Sirf Tum 27th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Ranveer and Suhani’s grih pravesh

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The Episode starts with Honey greeting Vikrant and Asha. She says she don’t have time to introduce herself to everyone now and says lets take the rounds first. Ansh-Honey, Ranveer-Suhani sit on their mandaps. Pandit ji asks them to exchange garlands. They exchange the garlands. Pandit ji asks them to do the ghatbandhan. Mamta says ok. Vikrant asks Asha to do. Asha ties Ansh and Honey’s ghatbandhan, while Mamta ties Ranveer and Suhani’s ghatbandhan. After tying the knot, Pandit ji asks both the couple to take rounds. They begin taking the rounds. Everyone shower flower petals on them. Pandit ji asks the brides to come forward and take the remaining rounds. They complete the rounds and sit again. Pandit ji asks Ranveer and Ansh to fill their respective wives’ forehead with sindoor. Ranveer fills Suhani’s hairline with sindoor, while Ansh fills Honey’s hairline. Pandit ji asks them to make the brides wear the mangalsutra. Ranveer makes her wear mangalsutra. Ansh makes honey wear mangalsutra. Sudha gets emotional and looks at Rakesh. Pandit ji says marriage is completed, from now you are husband and wife.

Roshni tells Mamta that she felt bad to see her insult, and asks why she bears it. Mamta asks her to give kalash and says Ranveer and Suhani will be coming. Roshni asks didn’t you get angry when they humiliate Ranveer. Mamta keeps the kalash and turns. Asha comes there with Vikrant and kick the kalash. She smiles victoriously. Vikrant walks inside happily. Asha smiles and comes inside, says this mangalsutra has the power, calls her Mamta and says my time and position changed in this house. She says I had told that I will return to get my rights. She says for now, I have to welcome elder son and elder daughter in law, as they are coming to their house. She goes. Mamta is speechless and sad.

Asha keeps the kalash to welcome Ansh and Honey. Mamta keeps kalash to welcome Ranveer and Suhani. Ranveer-Suhani, Ansh-Honey come there. Ansh tells Ranveer, you tried hard but couldn’t do anything. He says now the elder son of the house came, says to take my first right on everything. Ranveer says rights will be given to legitimate relations and not illegitimate relations. He asks him not to open his mouth again. Honey laughs and asks if he fights like this always. Asha does their aarti. Mamta does Ranveer and Suhani’s aarti and asks her to kick the kalash and get inside. Asha tells the same to her daughter in law. Suhani is about to kick the kalash. Honey stops her and says you are suhani, I am honey. She says I want your lota and says she wants to kick it. She says please one time. Ansh says you don’t need to say please to anyone, you are elder daughter in law and has first right on all this house. Mamta says but I kept this kalash for Suhani. Honey says I said please so many times, let me kick this. She says you are good aunty, let me do it and says if you don’t let me then I will cry. Asha says honey is innocent and cries for small things, let her do what she wants. Suhani says no problem, let her do it. Honey replaces her kalash with that of Suhani and kicks it. The kalash flies in air and is about to hit Vikrant, but somehow it falls on the ground. Honey says it would be fun if it had hit sasur ji. Asha asks her to come inside. Suhani also kicks her kalash and walks inside. She takes Mamta’s blessings. Mamta takes her to inhouse temple and asks her to seek Mata Rani’s blessings.

Mamta is sad and goes from there. Suhani and Ranveer take God’s blessing. Ranveer comes to Mamta. Mamta asks what are you doing here, and asks him to go to Suhani. Ranveer says I can see your pain. He says I was silent there, due to Suhani and you. He says I will settle down the scores for your every tears. Mamta stops him and says they want you to fight with your Papa, and they will benefit from it, which I don’t want. Ranveer says I will take just a minute to throw them out. Mamta says I know my rights will never get less here, and says Vikrant is angry about Suhani and his marriage. She says time heals everything and asks him to go to Suhani and take care of her. She asks him to go and says I am perfectly fine. Ranveer says really not done. He goes.

Samaira acts like Ranveer infront of Suhani. She says bhabhi, I am telling you. Ranveer comes there and asks what you was saying? Samaira says that bhabhi is looking good. She says good night to them and goes. Ranveer sits on the bed beside Suhani. Suhani asks how is Maa? Ranveer says like any other Maa of the world, I am fine, everything is fine. He says she doesn’t share her pain. Mamta says our Maa is very strong, we are there for her. Ranveer says she asked me to take care of you. Suhani says she asked me to take care of you. Ranveer says we both will take care of her. She says I hope you will not refuse? She gives him a gift. He says I didn’t bring any gift for you. She says I got it, just you. Ranveer opens the gift and sees the photos album with their name written. He says it is empty. She says they will make memories. He thanks her for coming in his life and says I haven’t brought any gift for you, but you can ask anything. She asks him to promise. He promises her. Suhani says this gift will be due and asks him to smile for now. Ranveer smiles. Suhani also smiles.

Precap: Ranveer and Suhani have a romantic eye lock in their room. He runs behind her. they fall on the bed. Ranveer kisses her cheeks.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Ranveer sister character is very sweet.the female playing the character is also very sweet.her scenes must be shown more with suhani and their bond.they must have a good bonding and find out honey secret.

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