Ek anokhi kahani Episode 47

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after 2 months leap durga is admitted to hospital
all are roaming around room payal is having 5 months and sits shaurya is also sitting with her .
swara goes to rags and says u also doctor na why cant u go inside
rags:- i am general doctor yar and dont worry mom is there inside na and they wont allow all inside becuse of infections.
swara:- oh and catches her head.
rags:- are u ok .
swara: haa yar i am i think i am getting nervous thats why feeling like suffocation.
rags:- or you sure shall i check and takes her hand.
swra:- no need yar.
rags:- just shut up and checks her pulse.and start smiling.
swra:- wat happen .
rags:- about say they lisen kids crying voice all gets excited and shouts hiiiiii
nurse comes and say twins one girl and one boy.
dev and rags and shaurya shouts so loudly and hugs each other trio and starts jumping
nurse :- sir madam its a hospital and all are watching u
they three comes to their senses and pretends like nothing happen
rags:- congo bhai wow. shaurya and dev hugs
dev: touches rags and shaurya and says i got mt shaurya and rags again.
dayal:- i hope they both wont go threw them i mean in lotanki.
rags:- every funny old man and hugs him .
all hugs each other and dev.
nurse brings one kid and shailaja brings another one.
dev asks girl kid and takes in his hand
swara: wow how cute.
dev:-haa .
rags: she is like bhabhi bhai.
shailaja:- dev this boy is like his chotai papa see his eyes he has blue see and shows to all.
shaurya gets excited and sees slowly and says bhai my eyes.
rags:- he is going to be handsome boy like my bro .
swara: shailaja aunty can we meet dii.
they all goes inside and says these all to durga.
rags:- bhabhi one more news to u
durga:- any good news from u rags
rags: gets shy ansd says not from me from swara.
swara:- what when how.
rags:-what and how laughs loudly.
swara feel embarresed and sanskar gives what expression.
dev hits her head and says say it staright naa.
rags:- he is having thrird month.
swara and sanskar open their mouths.
alla are very happy .
rags and shaurya keep on playing with kids by holding their hands, and starts their varugument.
rags:- see my boy will look most handsome and dashing guy of the entire world .
shaurya:- no way my baby girl will be best princess in world in fact than u .
rags:- my boys is best.
shaurya:- my girl is best.
dev smiles at their cute fight.
even kids starts to smile in their sleep.
rags and shaurya observes this and shouts in excitement that kids are smiling.
shailaja hits both of them and asks to talk slowly as their ears will be sensitive and scold you r behaving like kids
rags goes and brings sumi and shekhar
and swara and sanskar shows kids to them
dev is with durga on sitting on her bed with her.
rags: aunty uncle dost and swara u say na my boy is best right and wow he is having blue eyes i love it.
shaurya: brings dp ap dayal shailaja sheena arjun raj and sakshi laksh ask them that his girl is best right.
all says yes but
rags :-laksh my boy is best right naa.
laksh:- no my girl is best.
rags looks at arjun.
laksh also looks at arjun.
arjun:- i am with bhabi this boy is awesome.
laksh:- now a days arjun is becoming bhabhi ki chamchi.
rags:- he is not chamchi or plate he is my devar and my boy is best.
all elders smiles at shaurya and rags fight.
sheena:- dont worry laksh bjaiya i am with u people and ya our girl is best.
shaurya:- my girl is best.
rags:- dev bhaiya say to him na my boy is best.
dev and durga smiles.
shaurya:- say onething why he is best.
rags:- because he has blue eyes like you.
shuarya:- and u now why my girl is best .
rags:- why
shaurya:- because she is a girl. thats why.
rags:- they both hugs each other and says the kids are best.
all claps.

shailaja takes swara for some tests.
shailaja brings her back and says every thing is ok.
they all reach to their dayal house.
all asks them to think about names.
dev and durga says
sameer and sameera.
rags serves every one and gives milk to durga.
after days passes on
now payal has 8 months and swara has 5 months
and arjun and sheena marriage preparation starts.
kids plays with swara and all
durga:- even our kids like bua and chotai papa see how they are smiling at each other.
rags sitting with sammer and shaurya sitting with sameera.
shaurya: bhabhi she has your beautufull smile i hope she goes on you instead of my shaitaan sister.
rags:- looks up and says but i want my boy to go on you two who loves and stands for her sister at any cost.
they smiles.
payal call shaurya and says i am feeling pain
after some time shaurya is blessed with boy and his nose looks like dev
all gets every happy thiking that dev boy has shuraya eyes and shaurya boy has dev nose
dev and shaurya sits with rags who is doing preparation for arju marriage.
dev:- ragoo if i ask u something will do it.
shaurya: me also.

