand)
sanky : lukcy she’s not in her room
lucky : what how do you know that ??
sanky : j texted me that they’re sleeping together tonight in rosh dii’s room !
lucky has a wide smile on his face
before lucky could go : wait bhaii what do you think we are superman or something luk the balcony’s so upp i dont know to fly!!
sanky : idiot the pipes don’t you see in movies
lucky starres at them : one for each great letsgo bhai
they start climbing and reach the balcony there’s noone in room they get in slowly. and dust their clothes and hands
lucky gives sanky a luk

sanky : what ??
lucky : neva thought you would giv me such idea’s felt like you’ve done this before too
but then he stops before he could say anything sanky realizes the situation
sanky : well bro mine go check on u’re BG (bubblegum) first!
lucky grins and they leaves
sanlak going but as the lights are off they don’t realize and get seperated
meanwhile ragya (rags and jiya )have got a sweet tooth no night can end without a chocolate for them but swara and jiya are so
lazy that noon bares to go down to the kitchen as it feels like a milestone for our cute lazypies.
rosh has some work and they know if rosh and rags go down for chocolates sumi might definitely catch them!
so swara and jiya have a tiff in which there’s a tie so the lazy birds along with rags go to kitchen but j is j she makes a
puppy face
and swaragini have no choice but to go ,
swara hears some noice in her room and asks rags to get the chair and remove the chocolates
swara goes near her room she sees a shadow and gets scared she’s about to turn but trips and falls

her eyes are closed someone’s holding her in the dim light of the moonlight falling fro the window she sees his eyes luking at
her luvingly caringly it’s laksh in all those darkness she can still clearly say it’s him
where as our hero who can’t even let his day go without luking at her talking well rather i would say fighting with her
their faces are so close that they can feel their breath.
the screen shifts to kitchen where our rags is on the /chair trying to get the jar of chocolates (wonder y chocolates are
kept on the shelf well it’s just for night as the mathur mother’s know that their chocolate thieves come in night to steal
and without jaideep well they can’t reach so high but well noone can stop a chocolate lover )
she gets it and a wide smile spreads on her face just like a kid in excitement she loses balance and squels
but our sanky comes to rescue on time she’s in his arms all safe and the jar tightly held
ragsan share an eyelock just then they hear someone’s footsteps he lets rags down and they both get worried

meanwhile our swalak get worried hearing rags squel!!swara rushes to kitchen and lucky follows
ragsan are full sweaty due to fear someone comes and switch on’s the light just then someone holds them and pulls behind the
fridge it’s swalak. sumi who’s worried to hear rags squel comes inside and checks but just then god know s how j comes from
behind of the door and makes a crying face
sumi worried : jiyu bacha what happened come (she makes her sit on the chair )what are you doing here??
j : badimaa i came here to get ..
sumi caresses her face : chocolates and??
j gives a smile : and i tripped because….. of.. this chair (my god she’s done a phd in saying lies)
sumi : chair but how this chair came here ???
j makes a i donno face 🙁
sumi : come i’ll take you to room
j : no badimaa rosh dii’s room we’re sleeping together there
swarawhose behind the fridge keeps her hand on her head

sumi hears the noise of her hand but j manages to distract her and they go from there
swalak and ragsan have a sigh of relief
swara : ohh no!!
sanlak : now what???
rags : we are not in the room !!
they rush t=out of the kitchen
sumi makes j sit on hr bed
sumi : where’s swaru and ragini ???
rosh : she went to wahsroom..
j gives a y dii y do you even try to look
sumi : both !!
j : badimaa dii meant they went to their rooms washroom
sumi worries : okk i’ll go and check on them
rosh : badimaa ! no need
sumi luks at her
rosh : i meant i’ll go and check i’ll get first aid for j also you go sleep or else badepapa will also come searching for you
sumi : but beta j!
rosh : ohho badimaa trust me i’ll take care of her u go and check on badepapa gudnight she hugs her and sumi goes

j stands up and says hush : sanlak !!!!
swaragini and sanlak come inside the room just then
rosh is shocked too see them swara close the door behind and the sisters stand in a line facing them
swara : so y ??
they both point at each other
sanky : lucky wanted to meet you (lucky gives him a luk )i mean you guys!1
rosh : but how??
lucky : was bhai’s idea btw
and the sisters start laughing
rags gives sanky a luk: u guys came through my room???
sanlak : sorry
j : well you guys came in but now how will you go???
swara : through my rooms plumbing i’m thinking to flush these idiots :p
lucky : sorry j please now only you can save us!!
j : well i can’t and as you cameto meet all of us then y only mee
sanlak make a puppy face
j : sneak out through the kitchen window you idiots as you did in your house
sanlak : how do you know???
j : you said just now and she smirks
swaragini take them to the door and they sneak out they luk at each other and leave swara closes the door
and comes back to room
rags : where’s jiyu ??
rosh : is about to say something just then she enters wuth the chocolate jar
all three luk at her and smile
j : what ???

swaragini (all three thats swara ragini and roshni together) : bhukkad !!
they start fighting for the chocolate and the screne shifts slowly to morning
j’s in her room early then all reading a scrapbook(rags scrapbuk)
she finds something and takes her bag and the scrapbuk in it to the hall
astha : nowadayas jiji my daughter is giving me shocks by getting up early !
j doesn’t respond and takes an apple from the dining and is about to leave sumi stops her
sumi carresses her face : baccha hows your leg now and y going so early have breakfast first !
j smiles and kisse her on her cheek : badimaa i’m fine i’ve some work in the library so got to go
astha : but this early there’s time for exams !
j gives her a luk: mumma you neva take me seriously and she goes from there !
sumi : arre astha y you do like this she was already disturbed by something and see now you made her angry!
astha gives a sorry luk and wonders what happened to her !
Precap : in college j is in the library searching a book sid comes and says hii but she just smiles and goes from
there a new guys entry (probably for rosh suggest someone suitable ) to jiya “are you searching for this??”
swaragini and sanlak are ignored by j!! the past is revealed !!. is the buk reated to their past ????
what will happen when the dead will become alive will sangini/ragsan become one again???? will sid ever be forgiven??

excited guys do comment your suggestions and views on today’s epi any guesses for the past and who’s the new guy

to know all keep reading sisters forever mahaepisode 10 (part 1 and 2) the blast from the past
hope you like it keep reading guys 😉

  1. Superb..ragsan scene awsm..

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  3. amàzing scenes of ragsan añd all 4 sisters

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  4. Ragsan scenes were awsm…loved it

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  5. Hey guyz suno ….”its nt revenge,its love (swasan)”yaar iss ff ko pdho sb…kya twist laya h wrttr ne…me toh kal ekdm shck ho gayi thi

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