Mere Sai 27th June 2022 Written Episode Update Sai changes Undrya’s appearance

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Sai asks Undrya to go have laddu from pot. Undrya excited sees there are two pots, he picks one and starts eating laddu. Sai asks him why did he choose this pot, Undrya says this one very pretty, Sai says one minute and shows that other pot has pure ghee laddu, but you choose the pot by cover, just like people do with you a d explains Undrya importance of cleanliness and soon he will have lot of friends. Undrya understands the point and gets excited about having friends.

Kulkarni hiting Santa Banta on not working, Balvant says your shouting made me forget numbers. Keshav tells the total, Balvant says yes correct and asks accountant why is 1000 extra, he says sorry. Balvant gives him money. Tejasvi walks to Balvant says outsiders will keep fooling you, Balvant says who will I rely on when my own son is here. Tejasvi suggests Keshav. Balvant says yes I was looking for an accountant. Keshav says I will be happy to work with you. Tejasvi says accountant is just a job, my father in law has 4. Kulkarni gets angry at Keshav and then scolds Balvant for offering such low job. Balvant says I have only accountants work, if he wants he can take it. Keshav says I will join from tomorrow, Balvant says good lets go to Chavdi and I will explain work.

Tejasvi says to Kulkarni, what kind of son have you raised. Kulkarni says this is all Sai’s teaching and Balvant is taking advantage of situation to raise his reputation and ruin mine.

Sai helps Undrya clean up and get groomed. Undrya very happy with his new look. Gauri walks in Dwarka Mai and asks him where is Undrya. Sai shows her Undrya. Gauri shocked to see him, and hugs him. Gauri thanks Sai for helping Undrya, Sai says he will get what is in his destiny and soon the world see the talent Undrya has, I will teach him to earn and soon he will be stopped from being misunderstood. Undrya agrees. Sai says go and sleep now, come back tomorrow, its start of your new life.

Undrya’s father scolds Gauri for letting him be with Sai. Gauri says didn’t you see his progress. He says one day won’t change things. Gauri shows him, Undrya walk to them after his bath, Undrya asks her to dry his hair. Gauri says my son can learn things, he says he can but let him go to Sai, so that we can work peacefully.

Undrya on his way to Dwarka Mai, he greets Bhiva and Chandu on his way, they confused to see Undrya so clean. Undrya bumps into Kulkarni. Kulkarni scolds him and says you are Undrya right and insults him infront of everyone and again blames him for stealing. Undrya says I didn’t do anything. Kulkarni makes fun of him and says soon you, your family and Sai, I will throw everyone out. Kulkarni thinks I want him to attack me and then I will blame him for everything and throw everyone out of Shirdi. Santa Banta join in insulting Undrya. Undrya raises his hand but stops, he remembers Sai telling him to control his anger, saying anger makes you lose yourself.
Kulkarni keeps provoking Undrya, Bhiva and Chandu discuss why is Kulkarni provoking Undrya. Undrya apologies for bumping and hurting Kulkarni and leaves. Villagers seeing this believe that new basti people are helpful and calm like Undrya.

Santa and Banta say to Kulkarni, you lost again. Kulkarni says I will break this trust come what may.

Sai at Dwarka Mai, Undrya reaches and tells him about how he handled his anger. Sai says you proved you can learn things because controlling anger is very difficult and now from today your life’s new chapter begins, just learn and work hard and you will succeed.

Pre Cap: Undrya sees a wig and picks it and leaves. Sai sees that.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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