ragoo:- ofcourse bhai say it na
dev and shaurya at same time: we want baby girl twins from you.
laksh who is drinking water spills it out and rags and laksh say what.
dev: haa twins that to girls one girl for me and one girl
for me.
rags:-achha if i gave one for u and another for u then wat about me.
shaurya:- u give again birth u boy and take dev bhai girl naa
rags:- hits his head and say then my boy will be less in age naa how can that possible.
dev:- then wat to do yar.
they forgot all are watching them in shocked expression by opening their mouths
shaurya:- idea
dev: i have a reasonable idea.
rags:- what.
dev:- see you gone have twins and i have already twins but shurya had only one boy so.
rags and shaurya :- so.
after rags delivery shaurya wil try for another one but it depends on u rags .
rags:- hmm bhai but for that we have u wait .if i have a boy and girl or both boys
shaura:- if boy and girl then i will take girl and after.
dev:- then what i will do. ha

shurya:- what do i knew haa you will have girl then u can give that to rags.
rags: good idea.
dev:- no i will take that girl u will have again a girl then give that to her .
rags:- shaurya bhai i will take ur daughter if she has only blue eyes like u
shaurya :- haa ok
rags: but lisen to me and see all are watching them and then they realise that they are talking so loudly.
and tries to call both brother but their are not lisening .
rags:- i wont give any one to u both.
dev and shaurya shout why.
rags shows finger to all family members.
they both turn their head and watches each pther faces and bend down their faces.
shailaja:- what type of discussion is that you are having.
swra: haa jiju u forget about us and arjun thats why u are getting confusion.
rags:- haa bhai then lets start again and about to start.
arjun:- will u wait for me or u will separate them in yourself .
all laughs at him.

arjun: ragini bhabhi wat my kids the.
rags:- dont worry arjun i will choose the best for them
arjun:- then ok.
raj:- oh mister fisrt u get prepared for your marriage which is in a week.
after two days
rags walking here and there and stairing at door.
laskh comes from behind and hugs her.
rahs:- laksh wat r u doing.
laksh:- loving my wife and wat my wife is doing here.
rags:- i am waiting for arjun he didnt came untill now.
mean while arjun comes.
laksh and rags manages to take arjun to his room but gets caught by sakshi who just switch on light,.
they all stands like statues and llooks at sakshi and smiles showing her teeth.
sakshi comes and holds rags ears and she shouts in pain.
arjun:- maa leave babhi na mistake is mine i came late see she is getting pain leave naa maa.
sakshi: she should only get punishemnt from when she came u became more lazy.
raj comes and ask her to leave rags
and laksh too get concern for her and eyes arjun angrily.
arjun sits down on knees by holding his ears and says sorry i wont come late again but plzz maa leave my babji she is getting pain.

rags:- maa sorry but arjun he wants to enjoy before marriage thises are seet moments naa maa.
sakshi laughs and leaves her and says laksh u r right arjun is babhi ka chamchi.
arjun and rags watches each other and eyes laksh as he only planeed this.
rags:- arjun
arjun:- yes babhi.
rags:- its our turn now.
arjun:- tomorrow morning on bhai.
rags and arjun hi five to each other.
next morning
arjun comes and sees ragini
arjun:-bhabhi babhi.
rags:- done arjun.
arjun:- babhi are u ok u face is so dull.
rags: i am fine lets go otherwise our plan will spoil.
they go and sit with sakshi and raj.
raj:- ragini beta are u ok u look so dull.
sakshi:- brings juice and sits with her and says why wont she look dull raj from one week she is not taking break from hospital and marriage preaparations.
arjun:- what is this babhi plzz take care of your health naa.
laksh starts shouting by taking names of arjun and ragini and comes down.
raj:- what happen .
laksh :- dad see na these two changed my tooth paste and shaving cream i brushed my teeth with shaving cream and its yukk.
all starts laughing.

he chases arjun and rags all over house rags hides near pillar starts feeling unconscious and takes support of pillar and stands their.
laksh is running back of arjun.
arjun : babhi run fast and turns and sees ragini state and stops and shows to laksh
before they both came rags falls down .
all gets tensed and takes her to her room
they inform dev
shailaja:- i said her to take rest but she didnot lisened to me.
rags gains conscious and opens her eyes and sees laksh sitting with her by holding her hand with tered eyes.
door bell rings
shailaja goes to open and raj goes from their to attend call
arjun comes near and says soory by bending down his head,
rags makes him eye to her face and sees her eyes are filled with tears.
rags:- arjun look at me nothing happen.
arjun:- because of me your health spoiled.
rags:- no arjun i think u as my brother and doing this as my wish why i dont have rights to do it.
arjun:- u can babhi and laksh hits his head and says pagal.
rags:- i want to say something to u
mean while dev comes hurriedly and sits next to rags by hugging her
rags wipes his tears and says i am fine bhaiyaa and takes his hand and asks him to check her pulse.

after a minute dev slowly starts to smile and looks at rags.
rags nodes her head in yes .
dev cries nad hugs her.
all gets shocked and tensed to see their situation.
laksh:- is she ok why r u crying.
dev: hugs laksh and says i am not crying laksh i am feeling happy because i am mamu now and you will be dad.
laksh opens his mouth
all gets happy
arjun jumps and says hiepiii i became chotai papa wow thank u babhi and hugs er ,
laksh and rags hugs each other
she takes blessing from all
dev: i have to call shaurya and all and goes from there.

precap:- shaurya and rags hugs each other .
arjun and sheena marriage.

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